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    Quick shots of my Freewheelers 1947; the denim starts off a bit lighter, more like a dark blue than the almost black of one-washed jeans. Not sure how many times they wash these; the 1951's are a lighter blue than this though:
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    I thought I didn't have too much going on for my 50s but after a wash the grainy-ness of the denim just sky rocketed!! edit: unfortunately, public wifi killed the quality but you get the idea.
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    Finally have a day off work today, so I decided to take a little bit of time to shoot photographs of a few pairs of my now semi-retired or waiting for repairs jeans. The photos probably arent the best because they are Iphone (doing this really made me want to buy a proper camera) but i'll try! Will be posting a few pairs over in the Sugar Cane thread aswell if anybody is interested. Anyway.. I spent a good chunk of the year wearing my TCB 70s bush pant as my regular work pant (I am an Ironworker) and they got really destroyed. I believe I was somewhere around 100 days and 3 or 4 washes when I put them away, but I dont remember the exact numbers
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    I know this denim is light, but I can already tell the lap fades are going to be epic
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    My CSF 1937 are too light to get any crazy fades, but I don't know of any faded examples of this fabric so this will be a fun journey anyway.
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    Type one has arrived! Jacket beside it is my Warehouse type 1. Fit is raw. Jacket being washed right now. iPhone photos don't do the color justice. I'll try and get some outdoor shots with my real camera.
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    Decided to spend my morning today sipping some coffees and taking photos of a few pairs of jeans that I am about to retire insted of going to work. About to spam you guys with photos of my "black Type 3 slim" and my 2014's if you guys dont mind. Not to sure on the day count or number of washes on these, but over the last year and a half, they have been my favourite jean and they were worn a lot, and they saw a lot. Skateboarding, days on the couch, motorcycle trips, being caught on fire in these on a motorcycle, camping in the dirt. Lots of love!
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    I had some ‘55s on a short list for the next pair of jeans and the Cone news pushed that time line up significantly. 34x34 hot washed and air dried.
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    MF 10th anniv. CPO is due for a first wash... can't febreeze the smell away any longer after 12 wears Damn those high armholes! MF / MF / TFH / RW
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    No J64TS-S today but who would’ve thought the fits would be more or less identical.
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    Initial wash and dry regiment has been completed. Hour in burning hot water in the bathtub, followed by a full hot wash cycle and dryer. I had asked Inoue to calculate for 31” inseam after the shrink.. these ended up at 33”. Kinda bummed about that. Really don’t love to double roll. Also don’t love losing the factory chain stitch if I choose to get them hemmed. Ah well, I gusss. Before on the left, after on the right.
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    Took some outdoor pics and they turned out pretty good ( for me ) Things are a bit slower on my jacket
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    I had four meetings today, all in different places, and thus spent most of the workday walking between them. A nice break from the daily routine, I usually just sit in front of the computer. Anyways, I passed by a rather special place and took some photos. This is not a denim related post per se, but about the place where I live, which is part of a tour too I guess (hope!). First, one more of my view, just for context. I'm so happy that I have this balcony and this view. It's a real mood boost when I feel low - I just go out there and look at the "world" outside and feel my worries and problems diminish, just like that. To the right you can see a building taller than the rest in that area, dressed in scaffolding. That's the government quarter where the bomb went off on July 22nd 2011. As you can see below, it still looks like a construction site, six years later, mostly because of the ongoing debates about what to do with it. The government had decided to renovate/refurbish the buildings and the art there before the attacks happened, but so much was destroyed that tearing everything down and start fresh was then suggested. Tearing down everything is probably the easiest option, and maybe cheaper too for all I know, but problem is that many people, especially those working in art or architecture and conservationists, believe that the buildings and original artworks should be preserved. There are among lots of renowned Norwegian artworks also five original murals by Picasso (see the wall to the left). More info and probably explained better in this recent piece in the Independent that came up when I googled for some of the terms and names here. My office is about three minutes away, two streets below and shielded by large buildings. When the bomb went off we first thought it was the elevator that crashed down, but when we opened the window (we have no direct line of sight), debris was falling on it and the sky was full of papers. We stayed put for about ten minutes, checking for online news, but the biggest newspapers were also based close and affected so no info was posted until later. When we decided to leave it was like walking into a disaster movie. People in our street were relatively unharmed, but most of the windows had broken and glass fallen down, so many were bleeding from wounds and even more crying or in shock. I made my way through as fast as I could, as the police closed off the area, and went home in the other direction and watched tv for the rest of that weekend. Such a surreal memory. And not to take anything away from those who suffered losses, lost loved ones or were injured that day, it's beyond horrible, but to think that there are places in the world were people live in those circumstances on a daily basis... It's just heartbreaking. Hope this wasn't too much gloom. To end on a high note: My cat frozen mid-wash on top of my records. Ten seconds later, fifty of them (records) were on the floor.
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    how comes SNL's "Wokes" did not get mentioned here - because it's a joke/not real/not really denim? (maybe they did and I missed it..)
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    I'm in a nostalgic mood today after listening to thrash metal demos from '81-'83 and felt the need to trash this thread up with some classic ugly jeans: Fold-over jeans (I think I've seen Kapital make these, maybe): Z. Cavaricci (something for the Kapital-esque brands to consider): The Jordache look (low-hanging fruit, I know): And to connect it to the present, because the kids like to wear parachute pants these days for some reason:
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    "Kicking off" the contest with my 710 in Athens.
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    I'm thinking of going as Justin Timberlake: (Should I post this in the Ugliest Jeans in the World thread?)
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    Gotta go commando in those thong denims though. The only way to wear 'em. Incidentally, what's happened to this thread? I think Bamber Gascoigne has sent his A-team in to hijack it!
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    Couldn’t help myself
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    NO SLEEP TILL BROOKLYN The is usual garb Engineered Garments jacket Real McCoys chambray Conners Sewing Factory s409xxx Vans
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    Any of you doing denim-related Halloween costumes? I was thinking of Travis Bickle from the movie "Taxi Driver" for this year. I love the movie and he's a badass character. Plus I have most of the costume already: BR M65, aviator sunglasses, (enough) denim jeans, flannel shirt and RW Pecos.
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    Another wash for my Tenders and they are starting to look crazy! So much marbeling and texture.
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    Yeah , the 1948 is a collab with westride , came out last year along with a type 1 jacket
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    This thread could easily form the basis of a new feature/strip in Viz!
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    This past summer season Maple offered the lightest weight ventile 5 panel cap I seen so far. Decent for rain. There are various versions of the loro piana storm system baseball cap (with hidden earflaps). Good for cold.
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    ^ I'm with you. Receiving my 30s jacket has me only more excited.
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    Loosening up my Left Field cone mills jeans the past few days.
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    New Charles Atlas Cone Mills 13oz. Ill be wearing these for the DWC thats starting Nov 1st also.
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    And that’s the reason why I love winter..
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    On this beautiful day I went to the nearby botanical gardens with the hope of getting some nicely lit action shots of the jeans. It was - of course - full of people. Since I find it quite embarrassing to take pictures of myself or ask a stranger to do it, you get mostly nature and city this time. The Museum of Natural History A famous tree (can't remember the story) They have a lot of different plants from all over, and a few years ago they got some hemp with an almost non-existant THC level. People still wouldn't leave it alone, the staff even went on the news to say that this plant is pointless to smoke, so they had to put it in a cage (check out the antlers casually stored in the box behind - very Norway). And now there's a sign as well: When I got back home I took the elevator to the top floor of my apartment building. To the south there's a lot of construction and a fairly new part of the city emerging. A bit controversial too, since it has blocked the fjord view for thousands of people. The other direction. On the top of that hill, a little to the left of the middle, is Holmenkollen, a famous ski jump arena. They actually built a new one years ago in the same area, just a little lower on the hill so that it's not very visible. The old one was kept as a tourist attraction and it has a very steep zip-line. I've never tried it, but I want to. A quick fit-pic taken in the back staircase (not used much, no interruptions) as I came back in. I cut the head off, not for anonymity but because I looked like an idiot. The fit is quite tight in the seat and thighs, but not uncomfortable at all and the waist is roomy. I'll take some close-ups soon, hopefully tomorrow. Most importantly; cat approval!
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    Hey HGS - we are getting ready to weave our first batch of ecru long stable sustainable USA Pima cotton. It takes an incredible amount of time, effort, money, and determination to start a textile from scratch. I was devastated when I heard the news about White Oak. They were such an important pillar of the textile industry - not just in the USA but worldwide to all denim lovers. White Oak was synonymous with heritage and history. Our plan had always been to be a counter point and take a different approach creating interesting fabrics on our Toyoda shuttle looms. I'm not sure exactly where True Loom Textiles fits into the textile landscape anymore. USA made fabric - specifically selvedge fabric - has entered a new age and it's a bit scary. I never thought I'd witness the closing of White Oak. Yet in the face of this news we all have to work harder to make sure made in the USA selvedge fabric doesn't become extinct.
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    ^ Glad to see Mega getting in the Halloween spirit with his mask and costume
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    just paid. Joining (just received, hopefully they will fit) with IH PIH10ANT
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    Guerrilla Group do a couple one ripstop one cotton both DWR coated, i actually have the cotton one for sale
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    Thanks man, i got them from this really cool guy
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    Japan blue 3-4 years 1 year solid and on and off Been on super denim a long time but lurking these last few years
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    9 year old 811s from ueno. Slightly over a year of wear. I love these jeans. It's a pity they're a bit too big for me now but they feel amazing and the different shades of blue. They're at that stage where I wish they wouldn't fade any further.
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    My friend got this pair of levis he's trying to date or figure out if they are even authentic. I have no clue so I'd thought I'd just post it here if anyone can help. The original length was 34x40.
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    yeah, but it wouldn't have been nearly as much fun
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    This is my favourite pair: 1960s vintage lee 101z About 5 years ago, I bought this on ebay with $200! Best deal ever! After first soak Didn't shrink much because of sanforized denim worn about 2 years I am a big fan of James Dean
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    EW-0110 = Evisu x Warehouse x Yamane :: Final photos for DWC Fit evo:
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    5 -6 weeks and 2 washes later
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    @donburi I almost never wash pants so these haven't had a cycle yet. Doubt it'll change much given the synthetic nature of that fabric. Totally love them though. Best ACR pants ever IMHO.
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    corny as fuck supreme ebbets cap acronym cloak vintage ragged noragi darkthrone tee acne jeans visvim '73 folk boots