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    One year update. Easily some of the best jeans ive had. Love the fading, fit and fabric.
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    I've just contacted Jason, wonder if he refunded someone else, by accident. He'll fix this soon. meanwhile, news from the Master: so you all know I've also asked about customs. And you al know that @spunkey while still visiting regularly this forum, has simply decided to ignore my emails and messages. To be honest I expected to witness more farcical situations like this one, so fair play to 99% of you. I wanted to pay full price for the exchange pair, just to contribute to the cause and wash away my sins of putting the man into troubles with this darn arcs thing, but he refused. So I will buy something else from Inoue very shortly. I am inclined to get the new overalls, was hoping to have them made for my daughter but it seems tricky at the moment to him to pattern kid sizes, so I will have to get them for myself! the pics I saw of the new, 3rd overall design made by TCB are quite incredible. I guess it's time for to fullfill entirely my denim fetish by dipping my toes into overalls, Uncle Jesse style.
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    The Rite Stuff Adjustable Costume Leroy Red Wing
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    Thanks for the kind words guys! I just realized it disnt upload the backside properly. Though theres not much honeycombs due to the frequent washing.
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    Shout out to the man like @greencarman for a super smooth transaction. Pleasure doing business,
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    Himel Freewheelers Wild Frontier Goods belt Stevenson Overall Lofgren
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    Velcro if you want to move the logo tape/forcelock onto the hood. Loop and stud to attach ("stow") the hood inside on the sling attachment anchors.
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    Thought I'd mention a few fellas on here that I've had some great transactions with. Many thanks to @TestaRossaTed @greencarman @koromo @Wklcarl There are more that do not need to be mentioned due to their already stellar reputation on this community.
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    New store opened up in Melbourne last week. Davy is the guy who owns it It's the old upthere store for those that remember Vibe is 1930/40/50s with current brand list : Attractions and co Muller and Bros WearMasters Heller's Cafe Clinch Boots Peanuts & Co Warehouse & Co Dapper's Belafonte Ragtime Clothing
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    Hi fellas, Refunds sent. Thanks!
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    I did a wash on my pbjxpronto collab last night
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    First rule of Sufu club: Always trust the measurements of a sufu member over denimio and okayama denim
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    30-day DIY Techwear Design Challenge - Day20 - 10-Days In Review Part 2 It's presently 4:47am... and I've spent the whole day today putting together lighting and a makeshift photo studio in my little sewing shop, taking photos with a couple friends, and editing... so much editing. With all the attention this project has been getting I thought I'd step up my photographs to pay respect to all the wonderful people who've supported my progress these last 20-days. Todays post is a photo gallery only, no captions. I'm going to let the photos do the talking this time: check out the full gallery here: http://bit.ly/techwear30day-reviewpt2-gallery I struggle for words to express my overwhelming sense of gratitude towards everyone whose been following this 30-day challenge so far. I never would have made it this far without the community to pull me along! Thank you everyone! 10-more days to go until I'm in clear! Tune in tomorrow for day 21!
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    Couldn't help myself, available on Markkt in my size (44) for almost 25% off slightly used.
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    I've ordered a pair! will let you know. Hiroshi San is not a professional, jeans are entirely made by him in his free time, so there's a long wait (they'll be ready in april). All single stitching, and he still doens't have a Union Special for the hems. I like the cut on his fit pics very much. The arcs are horrible but I plan to levisify them as soon as the jeans will be in my hands! The jeans are not repro style, he makes two models, XX and S (WWII) which basically incorporate the typical vintage style features on an original fit. i like the fit on him very much. Denim is heavier than what I usually like and use (15 oz unsanforized, don't know from which mill), but I like the idea of trying out something completely new and different, and being the first overseas guinea pig, why not! This will be his first pair in a size 36, so basically he checked throughly with me every single measurement to make sure it'll work for me. nice fella.
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    Don’t get me confused with a certain Swiss forum member and denim aficionado!
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    Edit: willing to trade for the following below. p10a-ch size M black or night j58-ws size L blk foil 3a-3ts
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    Speaking of new season shirts, I promised more details soon- here are some diagrams showing the design and construction of the two new basic styles:
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    Vanson/ rag & bone/ gucci/neighborhood
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    Wahoooooo! Looking fwd to it! Looking forward to the Uncle Jesse Volvo fitz The light at the end of the tunnel, the beginning of the rainbow: joy amidst the sorrow, etc. @spunkey ???? !!!!
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    Well I just got my first (sorta) real law job, and you know there's only one way to celebrate, so: Wtb: nothing for the moment
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    downvoted because facepalm
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    Schott, Mccoys, Full Count 1101, Wesco
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    American apparel/ west ride/ neighborhoodXconverse
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    Finally did it! Ordered my first pair of Dawson today. I decided to get the Wide Taper fit, was stuck between choosing that or the regular Wide fit, but went for the Wide Taper mostly because I havent really seen anybody wearing that one yet. Very excited to get these in my hands over the next few weeks
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    but i used to be a watch guy back in primary school till i lost my watches because it felt annoying wearing them.. but on the other hand i wanted one so badly. it was the adidas digital rubber watch in red.
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    It’s casual Friday so I’m not wearing any underpants.
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    ^further to that, I've just been sorting out stock, I don't actually have stock to go online, so they'll all be with stockists. Please let me know if you need more information, although the above are a good place to start. In other news, a loyal customer and dear friend of the brand, Kirk, has sent over some great photos of his latest pieces, taken in Kauai. Shared with permission and many thanks! Type 418 shortsleeve pullover shirt in fawn logwood-dyed wave calico, gin clear slimmer flat top sunglasses: Type 484 short-sleeved tesseract shirt, rinsed indigo pick-stripe cotton lawn: Type 921 edited tail jacket, rinsed linen insulating twill, clear glass mouth-blown tumbler and some more great images of the same things!
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    those are wonderful Max, and you confirm once again yourself as Sufu King of fades. Just a beautiful and natural mix of contrast and textural fades.
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    WTT: 3A-1 x2 3A-3TS x2 after recent drop I simply have too many bags, some of them must go! looking for the following in size Small: GT-J18 GT-J29A J38-GT or S or LP J46-S J1B-S J23-CH P10-DS or CH P13-CH P23TS-CH P24A-DS also interested in various SISP pants happy to add or accept cash for imbalanced trades will also consider selling 3TS for a very reasonable price PM for offers or details
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    In Soviet Russia- arm bags you!
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    Aho started a bad thread indeed. I was kind of over watches and now I have a Nomos Timeless Club coming in the mail, my first "nice" watch.
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    The fact it looks nicer in person and the fact it is sold out doesn't make me want to drop a grand on it still
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    I wore my Edwin Lee 101B for our trip to Copenhagen last weekend. Great jeans that feel even higher-rise than the 20s, which I can combine with my TCB Navy Jumper. Really enjoyed the change. We spotted this on the way to lunch... plus a skinny looking dude, something of a contrast to the portly character I kept seeing in the over-large mirrors of the house we were staying in.
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    This Gentelman has already donated to Unicef and i sending the scan as well. Thanks @awex for making this world better place (via ACR)
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    Not a dumb question at all. One of the best Japanese Levi's repros is TCB - check out this page for a comparison of their 55 vs the Levi's one: Short answer: LVC fabric by Cone is truer to the original, plus the construction is more accurate. Often you find Japanese repros have better hardware and that's the case here - TCB has, for instance, much nicer thread, and the little red tag scrunches up much more like the original, and it has nicer puckering on the seams. People often talk about the difference in the denim - and Japanese denim is mostly different from Cone, as most brands dial in far more imperfections (and many are designed to show wear more quickly). Not all do - SDA for instance have fabric that's not over-slubby and wears more slowly, exactly like Cone. The Japanese, slubbier approach is a kind of idealised take on the fabric, which is valid in itself as it looks good. If you compare to the originals, the Levi's denim made by Cone is more accurate. But Cone's mill in Greensboro has just closed down, sadly. From memory, LVC's next run of repros will have Cone denim - then who knows what the next batch will look like? It's likely they'll use fabric by Kaihara, which is good, but some of the made-in-the-USA magic will undoubtedly be gone.
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    Washed my 1966 jeans again and did a tumble dry. They're quite light in colour, and I'm aiming for some low contrast fades that are vintage-esque. For the last month, I've only been wearing them around 3-4 times a week.
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    best exact comparison between lvc 1955 and tcb 50s that i know is here: but again: dont know about 'new rinse'
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    No.1 Lot 2000 in natural light. Fading in well, very comfy...
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    rootdiggers, mommo Company, boots
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    A denim Noragi and indigo canvas pants Visvim Tezomeya BonneGeule (a French brand) Viberg
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    I started wearing my 60s jeans again in lieu of my 20s contest pair until I receive my new pair. I also had he pleasure of attending a Chinese New Years party with some good friends where they were making dumplings. We finished the night with some incredible aged Chinese tea brought with my friends when they immigrated to San Francisco.
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    Pease park? ^ Champion reverse weave, Denime, wallabees
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    TCB 50's jacket. Lady White Co. tee. CSF 1946 1st half. Viberg Boondockers.
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    Vans cheapos The Rite Stuff Sugar Cane Lofgren
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