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    Here's the result of taking acetone to the pattern
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    Stumbled upon that same post @501XX4EVER, I'm even more tempted. My only problem is that I can't really justify another pair of unworn jeans in my closet. I still have a pair of unworn LVC 501Zs and a pair of SugarCane woolblend 47s in my closet, and am working on two pairs of SDAs and a pair of Pherrows at the moment Let's see, if I can pull through until they're sold out
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    Red tab is getting quite tattered and the cat ear stitching is falling of. I’ve never been this exclusive to one pair before. I wonder how much will be left come November next year.
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    sorahiko month 32
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    I've been cookin up a bunch of new opportunities this past month, the one that has me most excited is a partnership with a local R&D facility here in Vancity. Syte Industies was in need of some assistance setting up a new showroom/product demo area for their Framis Italia bonding and taping machines, so I'll be helping them with the demos in exchange for access to nearly the entire Framis catalogue of welding machines! Next couple weeks I'll be sharing my early experiments. Also super stoked to announce that I've added a couple new members to my team!!! I've stolen Lulu lemons engineered and 3d knit design developer and together we're working alongside one of design directors for Veilance/ArcTeryx on some kick-ass new technical outerwear experiments... The Intern Techwear Group is starting to form together!
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    https://www.ymeuniverse.com/en/product/7260/nike-air-presto-mid-acronym https://www.ymeuniverse.com/en/product/7259/nike-air-presto-mid-acronym https://www.ymeuniverse.com/en/product/7258/nike-air-presto-mid-acronym live in 15 mins
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    i think he means hes searching for a pair of the greencast Edo Ai color
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    If anybody here is going to be in Greensboro, NC in the next month or so, the Wrangler Pop-up shop is going to be held downtown again. I posted some pics of it in the WAYDT thread. I'm sure there will be Cone denim offerings and rare goods by Wrangler in the shop like last time. I wouldn't be surprised if Evan of Hudsons Hill's secret project with the brand is displayed as well. Stop by and chat and get your denim chain stitched hemmed.
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    more likely a double-pleat with 2 pockets...also, it has a collar stand.
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    So I bumped into someone at a local pizza place in Winston Salem who happens to not only know Ryan personally (even showed his direct number), but explained why everyone's denim is taking so long to get. Keep in mind, I asked for his permission to post this as he's aware of this forum but hasn't posted and I tried to convince to register and post. He was a buyer for VF brands such as Lee, etc. We talked almost an hour about Japanese and American denim as he caught my Sugar Cane denim with his eye. He did explain how he met Ryan. As he explained, Ryan is a one man team that takes his time to make the denim. He is the only one making the denim. His wife does the business side of things He's managing his business, family, and other things, He doesn't like releasing denim if it isn't up to his satisfaction. He's in the same realm with Roy regarding quality vs quantity. Everyone will get their denim. He is the only one making the denim though. Again, this is all what we talked about as I'm hoping he registers here and posts as he knows his stuff when it comes to denim. What a small world! Glad I stopped by Winston for some food.
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    Some more random coolness... From "The Misfits"...
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    WTS DISAERAN VEST Size: Small Vest from the offshoot brand Disaeran. Brought forth and designed by Errolson Hugh of Acronym fame. Vest is in an 8/10 good but used condition. , Length 60cm (from the collar under) , shoulder width 36cm , width 48cm (armpit from armpit) Looking for $100 USD PayPal Priority Shipping
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    shirt talk, real talk buy repro / dont liek repro deetz / wt*? wot do? but for reelziez i do find the side loading pocket the best for earphone containing and imma reckoning small pocket gotta lotta uses the small collar is well judged, chin strap ftw always... [feeling the denim version]
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    I listen to gangster ass rap about killing people and selling drugs. I find it goes very well with my loopwheeled t shirts.
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    Four months have passed since I started wearing it. TCB 60's
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    nice one bobbo, that's a volvo 445 duett from the late 50s. Speaking of...over the weekend I had a close encounter with @Foxy2 's wife Volvo P1800, what a beauty!
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    Went out to the sea with the family. Got my wife to snap a few pics.
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    Received this yesterday from Hepcat (great service!). It’s a dressy wabash, with the nicest MOP buttons I’ve ever seen.
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    A hole in my left knee of my TCB60s. Patched up the hole with some fabric from a pair of lvc’66s which seems fitting. I think I’m at 8 washes now. Enjoy!
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    All these denim heavy posts have inspired me
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    S5000MOG 18oz, some details
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    Seems like I finally got the sizing right on my Lot.001XX - again, many thanks to the crew at Standard & Strange! Here’s the bunch of Real McCoy and Joe McCoy denim that I already had around... Real McCoy Lot.001 & Lot.003 (straight-as-can-be cuts) and Joe McCoy 901 (straight-but-slimmer cut). My pair of Joe McCoy 613 was not at hand... Now backed by the new, soaked Lot.001XX... Right between Lot.001 and Lot.003... Lot.001 is straight, but with a modern, short rise top - Lot.003 is straight with a old-school high rise top - Lot.001 has a slight taper from the knee on, medium rise top and curved outseam.
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    Just got this McCoy's M-65 from Yahoo Auction for £250, very happy with it!
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