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    Took some pics of my jeans after their 4th wash... Almost 2 years of weekend wear. These are iPhone pictures...one day I'll get a better camera..
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    Sat'day cosplay... RMC daisy mae ELMC t-shirt Post RMC N3 Viberg Aviators (hidden)
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    I can't compete with ecsong, but here are my Roy Test Lots. Front only because reasons. A fair amount of wear on these (at least 90 days, I think), lots of bike rides, and mostly during the warm and sweaty months. 2 or 3 handwashes. Aaaand... not much to show for it. This denim takes a very long time to reveal its true character, apparently. Fit is my absolute favorite of all of my jeans. Construction and detail are fantastic (you'll have to take my word for it). The denim is finally starting to impress, too, but I'd say the jury is still out. Threw them in the washing machine for the first time Thursday; maybe that will help. I also tossed in a Roy denim work shirt. Didn't take "before" pics of that one because despite lots of wear it still looks almost new -- hairy and purple. Maybe I need to roll around on the ground a bit. We'll see what it looks like when it dries. I try not to be too precious about my denim, but it is very hard to convince yourself to machine wash a garment when the guy who made it literally hand embroidered the words "Hand wash only" on the inside.
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    Those white pocket tees by Bob Dong are great. I have 4, they feel bombproof and are standing the test of time and wear really well. Jeans are almost ready for wash no. 2
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    Garden party style Bob Dong / 20s / 70s
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    Great pic Erk and I like a lot your fit! Greetings from Germany. Spent the last couple days in Einbeck, beautiful village, where I had the chance to visit the PS Speicher Museum, a really impressive automotive history museum. Here's a couple pics, sadly no pics of the jeans themselves. German normcore Details No, we don't serve craft beers here We only sell cheap peasant lager
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    hey everybody - just got back from a trip to Iceland and visiting some good friends in Berlin. I'll share some more photos later. its really windy in some parts of iceland. like crazy windy.
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    Here are my SEXSG24s. I haven't worn these too much because they are a bit too snug. Maybe 60 days total wear, with one or two handwashes somewhere in there. Despite seeing so little action, they are nonetheless very close to having a crotch blow-out (due in part to the so-slubby-it's-abrasive denim, and in part to the aforementioned snugness). Tossing them in the washing machine in advance of taking them in for a repair, and figured I should take a "before" picture. I'm more into a more classic and less flashy denim these days, but the denim on these is pretty amazing. In person, they look like those high contrast photos some people take of their jeans to make them look more instagrammable. Not sure I was able to capture that quality with my iphone.
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    CARIBOU 13OZ from his last run of jeans. Been rotating jeans a lot more this last year but this has been my main go to. Have worn these perhaps 6-7 months in total with 3 washes so far. Slow fading pair compared to what I am used to but they are starting to come along nicely now.
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    What about crotch puckering... to far?
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    Gotten out an old' Uniqlo shirt during my spring cleaning and decided to wore it. It might be my only short sleeved shirt that I own (yet)
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    Thanks everybody! that would be from one of the more recent WH button-down shirts.
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    Anyone else experience people just dropping communication lately? In the past 2 weeks I've had 5 people just stop responding. What happened to basic etiquette? Anyway, bump:
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    MFSC Belleville, Gustin shirt, Roy, & Damasko. Damasko watches are top quality but I’m not sure I’m going to keep this one...
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    Himel Freewheelers Hollows Deathly Hallows Samurai Clinch
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    Crotch Puckering: Too Far could be Interesting Butt Puckering’s debut album.
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    IC on a J1A-GTV in S. Brand new, never worn outside, just tried on. I'm on the fence about it, unfortunately it doesn't have an inner jacket sling which is my favorite feature :(((( I'm wondering if anyone has other jackets in the J1A pattern that they'd be interested in trading. Message me!
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    Cool! That sounds like a good idea! Congrats to the new job!!
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    no worries mate! glad you guys enjoyed it!!
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    Such a great update, louis, thanks!
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    Grande update Louis, thanks for sharing!
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    My roommate's Balders after a wash (The Flat Head's ladies' line.) These are about 10 years old, but couldn't say how long they were worn or how many washes. Maybe 2-3 years of effective wear. Pretty sure these use the 3000-series denim. As someone who has yet to own a pair of TFH, I'm jealous! All that vertical fading almost gives them a natural indigo impression.