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    Checking in... and still work in progress... MF Velva Sheen FHUTT TCB 20s Viberg
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    Just finished world tour. What I miss & who 2diss?
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    Autumnal Sunday afternoon so off to the pub. Feeling like a cross between Steve McQueen (cardigan and Bretton) and the big lebowski (beard) Joe Mcoys shawl neck Armorlux UES Clarks
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    hello supertalkers, i'm going to first give you a short version - but i'll soon have a bonus long version for anyone seriously interested – just PM me… //////////////////////////////////////////// supertalk has been online continuously since 2003. it’s had a huge impact and influence on many people lives, careers, businesses and friendships. the supertalk community pre-dated social media and probably even helped define it. it is one of the most unique and one of the longest surviving online communities still operating. … but only just 01 supertalk is increasingly getting very complicated to keep online... especially this year. 02 the main issues are financial, technical, and day to day management. this in an environment that is now controlled by algorithms, security issues, regulations, social media, and with google and facebook at the pointy end of the pyramid vacuuming the traffic, content, and revenue streams of the few remaining independent operators. 03 issues are not unresolvable but under the current status quo supertalk is in a frustrating state of slow motion. 04 therefore i’m looking for proposals from members or others to not only keep supertalk online but to give it the resources to develop, expand and compete in the ever increasingly feral internet. 05 alternatively supertalk will eventually go offline. … some immediate changes to supertalk 01 supertalk will now operate independently from superfuture and can potentially spin off as a future separate business entity. 02 superfuture has stopped subsidizing supertalk. 03 supertalk is now open for potential partners or investors or for buyout of any potential future entity. it might be an individual but ideally it should be a company either experienced with online communities / or an established brand aligned with supertalk content with a solid team who think they can transform supertalk in a relevant and new way. they need to be able to develop the sponsorship, marketing, editorial, social media, classifieds, membership, newsletters, and shopping etc. and have technical and design skills to manage day-to-day operations. producing supertalk requires a huge set of skills and / or the income stream to delegate to others. … as for me i want to continue involvement, though i also need to prioritize my workload which is spread extremely thin lately. in the past i used to have a lot more support but supertalk has largely been a 1 man operation the last year or so which has become exhausting and limiting. apart from supertalk i’m also needing to spend more time on the travel side of superfuture and i’m having to manage a lot more consulting type projects to keep everything going. i’ve just been traveling over the past 2 months which gave me time to think a bit clearer and i can confirm that after 15 years of supertalk for me it’s definitely time for some change in direction. it could do with some new fresh eyes to run this spaceship. it ideally needs an entire re-startup team and i’d take a step back to an advisory role. it could even be time for supertalk to be completely re-branded. i know plenty of things that need to change but it is no longer possible to do this without a much bigger team. this should be seen as an incredible opportunity!! //////////////////////////////////////////// at this point what happens from now depends on feedback. all comments welcome. if you want to discuss privately then just PM me. please share with your contacts or other members who haven't been online for awhile. i know many of you work for companies who may be good matches so please also share with colleagues. in the meantime we're back onto fixes during august... thanks @sufu1 ////////////////////////////////////////////
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    No, this is a common WW2 jeans detail. Not common for Samurai in general.
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    @MJF9 the shirt is tender. They seem to get a lot of their fabrics from India and work closely with producers both there and Thailand as well. They do a good job of covering it all on Instagram stories. I really like the khaki dye they’ve used for this season, which they’ve apparently worked to produce for some years.
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    TCB 20’s are looking good, MJF9!
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    I was able to get the last two tickets to My Hero Academia Two Heroes. Dubbed because subtitled was sold out. Drove over an hour to see this but it was worth it!
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    The 17oz denim Is great, I love mine! I actually prefer the 2000T cut on the models that do It, I have both no.2 and Cimosa Indaco In 2000T and I'm happy with the slimmer tapered fit. If you want something uneven and slubby/rough then check out the Petero and GataGata models, I have both and also like them a lot. The Petero comes In 2 weights one being 18oz but just a heads up the Petero denim takes time to fade. Again be wary of the leg lengths though! I'm happy with every pair of Japanese bought Evisu that I have, you can't go wrong with any model providing that you like the fit. I always go custom paint but If It bothers you get plain pockets. The 17oz no.1 denim Is top notch In my opinion, I went raw but the lighter weight Tiger Is also available In pre-shrunk.
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    Very nice Ale. Cheap watch cap Bob Dong sweater and monkey pants Tcb jacket Red Wing
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    Jumbo Hoodie P.O. (ND) Dk Indigo, size 3 Worn once £350 -> £320
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    Wtf they got SUPERrep now? Place is an archive. Really nostalgic going through everything.
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    Jeans look damn fine Paolo! They bear the same signature whiskers as your 50s. This photo was taken today in Bamberg, I had the break my beer Ramadan because the beer was apparently too good. I add it for no reason!
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    Aw, so sad to hear we're losing the 1108. Such a classic design. Here's a little interview about them. Mikiharu describes them as a 60s shape with 40s detailing. http://loomstate.blogspot.com/2014/07/magic-number-mikiharu-tsujita-and-full.html I am having a drastic clearout here and was planning on eBaying these. Now I'm conflicted. Hmmm.
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    In other Toyo Enterprise news, got a package in the mail today Impressions + more photos hopefully some time this weekend…
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    刺繍は楽しいです。 tcbranchmanshirt
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    Hey guys im reporting a listing of the j58 that went up on grailed recently. https://www.grailed.com/listings/6567563-Acronym-J58-WS-WINDSTOPPER-CLIMASHIELD-LINER-JACKET I asked where he got i and he said off ebay from italian listing, i did some digging and found it https://www.ebay.fr/itm/ACRONYM-J58-WS-Windstopper-Climashield-Liner-Jacket-/273429534635 i showed him the link and he Blocked me lol the bag is also a dead give away and bag size tag i also did a comparison of my friends authentic one and the fakes tags material percentages are off, it also says POLYAMIDE instead of polyester. here is my friends tag The listing got taken down while posting this lol but be careful out there this is a very good fake
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    Just a shot of mine at their current condition. Gotta say these are holding up well considering the abuse they are getting.
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    Hi guys, it’s been a long time. Remember when we use to be able to put images in our signatures? That was fun.
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    I've been cookin up a bunch of new opportunities this past month, the one that has me most excited is a partnership with a local R&D facility here in Vancity. Syte Industies was in need of some assistance setting up a new showroom/product demo area for their Framis Italia bonding and taping machines, so I'll be helping them with the demos in exchange for access to nearly the entire Framis catalogue of welding machines! Next couple weeks I'll be sharing my early experiments. Also super stoked to announce that I've added a couple new members to my team!!! I've stolen Lulu lemons engineered and 3d knit design developer and together we're working alongside one of design directors for Veilance/ArcTeryx on some kick-ass new technical outerwear experiments... The Intern Techwear Group is starting to form together!
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    McCoys hoody Buzz chambray Conners jeans Vintage 60's Converse
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    There has got to be a way to bring this shit back. Have not been able to fill the void.
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    100!! when I first started posting I was SHIT on, but I learned. That’s what made it so cool. They fucking banned anyone who challenged anything not realizing that was the bread and butter.
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    2020...SUFU will be back for revenge