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    yaaaasssss as long as it's a slim skinny ball buster taper fit in 18+ oz super slubby denim with a front rise between 26,2 and 26,4 cm I'm definitely in.
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    At my advanced age I've learned to care about two things: leg length and hem width. Everything else is totally variable. Jeans too tight? Lose weight. Jeans too loose, tighten your belt. Thighs too tight? See how they stretch out after a few weeks wear (not a few hours) and either sell them or lay off the squats. Rise too low? Lose weight... It goes on and on. In terms of Warehouse 900s, it relates like this: I'm a big guy. If I went by measurements alone I never would have bought these jeans. But, as long as I stay under a certain weight, they're amazing. I go above that weight? They're too tight, the rise is too low and the thighs feel like they're bursting. They're worth the work.
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    This denim & details are really amazing.
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    Fit pics of the 737 Ventura, size 32 after an initial machine wash.
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    A couple months ago I went to the Silverthorne Outlet to try some new sizes and styles. The very first pair of STF 501's I picked up was Cone Denim selvedge. I thought "ok cool, the STF are still selvedge...". Well that was the only pair in the store. I called to the other CO outlets and the flagship store in Denver, and none of them had STF 501 selvedge. I checked other western/workwear stores that I know carry STF, and none had selvedge either. Looks like I scored sort of a unicorn. And they were supposed to be in the sale section, and the store was running an additional sale, so I got them for about $28. Made in Mexico. Comparing them to my LVC 1976, they are not far off. There are some construction details that have been simplified and no back pocket rivets. Denim is similar. Otherwise, very well made. I also copped a non-selvedge pair (in fit pics a few posts above). They are noticeable not quite as good as this selvedge pair. I'll keep them unwashed with tags on for my meager collection.
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    post wash. interesting fabric. under normal lights, they don't shine as much. but under sunlight or in the day, they're really vibrant..
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    Aero coat, Indigofera shirt, IH-824 black wabash pants (highly recommended), Carmina shoes...
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    Lot 161 I went with my normal size of 34 glad I didn’t size up like some people suggested a 36 would be huge
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    a quartet of pics from a quick weekender in savannah, georgia
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    Here is the Momotaro olive work shirt size 46, I picked it up from Denimio detail And from the Okayama Denim website, also Momotaro but indigo x black selvedge oxford work shirt also size 46: details this one fades at a steady pace, it’s great for work. Love it.
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    And here are some raw fit pics to get an idea of shrinkage and fade (from 08/2015).
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    How’s that shitcoin startup coming along there cookiepuss?
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    Finally, my first pair of 70's Chuck Taylors. I didn't think they would be so different and so comfortable.
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    Sometimes I get lucky with sizes on sale. About to head to Michigan to visit my parents, this will do for the 40 degree highs.
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    Viapiana wide cut jeans in olive denim... Fabric is a 14oz sanforized LHT from Kuroki. This is not a true custom - it's part of his RTW line (really closer to MTO) - but that aspect is not too important to me as I have pretty standard needs as long as the legs are wide enough. So far, very happy with my purchase. They're taking a bath right now.
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    Had a catchup with a couple of old friends yesterday. Rob Newman (who was a student of mine, then an intern, and is now working on various exciting things while being an accessories designer for Stone Island) was wearing his pair of woad dyed 130s. 6 and a half years old, worn twice a week for that whole time and with 3 or four rounds of repairs. They look amazing! special mention also to his belt- I introduced Rob to Morten, of For Holding Up The Trousers, and Rob worked with him in Copenhagen. This is a belt he made during that time:
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    Thanks a lot! That worked like a charm, despite my shortcomings with an iron.
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    @laismemoir yeah I would size down
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    @beautiful_FrEaK I just looked up the Michael Jondral web shop and I’m surprised you didn’t buy some luxury stretch Cesare Attolini jeans for a reasonable €449. After all, according to Michael “Even a modern gentleman needs a loyal and indestructible partner with whom he can enjoy a stylishly casual weekend on his country estate.”
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    I just got the J1A-GTV, just 4 days after ordering. Some quick thoughts: I was unsure about the color, but as expected, when I took it out of the box and tried it on I loved it. This is kinda why I'm willing to buy Acronym on faith... whenever I've been on the fence, I've always ended up pleased. It might be true that the 2.5L Goretex quieter or tents out less, but if so it's not by enough to matter. Still feels like a rigid crinkly jacket. It's been awhile since I had a J1A-GT but the fit feels the same if not slightly slimmer. The interior feels totally different from 3L... it's much less slippery. They sent me a free Vapormax tee, awesome There are no inner jacketsling hooks. Fuck me. I wonder if it's because of the backer material, or if they're fully committed to external jacket slings only from now on? Despite how awesome the jacket is I'm probably going to end up selling or trading it because of this... the inner jacketsling is the one gimmick I absolutely love