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    Just upped my TCB fanboyism level another notch: Edit: Just handed in my TCB's for their first crotch repairs. Getting them ready before the trip to Tokyo in 3 weeks time.
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    fuggit been away been awhile alternate leg useage at the mo... london livin' london life white sockz steez may be represented but there is always a denimbro who can go 1 further sliders fo life [creeper shot is cheep, but... done with actual repect for the bro] otherwise dark boncoura vs. some tcb fading... miles behind, but panting a still...
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    Probably due for an update. Over the past couple weeks my brother visited San Francisco and we went for a bunch of breweries. Then this past weekend was fleet week here in SF. Breweries we visited were, cellarmaker, fieldwork, and the rare barrel with bread and pastries from tartine
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    im okey with old setup but happy to see those new reissues pouches come, sadly in high price that for sure..
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    Fit update of my 710 after I put them through the dryer. The inseam shrank another 2 cm.
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    Wore these Flat Head sneakers yesterday...
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    Late but joining in with the bag pics, do any of you have more than 1 of the zip bag inners that velcro in ? How many can you fit i was thinking of getting two for the front and then a big laptop one for the back but unsure.
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    +5 for Tender socks—1 for each pair in my rotation. Of what I've tried, these are my favorites by far. As to proxy services: Buyee is good if you don't plan to buy more than one item at a time from a given seller. Their option to not pay anything until you've won an auction / finalized a purchase is really convenient, and overall their whole setup seems pretty transparent. They are, however, unable to request that a seller combines shipping for multiple items, even if they're purchased on the same day. Because of this, I've been straying away from them, but haven't yet settled on a permanent alternative.
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    Grad year Speedy (cal. 861), Oni Aizumis, and Schott.
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    As promised(excuse the crappy lighting please) First pic is main compartment/bag full, second is empty. Third pic is empty main compartment/view of modular, fourth is full main compartment. Fifth is view of interior hanging pockets overlapping and resting in the primary compartment of the modular. Sixth is hanging pocket partially removed. Seventh shows hanging pocket placement. Eighth shows full access to all compartments. Hoping this all formats correctly...
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    Sneak Peak (April 2018) – BikeRumor! Soft Line Shell practically a continuation of the J62 & J63. (reviews of the fabric can be found in the acrnm topic) Stone Island FW1819 438Y2 PERMANENT WATER REPELLER GORE-TEX® INFINIUM SOFT LINEN SHELL (Soft Line Shell Vest, with fold-away Shakedry sleeves) Stone Island FW1819 435Y1 PERMANENT WATER REPELLER GORE-TEX® PRODUCTS WITH SHAKEDRY™ PRODUCT TECHNOLOGY_PACKABLE (Shakedry Trench, with Nylon Metal Down detachable Liner - including back pocket for trench) I've been praising the packability of shakedry for a while and this might be the most inventive application yet. Zip-off sleeves have been done countless times before but zip-in I don't recall; Stone Island gives the convenience of a techbro patagonia vest with always available coverage when needed. Perhaps only Jared of Silicon Valley could pull off this pleather looking biker vest with the prominent pockets and back logo so I hope other brands borrow this idea for more muted designs
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    as far as I am aware, WH used the denomination "SXX" for the first time for the 20th anniversary 1003SXX in 2015 and again for the 1001SXX in 2016. for the 2015 1003SXX the "S" was referring to the S in Simplified - the model was a 1940's simplified WW2 model with no specific year given. for the 2016 1001SXX no specific comment was made in regards to the "S", as far as I remember. but I think the model could be described as "simplified" after-WW2 model making reference to non-stable after-war quality/supply. for the recent Duck Digger DD-series they assigned specific years to the models - 1943 for DD-1003SXX and DD-1003SXX LTD - 1945 for DD-1003XX, which could indicate that they are based on specific vintage pairs. all 3 pairs seem to be simplified war models using the same denim and differ in the back pocket arcs - the DD-1003 S-models appears to have a slimmer cut in the legs than the non-S DD-1003 model.
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    anyhoo total photo-dump finding some oshkosh bibs from c.50s and with the orslow 50s chore sitting around in the interwebs thought to pair them up... below: some impressions, including: orslow fabric and stitching (a combination of playful and faithful...) and fit (along with the 50s bibs) and then some comparisons of the two garments bar-tack stitching and corner stitch detailing, fabric weave and hue and so on... (interestingly, for all orslow's simplicity, the fabric is still pretty torqued up compared to an earlier fabric...) a long narrow fit, quite stiff and chunky denim considering its weight, a little neater than expected... a workwear power suit...
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    My 1001, and the 8th wash. No idea how long anymore as they're worn infrequently due to work Before: After:
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    and some fit photos, buttoned and otherwise: The cut's definitely boxy—as mentioned above, the tag size is 42, but the chest measures closer to 49", without much taper through the body. The shoulders match up well to mine and the arms are the right length, so I think the blousiness is probably as intended. In any case, the extra air flow'll be welcome on warmer days.
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    Happy I've got a headstart on @Uncle Karl his jeans are coming along beautifully
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    Jeans look damn fine Paolo! They bear the same signature whiskers as your 50s. This photo was taken today in Bamberg, I had the break my beer Ramadan because the beer was apparently too good. I add it for no reason!
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    Good morning. It has been about a month since I started wearing it. This jeans are washing without detergent this time. I am looking forward to see how it will be!
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    Not everyday god borrows a few pics from you!
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    刺繍は楽しいです。 tcbranchmanshirt
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    Quick shot of my son, myself, and my 60s at the Aquarium
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    TCB 60s just going into semi retirement
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    X-post from evolution thread Machine washed and dried my Trophy black dirt Denim 1605bk. Coming along slowly but surely. I believe I'm posting the first washed and faded pics of this pair online in case anyone here is wondering how well these fade. Can't find fades anywhere of these to compare and contrast. They've turned more grey now and softer but still holding some texture. I'll post a waywt pic of these some time.