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    Running double TCB yesterday (jacket and chambray). My jacket is finally starting to show some character and I am very excited
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    TCB Bernie Sanders shirt Tender Vans Black Lab
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    Working on stretching out the waist of these new 800s. Love the fit otherwise and once I hem them, they will be spot on. Denim is amazing, rough but comfortable right out of the bag.
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    Cool I'll start with the Arris and do the Field OS in due time. Arris Review I've had the Arris for a little while now and been using it as my daily shell. Though it is designed is a next to skin shell, I have been able to layer a litte under it. I mostly wear Reigning Champ sweatshirts and hoodies. For those unfamiliar, the Arris is an amalgamation of the Actuator and Composite jacket. It merges the pattern of the Composite with the full GTX construction of the Actuator. However, the Arris does not have a dedicated self pack pocket. I won't provide a temperature rating as warmth is subjective. Expect the jacket to perform as all other mid-weight GTX shells. Fit The Arris is a slim cut GTX shell. Taking your mainline hardshell size will achieve a next to skin fit -- though sleek, possibly restricting. For reference I wear a S in the Alpha LT and SL and took a M in the Arris. I wear M in the Field OS, Haedn and Blazer LT. This jacket is a tailored option and looks considerably better than the baggy mainline garbage bags. The jacket comfortable accommodates a medium weight RC sweat or the Field OS. Those looking to layer a Mionn underneath will struggle. The only insulated midlayer that fits is the Mionn IS Comp. I do find that the storm hood is cut to fit close when worn down. This becomes problematic when trying to layer a hoodie underneath. The collar is cut to slightly towards the wearer when fully zipped and can get tight with a hoodie, making it difficult to burry your face in the storm hood collar. I do wish the chin guard was bigger. This isn't a problem unique to the Arris but I would like to see AV pieces feature bigger chin guards. The underarm gussets mitigate jacket ride-up up to shoulder level. Raising your arms higher will result in the jacket riding up. There isn't much articulations in the shoulder and the jackets can get constricting when reaching forward. The sleeves are cut slim but have ample volume to accommodate a sweater. When wearing a sweat, bent elbows can get tight. The cuff uses the iconic notched construction for extended thumb mobility. Though somewhat useful, this is more for visual interest and the tips of the cuff get dirty easily. Unlike the composite, there are no Cobrax snaps to adjust the cuff. Instead a small piece of plain weave elastic is used. Don't worry, it isn't the same as the wavy Nemis ribbing. I have yet to experience any deformation. Overall, at the expenses of full mobility, the Arris sits wonderfully over a t-shirt or sweat. For a sleek look, you won't another shell. Utility The Arris has two clandestine features that dramatically improve functionality. Next to the right hand pocket is a larger pocket. Inside is stretchy laminated pocket. There is enough space to store a Switch or large notebook. I typically keep my wallet and keys in here. It's important to note that the Arris pocket zips are difficult to operate. Unlike the Field where the zipper is on the jacket covered by a concealing flap, the Arris pocket zips are place on the reverse of the concealing flap. This makes pulling the zippers down difficult since less force is acting on the tensile axis to keep the flap taut. There is another stretchy pocket laminated on the left interior of the jacket. It's pretty useless as its too small for a phone or wallet and bulges too much when used to store keys. The defining feature of the Arris that most notice is the notched hem. There is a hem offset of an inch and half, lending more weather coverage in the back. The notch lines up nicely with the slant pockets on the Align and make for easier access. The notches will not compliment top entry pockets like the Voro, Anode or Indice. Beyond improved pocket access, the notches are purely for visual interest. Note that sitting down with the jacket fully zipped is not flattering as the front hem bends forward and looks like the hem is about to rip at the notch seam. Gore C-Knit composes the entire jacket. The face fabric is supple to the touch and the C-Knit backer is comfortable for next to skin wear. I have hear of cases where the backer greatly discolours to direct contact with skin. I have yet to experience this but can imagine that overtime I will notice the effects too. Summary Buy this jacket if you want a slim agile shell to accompany you on your daily urban commute. Layering is possible but if you're coming from a mainline shell, you'll find limited options. There are a variety of storage options but the jacket needs great refinement is most these areas. The notched cuff and hem are cool and offer some utility but don't expect them to reinvent the shell experience. Oh, I'll say this again, if you can justify this jacket, then you shouldn't hesitate to purchase the V2 Nomin. I've mentioned a lot of unsavoury elements about this jacket but am still happily enjoying it; however I found much great use and price utility in the Nomin V2. A LOT more work goes to making Nomin. EDIT: Hats off to @larssss for making a killer shell that unequivocally replaced two fan favourites: the Actuator and Composite. But if anyone has a Composite for cheap let me know. I want
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    On this beautiful day I went to the nearby botanical gardens with the hope of getting some nicely lit action shots of the jeans. It was - of course - full of people. Since I find it quite embarrassing to take pictures of myself or ask a stranger to do it, you get mostly nature and city this time. The Museum of Natural History A famous tree (can't remember the story) They have a lot of different plants from all over, and a few years ago they got some hemp with an almost non-existant THC level. People still wouldn't leave it alone, the staff even went on the news to say that this plant is pointless to smoke, so they had to put it in a cage (check out the antlers casually stored in the box behind - very Norway). And now there's a sign as well: When I got back home I took the elevator to the top floor of my apartment building. To the south there's a lot of construction and a fairly new part of the city emerging. A bit controversial too, since it has blocked the fjord view for thousands of people. The other direction. On the top of that hill, a little to the left of the middle, is Holmenkollen, a famous ski jump arena. They actually built a new one years ago in the same area, just a little lower on the hill so that it's not very visible. The old one was kept as a tourist attraction and it has a very steep zip-line. I've never tried it, but I want to. A quick fit-pic taken in the back staircase (not used much, no interruptions) as I came back in. I cut the head off, not for anonymity but because I looked like an idiot. The fit is quite tight in the seat and thighs, but not uncomfortable at all and the waist is roomy. I'll take some close-ups soon, hopefully tomorrow. Most importantly; cat approval!
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    So, long term thoughts with a few pieces: For reference (I know I've said this a million times here) I'm 5'9" 182lbs (as of today) usually 38-40R off the rack suit size, 16"/33" shirt, chest size ~41", my true waist is 33" and my inseam is 31". I usually wear a L in Stone Island Shadow Project tops, 48–50 SI:SP bottoms, M in all Acronym, 3 in Visvim, M in all Veilance tops, 33" in veilance pants. I live in a temperate climate (50–65F in the fall, 40–50F winter, 50–65F spring, 70–80F summer) with high amounts of rainfall especially FW and very little SS. J55-MP: This fits slightly oversized—if you're thinking about the sizing on this piece the measurements are deceptive since it seems it's measured on the outside of the garment over the holster pockets, there was a Grailed seller out a few months ago who listed as this as being undersized, they're on crack. Anyway, quick feature recap: garment dyed, nylon outer and loose woven inner with polyurethane interlayer; raccagni super-r two way main closure with a wind flap; two holster and two front waist pockets, both detached entry 5mm reverse coil zips with autolocking sliders; nylon cuffs; shockcord hem with left and right adjusters. Don't think I'd ever sell it at this point since I wear it roughly 3–4 times a week and despite seemingly no appreciable technical fabric specifications. I still have no clue what the multiprene is other than some polyurethane material that is a putative insulator. The jacket isn't resistant for more than a quick shower. I also doubt the windproofing. Notwithstanding all of the seemingly negative qualities, I love this piece—my love for the piece begins and ends with the look of the fabric: the closest analog would be Stone Island Nylon Metal meets the Jordan Elephant print. I am quite conservative with colors in my wardrobe so I am biased toward different textures and finishes—the 55 has both. The fabric has a sheen to it and texture that is really unique. As to other features, the holster pockets are quite useful, they can fit a phablet like the note or iphone plus but it gets quite awkward with larger objects. I would say they're perfect for a wallet and smaller items. The front pockets, like other detached entry Acronym pockets, are quite voluminous with the pocket space going almost to the back—the jacket can be laden with a good amount of stuff without appearing too bulky. Additionally, the jacket is quite durable with no appreciable wear at roughly two years of constant use (other than the loose lining pilling slightly at abrasion hotspots where the loose jacketsling rubs against the back). It's pretty amazing that the cuffs are also in wonderful shape, no fabric pulling or appreciable wear either. Finally, the 55 is insulating to the point where it's usually my only mid layer—it's effectively a 3 season piece for me. So I guess I have to address criticisms, I only really have one: no external jacketsling point. Having the newer style pieces with the external jacketsling points is amazing, it biases me against the older pieces—the sling can get into the way sometimes where it looks like a shoulder holster and it can cause wear on the interior of the jacket from the hardware abrading the liner fabric. P24A-S: This fits slightly oversized. If you have a mesomorphic/endomorpohic body type, you shouldn't have to size down on these. Let me rephrase, unless you're a smollboye, I don't think you should size down on these. This assessment is purely aesthetic but if you're ectomorphic/built like slenderman, don't wear BDU style pants, it only makes you look even more frail. The waist isn't the issue as much as the intended articulation, if you're sizing down the articulation doesn't look like it'll work as intended (like the P20-S). As a quick recap on features: stotz etaproof construction (functionally waterproof if not certified waterproof); ykk locking fly zipper; press stud main closure; 12 pockets, slant pockets count as four, two detached cargo with ykk reverse coil 5mm zips with autolocking sliders, two raid pockets with press button closure, two back pockets, and two welt phone pockets; reinforced knee and thigh; articulation, that nice nylon seam detail on the inside cuff. These are your pants if you have a lot of small stuff to carry without a bag. They work well but the pockets have a lot less volume than they appear—especially with the detached entry cargos. For volume reference, I can put a pair of gloves in one side and maybe a hat in the other without the pockets being overladen or bulky. Also, they can fit an ipad mini but not a nintendo switch (s/o Alyxbot). I actually have no idea what really can go into the raid pockets conveniently other than a wallet since the size is so square—Minidisks? Altoids? Ritter Sport chocolate? While these pants seem like the evolution of the P3, I think they're closer functionally to the recent SI:SP combat cargo but they're quite weird since I think they're more aesthetically capable than substantively capable. The placement hampers the use. I think the 16A has the best cargo location hands down, literally hands down the side access without bending over. Back to the 24A, the articulation on these pants seems like an angular iteration of the P16 pattern, effectively. I feel like they achieve the same feel with the severe taper from the knee downward. As to BDU vs BDU, I think the SI:SP combat cargo does utilitarian side of the fashion BDU better than the P24A but I find the P24A to look much better. As with the J55, I don't think I'd sell these since I am enamored with their look and feel—I wear these 2–3 times a week since getting them. Little appreciable wear other than abrasion from the press stud buttons. They feel really nice when worn a lot, as with most stotz. The articulation really helps with the lack of give to the fabric. They're loose without looking sloppy—I feel that's an issue with a lot of the oversized acronym pants. Resistance is great, they're as advertised, windproof and functionally waterproof. An interesting aside, etaproof isn't certifiably waterproof in most cases but it is effectively waterproof for most practical applications. I've been outside in constant rain but not hard rain for 45m–1hr and no penetration. TL;DR: both nice, 55-MP more than expected, 24A-S less than expected functionally but not disappointing. Don't see rotating either out of my wardrobe anytime soon.
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    Chipped paint never look sexier...
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    My new 50s. Great pair of jeans!
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    Knickerbocker Eat Dust Vintage vest LVC HUF
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    I put together a wee blogpost from my visit to Japan Blue earlier this summer: http://indigoveins.com/visiting-japan-blue-jeans/
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    Samurai S552XX 21oz type 2 on double denim tour in the glorious North East of Britain with the little fella in complimentary tux! Lindisfarne (Holy Island) + S710XX, RMC M65, sheepskin hat, The Hillside camo scarf, Viberg Bamburgh Castle + S710XX, The Hillside wabash scarf, Viberg Newcastle castle approach + TCB 20s, Stetson, Viberg Local park + Roy SF01, RMC sweat, converse
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    I smell a fit pic battle!
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    Holy shit! Thanks everyone, and especially all the fellow contestants! It's been a hell of an 18 months, with a few moves, a job change, etc., and it's nice to have an amazing pair of jeans that remind me of it all. Glad we all got to enjoy the last of this special denim put together by my favorite jean makers in the world. Photos will definitely get posted once the prize arrives, and I suspect the amount of wear left in these jeans will lead to a long life for the contest thread as we all periodically check in with the continued progress.
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    My mighty one (his name is Ludwig v. Bayern) didn't really cooperate (plus shitty angles and light ;)) but here goes. Wearing MF, LVC ('55 501), RW
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    not to be an enabler but those are my two respective favorite releases from ss16 and ss17. not to mention they layer perfectly together (well, the front of the field OS sticks out a little, but the notched hems line up perfectly) im curious to hear john's opinion on those too and if they differ from mine. also i think it would be useful for some folks to do a comparison between field IS and field OS (i dont own a field IS so cant say, but have seen many people ask about the two)
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    Pic of 60s pair no. II with bonus Ranchman peaking out.
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    Presumably that extra cost represents the 'added value' of exporting those jeans (manufactured in the US from cotton grown and spun into denim in the US) to Europe and then re-importing them for US-based customers. Sounds perfectly logical to me!
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    Guys, long time lurker, first time poster here... I haven’t felt the need to contribute as I’ve been just enjoying the wealth of knowledge on display here, but I could use some words of wisdom now. S710XX 24 oz. is available again in its 2nd incarnation; as BiG don’t carry Sammys anymore and as Denimio’s measurements chart is as unhelpful as ever, I had a quick word with their (Russian?) CS person on their live chat. Kindly see the attached image for their measurements for tag sizes 32 & 33. It appears other measurements are just about the same but there’s a huge gap between the waist measurements; could this be true or is the tighter waist likely to lead to tighter fit around seat and hips in general, albeit not immediately apparent looking at the chart (same front rise, almost the same thigh)? Seeing how size 32 starts from 32” waist while 33 clocks in at almost 34”, which one would I be advised to pick if I was aiming at a 32.5”ish waist post-soak and post- stretching them back out? 32 would seem the likelier candidate but if they shrink by 1”+ to sub-31” levels, I won’t be able to get them on to start the stretching. OTOH, looking at people’s fit pics, I think this cut is at its most flattering when worn “slim”, so getting the size just right seems of paramount importance. Thanks for any tips/suggestions/inane banter you might be able to send to my general direction.
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    I believe it stands for "Two Cats Brand". Levi's has long been known as "Two Horses Brand" for the iconic image used on their patches; TCB uses a similar image, but one that features playful cats rather than workhorses.
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    Anyone interested in these natural indigo LVC 1880s? https://m.levi.com/DE/de_DE/products/344960000
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    OK, I washed it cold and then warm and hang dried, as well as hitting it with a space heater dryer and I got essentially no shrink out of the henley.
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    Thanks again, beautiful_FrEaK. Been inspired by your posts for many years.
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    yes, the come true to size and will stretch out around one inch after weeks of wear. best for winter since the '76s come with the heaviest denim of the lvc line.
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    Been an amazing 18 months watching the contest from sideline. No losers, only winners, congrats @FeloniousMonk!
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    Congrats Felonius, as well as to the others who put some serious wear into their Ooes! Thanks also to Riyo, Hiro, and the folks at S&S for making this happen -- well done all around.
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    I feel genuine pain over not copping a pair of Ande's.
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    Congratulations to @FeloniousMonk and thanks for everyone participating! It was (like always) fun to watch
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    SR7s worn since May '14, freshly washed and awaiting new crotch and pocket repairs, probably for the final time before they're retired.
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    Roys are here! Just a quick teaser now, jeans and a very small sample of the Oslo skyline, more to come later. They look great by the way!
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    I was going to reply with something witty...but then I got high.
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    still looking for DS-HD2 in dust sz L.. name your price.. hopefully its still minty fresh if you want top dollar Edit: offering $800 for mint condition holla
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    And the winner is................... FELONIOUS MONK!!!!!!!!! Huge congratulations to Felonious, and everyone involved in the contest, we are all truly winners for just owning these jeans. Felonious, please reach out to the S&S team directly to claim your prize ([email protected])!!!!!
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    I dunno...sounds like strike four to me.
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    Nah man. ThirdLeg access doesn’t go beyond the taint.
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    P26 came in yesterday and I'll share my initial reactions to it. This thing is more fun than functional. There is very little utility here. The exposed wide shiny zippers and elastic cuff are what this pant is all about and you're either on board or you're not. Not gonna lie, the pocket situation is abysmal. There are no back pockets. Strike one. The front pockets are actually usable until you realize that if there's something in them, the bulk in the pocket makes it difficult to access the phone pocket under the detached pocket flap. Strike two. In addition to the phone pocket woes, the exposed shiny metal zipper makes putting your hand in your pocket a dangerous activity if you're not too careful. The teeth of the zipper can be abrasive. Use caution. Strike three. Despite the pants striking out as a utilitarian garment, I still love the way they look, fit, and feel. They are unexpectedly baggy and move quite well considering there's no articulation. I will be keeping them because I bought them for the shiny zippers and not for their utility.
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    rs, tezo, rs. both rs in cone.
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    mannn i am so excited for the dyadic comp revamp. pics from metropolitan society: http://www.metropolitansociety.co/blog/arcteryx-veilance-ss18 top two pics are the pants. much easier to see in the ash/grey version, but it's terratex construction in the upper portion, then parts of the leg have a merino/nylon blend i think similar to the body and sleeves of the graph cardi. then, on the inside, like in the seat/crotch/thighs and all that it's a merino jersey, like the frame shirts. im not sure if it has nylon content in it for added burst strength though. the paneling was crazy. i believe it snap buttons at the hem, like the same hardware used on current haedn OS. inseam i think is set at 30" and can't really hem them.. the waist also i think doesnt have belt loops or anything, just more snap button adjustors to bring the waist from +/- 1", presumably at .5" intervals bottom pic is the dyadic comp hoodie and pullover. also come in ash or black. very similar concept, a revamp of the dyadic sweater but with terratex paneling. i think they look really cool and fit the veilance hoody i've always wanted. the mionn IS comp jacket is a bit much, i think this will be perfect
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    Alright everyone, the poll is officially closed! The results are: As a reminder, the team at S&S will now choose the winner out of the top three most voted. Thank you everyone for your participation!
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    Was looking forward to the convert pants this season and just wanted to share sizing advice and thoughts. I got a 44 (I'm 5'7" 135lbs usually wear a 28/30) and had the zip shorts from this s/s in a 44 as well. Waist fits great with some room still and pants are extremely cozy with a slight drop crotch and extra room in the seat/leg area. I would say they are slimmer than the zip cargos from s/s. I didn't feel the need to get them tailored at all. I drape them over boots or just roll them twice when wearing low tops. I like the zip pocket on the patch side which has a phone pocket behind it which I use quite a bit. The 2 smaller pockets on the other leg don't see as much use / I'll usually zip the flap up. I do like however sliding my point and shoot down that leg where you store the flap. Other than feeling like a cowboy with the flaps and zips clinking around big fan / great fit / very comfy / versatile going from cargo to more dressed down look. Only gripe is the normal pockets at the waist can be a bit difficult to access with all the zippers brushing up against your hand. Zip shirt from this season is also really nice with the ds like sleeves and more zips. If you are looking for black which has been somewhat hard to track down for whatever reason - capsule has some sizes here in toronto
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    Current status of my 60s. Will be tough to put them on hold for the 20s contest the blues are really coming out now.
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    My friend got this pair of levis he's trying to date or figure out if they are even authentic. I have no clue so I'd thought I'd just post it here if anyone can help. The original length was 34x40.
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    cheers bro had been meaning to hold off on sharing til more significant development in the pieces, but given the bad cone news and general discussion on cone denim philosophy thought i'd share to give some concrete evidence so rly about embarrassment of seeming to go 'look at my {lack of} three month fades' on a boring ramble: had been trying to wash the two in parallel to keep fade profile vaguely synchronous; these pix tell me to let that boat sail away...
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    Have been reading this thread for a while and decided to join the club with a TCB 50s Jacket. I'm 6'2 so went with size 46 (one wash). Coming from a Momotaro 2105SP (size 44) the fit is pretty similar, but not as long in the body or arms. I can post up a comparison pic if anyone is interested. Looking forward to the fades.
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    As promised, here's the full review of the V2 Nomin. I am thoroughly impressed after a week of use. Previously I rotated between the V1 Nomin, Arro 22 and a Patagonia Refugio. I will use these as benchmarks to compare. Dimensions and Capacity The V1, V2 and Arro clocking at 26, 18, and 22L respectively; however, the volumes are rather misleading and a poor indicator of capacity. Though the V1 and Arro are bigger than the V2 on paper, the V2 allocates space much better. It features a dedicated side-access document and laptop compartment in the back. There is a rigid panel bifurcating the compartment which I use to separate paper and my laptop. It comfortably fits a 13 Mac Air, and three notepads (200 sheets). It is compatible with larger computers but the pocket above will get in the may, making access harder. The compartment is fully foam lined, obsoleting the need for a laptop case. Since the compartment is side access, it is disappointing that the bag no longer features a side handle. Overall, the compartment is much better than the V1 foam organizer. Unzipping the back zipper will reveal a quick access pocket in the top of the bag for quick top loading. I use it to store my sunglasses, key, wallet and hand sanitizer. There are gussets on both sides of the pocket to prevent spillage. The front of the bag is a large top loader. There is a ripstop pouch sew to the top. It is considerably smaller and less accessible than the pouch in the V1 Nomin; however, the white interior makes locating items much easier. The rounded shape of the bag makes sidling the zips much easier than the V1. Overall, though the V2 is the smallest of the three bags, I am able to load much more without worry of items pooling to the bottom of the bag. Utility As a daily carry bag my preference for the V2 is beyond reproach. I am able to easily store, access and carry a variety of items without worry. Attached is an image of what I carry in the bag normally while still having a lot of unused space. The straps have been redesigned from the V1 and are now much more comfortable. Previous the S-shape of the V1 straps would dig into my pits and cause a great deal of irritation. The new shape does an excellent job mitigating this problem. I feel much less fatigue with the new straps as compared to the V1 and dare say the Arro too. A gentleman from the Arc store informed me that the straps are made from materials from their harness program and create torque to reduce pressure on the wearer's shoulders. The ladderlock is now concealed in the strap making adjustments harder but do rectify the problem of slippage. Previously when wearing the Arro with my Galvanic, I found the straps would crush the collar, the V1 and V2 Nomin are cut in a way to avoid contact with the collar. Price I know there was a lot of criticism over the price of the bag. Yes 800 USD is a lot of money but justified with the V2. It's amazing how effective the bag is at material allocation. The thin straps are incredibly comfortable and pack easily into a plane overhead. The shape is considerably more refined than the V1. If you can justify the Arris, Field or Align then get the Nomin, you'll get much more wear. I suggest checking the bag out in person. Thanks!