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    Still lurking around The 3005 are hanging around unloved... only wearing my 105BSP's at this point... funny since the 3005 are still perfect in my eyes, but after "creating" them I wanted to try something else. For anyone who forgot..
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    Full canadian tuxedo for my workwear on a 109F day
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    Also big +rep to @X.bee. Super quick to respond to my questions, overnight shipping was the cherry on top of an already delicious cake.
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    just got the j72-ds and i love the piece. modern take on kimono. extra comfy and helps to elevate the look of your wardrobe
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    Here are a few more I just took. They do not fully show just how white parts of the thighs have gotten but that was the most natural light I could find in my new apartment...
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    Washed my 747s yet again - these have faded tremendously over the last 11 months. Their 1-year Mark is end of August (worn 5-6 days/week) so I'm gonna try to keep em out of the wash until then.
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    23 month bump, Some photos of my Okinawa and Hawaii Jeans, both worn for 8 or 9 months, washed every month. The Okinawa ended up getting much tighter at the hips but was cut more straight down the leg. The Hawaiis were roomier at the hips and waist but tapered a bit more. With the whole family (2009, 1947, Okinawa, Hawaii)
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    IC: Brand New J16-GT M J28-GT M J28-K Blue M J28-K White/Red M J1B-S RAF M J1B-S Black M GT-J34 Brown M J53TS-GT S Pending J53TS-GT M J54-LP M J61-GT M J62-S S J64TS-S S BLK Pending J64TS-S M BLK P10-S M (SS18) P23TS-CH S (Black) P23TS-CH S (Night) P26-S M P17-CH S P17-DS S P23-S S Pending S14-AM S S14-AM M H4-AK NG5-AK NG5-AM Used: J1A-GT L 9/10 J28-GT Worn once M Pending J28-K Olive M J47A-GT 8/10 M (Tiny Stain in Inner Collar) J56-S RAF M Worn once P23A-DS S
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    Tie your shoes @segue!!! Fits on point imo. Shorts are probably playing w how the length looks.
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    What size you normally wear and what size you take for J72? It looks short on you tho.
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    WTS P30-DS Size S USD$1600 Tried on once. Price is what I paid + Australian Duties. Please add for shipping/fees. Sold!
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    Looking to sell - p27-ds medium - tried on - looking for what I paid + shipping just received in the mail and while these pants are extremely comfortable I don’t think I’ll be able to get down with the drop on the crotch. Will trade for items too but not much im looking for these days. I guess this also ends my hunt for the p30-ds since i believe they are the same cut.
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    LOL as soon as Megatron stopped posting here, so did the Jelado posts. I did laugh at the Heddels write up on the 55 jean, a repro similar to 501. https://www.heddels.com/2018/04/jelado-55-denim-jean/ I follow the founder of Jelado on Instagram and he's still active in the kickboxing community. He is definitely a guy you don't want to piss off in a alley!
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    UPS tried to deliver my J72 today but the brokerage fees were 27.7%, equating to about ~$200 USD. Found out the correct tariff code should be 6201.93.47.00. Called UPS and was connected to their brokerage department to change the code, which lowered the fees to 7.1%, making it $76.89 USD.
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    No offense to the golden gate denim but I think I would prefer something unique to this contest personally. I agree on the motion of just a straightforward 5 pocket pair of jeans, maybe we can do the bias-cut coin pocket like on the golden gate jeans.
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    ^yeah, the denim on the okinawa is a lot more irregular and dark blue. The denim on the hawaii is loosely woven and streaky and a lighter shade of blue. Both are nice in a different way!
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    Out for a walk with the mut Real McCoys sweat Conners Sewing Factory s409xxx Converse Jack Star Lola
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    acrnm SS19 €2000 for the apron
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    Years ago there was some confusion as to whether or not that series was loopwheeled. All retailers outside of Japan were told they were loopwheeled and they felt loopwheeled as they actually warped with wear and reacted to washing and wear like a loopwheeled t-shirt. Then they were told "they're not loopwheeled". But we never really got a real answer as if they were loopwheeled in the past, I swear I asked 10 times.. They replaced the entire THC line eventually with two other versions of blank tees, but now after retailers requesting the same fit as before and with the contrast stitching at the hems/collar they've reintroduced the THC line and have stated they're made on the same vintage loop wheeling machines in Wakayama as their other loopwheeled items.
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    then latterly some summer reading to do & who knew nietzsche wrote rhymes… (some included with tangent relevance on online saltiness, patinated postures and how best to achieve fades) the trump-magic book strangely penned by a founding member of blondie (best read alongside adam curtis’ recent ‘hypernormalisation’ on dugin-putin and co.) magic seems a relevant theme amongst meme-kekking-magic and #witchblr hexxing of yee ol’ patriarchy then of some attempted relevance to theme of thread in my tangents found this in anthology ‘denim dudes’ a variation of this thread’s official tux top-half worn by hitoshi uchida and a wrangler lover’s rodeo clown dream incarnated by rikiya kanamaru; oversize fit and braces worn to an over 9000 status… and then finally the beach…
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    So I've been working a lot lately, but last week I got to take two days off and go to a friend's cabin a couple of hours south of Oslo, and then to a wedding on the north-west coast of Norway this weekend. Some photos. I jumped from the cliffs back there, just the middle but it was high enough for me. Also take note of the boat, it will reappear. Making spring rolls with my friend's older sister and the kids. I'm in the middle of saying something - - I hope. Late night swimming with the kids. The neighbor took us out in that rib (or whatever it's called). I always get a bit annoyed when they speed past me, making noise and waves and looking douchey, but it sure was fun to ride one. Fast, and it jumped a lot. Okay, so on to the trip to Molde, about 5,5 hours by train followed by two hours on a bus and a ferry away. A few vistas seen from the train. The last one is Trollveggen, "the troll wall" (to the very left), the tallest vertical rock face in Europe, about 1,100 metres (3,600 ft) from its base to the summit of its highest point (copy-pasted from Wikipedia). It was really popular with base jumpers until they banned it after too many accidents. I arrived at the swanky hotel famous for it's view and saw only this for the duration of the stay. Haha. Just before the wedding I had time to hurry up this steep hill behind the city to photograph the view for this update. Cruise ship still in the way there... An extremely Norwegian sight. On the way down I came by this place. I didn't walk the line... But I couldn't resist climbing this thing! The wedding was held at my friend's childhood home. I never realized she was that old money. The place was huge, so nice, with an exciting history. Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson, one of Norway's most famous writers and one of three Nobel prize laureates in literature from here, was a friend of the family. As was Henrik Ibsen, the playwright, and Alexander Kielland, another one of the big ones. A scary portrait in the dining room. Probably a relative, they weren't sure who. My friend told me that because of that painting she was afraid to be in that room alone when she was younger. I would be afraid today. Finally: Jeans on a train. That was the only time I wore them during this time. Too hot, plus dress code at the wedding. (It says that the size limit for photos is 7MB but I get an error for anything bigger than 2MB hence the small sizes.)
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    did manage to put the new Lot 64 Organic Cotton edition next to the older Okinawa and Uncle Sam editions - didn't have the Election Edition here with me in Moscow...different light settings...
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    All the MF chatter got me looking around again (I don't need much persuasion - see all the above) and I ended up with a pair of Sportsman khaki hbt chinos :). I was a happy chap when they glided through customs with no charge. Result. Gave them a wash at 30 then 40 to get the shrinkage out and then hemmed them as they come unfinished. It felt a bit weird being out in the wild cuff-less today but very happy with them and the usual quirky little MF features - the hbt is really nice and especially like the cinch on these...
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    Welp, managed to snag some 64 BB Okinawas, tux is complete! Little man decided to make a prison break whilst the photo was being taken, so had to be scooped up before he reached the main road. He is not happy about the defeat.
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    Popped into one of my fav Melbourne stores today and the owner wanted a few detail shots of my buco j-24l. It’s coming along nicely.