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    You're right, everything was trash what was I thinking.
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    anybody have the NikeLab ACG waterproof hat from FW16 that they'd be interested in selling? https://www.endclothing.com/us/nikelab-acg-cap-874161-010.html
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    J47A-WS – same jacket from FW-1516, in cheaper fabric, but priced as much as original one. J47TS-GT – same jacket from FW-1516, with tec-sys instead of pocket LOL, priced almost twice as much as original one. NG4-PS – is NG3-PS from FW1516 NG9-PS – castrated version of NG3-PS P23A-DS – P17 with cuffs, sorry, P23 with pockets (I like them though) P27-DS, P27H-DS – P25's with slightly shorter in leg and drop. WOW! P24A-S – upgraded version of WS-P3A from FW-0506? SP28TS-DS – I don't even want to talk about these LMAO. J69-GT – uglier version of GT-J22 from SS-12? P22-DS – Lazy version of P17 with ugly cut. Every single bag is worse than the original x-pac released 10 years ago, not just from design stand point, but functionally. Remove inner padding, remove pockets, logos, triple the price and call it "striped down version" LMAO. As for 3A modulars and prices, I don't even want to talk about them. Oh yeah? Name at least one original *hit* he released this fantastic year.
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    Here’s another LVC 501 guide Pedro, courtesy of the legendary @Paul T
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    The Self Edge Black Friday SALE - This Weekend! This weekend we're running a Black Friday sale from Friday through Monday. This will be the last time we're discounting anything this year. Come by the store and see all our new collections and enjoy a 15% off sale on everything in the store. This is the only time we've had a blanket sale this year. We'll have quite a few new shirts, jeans, jackets, leather accessories, silver jewelry, and more in the store just in time for the weekend from Iron Heart, Good Art, 3sixteen, Pure Blue Japan, Mister Freedom, Monitaly, Studio D'Artisan, Flat Head, Strike Gold, Nine Lives, Sugar Cane, Buzz Rickson (and William Gibson), Human Made, Masahiro Maruyama, Merz b. Schwanen, Stevenson, and more. Come by and check out all the newest releases from every line we carry and restocks of all the jeans from all the brands which we stock. There's quite a bit of new product coming in daily and some will be going up in the online store over the next few days, some will be in-store only until after the weekend. It's rare for us to have a blanket sale like this... Everything will be marked down 15% for four days so come by and check out our new goods. Self Edge Online Store Sale: Starts: 9am (PST) Friday, November 23th Ends: 9am (PST) Tuesday, November 27th Sale in-store and online will be 15% off (excludes hems/repairs/magazines). Customers which are not local can use a coupon code for 15% off everything in our online store starting at 9AM (PST) Friday November 23th, the coupon code will be good until 9am (PST) Tuesday, November 27th. Sale terms cannot be retroactive for past purchases or to pre-purchase items which are not in our current stock. Coupon Code for 15% off: BlackFriday2018 Shop Self Edge Online
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    I noticed that little detail too. 13ts is the most boring 3A I'm hoping we'll ever see. This 3A release in general, not to tear it down again, was just lacking that aggressive ACR look I think we all hold so dearly to our hearts. Even the new 3a-1's i've encountered since spring release this year just look cookie-cutter AF in person, very pupiltravel-esq handfeel imo. Definitely not worth those new price points. And, if a 13ts-sized bag is what you're looking for, I would HIGHLY recommend Aoku 130402 when it restocks! (not to get off topic)
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    Bought this almost a month ago and it has come today really happy, only just found out this type of jacket ran large and got it in my normal size 40, still should work, especially in the colder weather, really nice denim and love the hand pockets
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    Friend of mine will be returning his pair of 3A-MZ5 (BLK) back to acrnm on Monday unless someone from here is interested. He will cover PP fees as well as shipping within the CON-US.
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    Vintage wool beanie and scarf, Wallace & Barnes wool MA-1, APC sweatshirt, TCB60’s and Eastland made in Maine shoes. Castle not models own.
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    50's jacket, just about 3 years old
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    Probably manufactured cheaply in some bandana republic
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    I fully agree... all the 3A items I picked up were in black, but I've now got a second order of olive iterations coming, and I've got a feeling that the rest of the black pieces will eventually go back or to market.
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    Try here: https://veilance.arcteryx.com/collections.aspx
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    Perhaps it's because they're the slimmest models and you can get more pairs out of the limited material available!
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    No US stockist please! Thats a good way to ruin the magic in a hurry
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    Nice. What did you apply to yours after cleaning? In the beginning I treated mine with Obenauf's LP and it gave them that darker, duller appearance. I wasn't a big fan of how it flattened out the patina and eventually moved to a neutral cream with mink oil. Thanks for crediting me with your inspiration; back when I ordered mine I couldn't find many pictures of the distressed smooth leather and took a bit of a punt. Truth be told, I was a bit regretful when natural chromexcel became an option shortly after I ordered. Like yours, mine are in need of a resole/heel. What sole are you going to go with? I'll probably go with a 430 mini lug this time around.
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    Looks really good... especially like the type I, denim chinos and chambray... but, as per comment above, it would be even better wiith keener pricing
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    Lot 162 raw, pre-soak. Quick pics. Big thank you to @Saisen.
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    Aero coat, Indigofera shirt, IH-824 black wabash pants (highly recommended), Carmina shoes...
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    Gbg Manufaktur Indigofera Fullcount 1101 Red Wing
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    At last At Last The belt skimming Lot 147J
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    For those of you who are curious about the new liner jacket. Having owned all the previous Aux Zip liner jackets, IMHO the J74 is the best one yet. The jacket is very comfortable and easy to wear thanks to its lightness and silkiness. Think WS without the bulk but work just as good as one, if not better. The silky look of the jacket also works well with your rigid GT jackets, giving it a more sophisticated look.