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    Tatton Baird Mastersons Leroy Role Club
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    wanted JOHANNA SCHNEIDER please
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    Tcb 50s paired with Clark wallabees. Still getting used to the odd look of the shoes. I would describe it as comfortably fugly
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    hey Capsi, Inoue told me that he'll be ready to ship jeans from Japan to Ed around sept 19th, so next week. If we are lucky some of us will have the jeans for the beginning of october.
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    www.acrnm.com items up to preview with sizing but can't be purchased. This is a nice change.
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    Not a pant but a jacket today. I was searching for a good type 2. After visiting BerBerJin and Marvin's and dreamin' about the real Levi's I got myself a visvim for the price of a TCB. Not impressed by the denim, but the construction is perfect and the cut is exactly what I wanted! I don't really like the dropped shoulders look of the Levi's. Visvim/Drapeau noir/ Samurai / Visvim / Paraboots
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    Yes Edit: also, s/o to J61-WS >>>>>>>>> J61-GT
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    Half true: they posted everything with the first drop, even though some items were not available until the second drop. They didn't post all items before releasing like this before.
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    Pretty sure that's not LVC... Edit: Thought it might be more helpful if I gave some reasons as to why I think it's not an LVC product, and why I reckon it's just a Levi's mainline item. The red tab is a little 'e', which means it would be a post-1971 jean, and the only ones that I know of that LVC made were the '76, '78 and '83. Quite certain that all those models had a paper patch instead of a leather one. Speaking of the patch, you can see on their current MiUSA STF 501s that it is the same. The pocket shape and stitching are also a giveaway (you can see how towards the opening of the pocket, the stitching flares out). Also, the "This is a pair of Levi's" print on the pocket bag is something they do nowadays as a throwback since the originals had a separate label sewn to the back right pocket. Someone else can probably chime in about this, but all my LVC 501 care labels are sewn horizontally on the outseam, and the one you linked is vertically sewn on the waistband, which is what they do today for all (?) their jeans. Plus, that Levi's batwing label sewn to the outseam is something I haven't seen on my LVCs. The overlock at the top of the outseam also doesn't look like something I've seen before on LVC jeans either. There are probably more details, but these are most noticeable to me.
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    There is always a 30-60% premium in Japan so no it won't be 2.2k. Expect it to be around $1200-1600 depending on retailer and VAT. I wish they didn't get rid of the logo on the left armsleeve though...
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    those yeezys are cringe AF.. J28 a must, j64ts-s and p23a-ds, drool. fucking cant wait. J56 in GT is great but J56 in Stotz = greatest.
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    FS: J27-E olive, L Good condition. washed once, worn maybe 2-3 times since then. Purchased from Acronym in apr 2014 asking: $490
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    comfy as the rza in the gravel pit?
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    Wow, surprised to see anyone is actually making fakes. The Dyadic never came in heather as far as I know, thats a dead giveaway. Also the Arc'teryx outdoor packaging. These look like they could be prototype or construction sample which often don't use correct trim colors, especially since the size is 33, which used to be the sample size for pants. These are never intended for the public and likely not covered by warranty.
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    different day different mao suit mildly gopping thrifted blanket jacket montgomery ward tcb cheaney & sons & some button banjo and hiding from the rain boot staring' (whilst taking cover and wishing I'd worn me barbour on the outing)
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    Gleem 201 50's cut and tapper on the leg, very special cutting, TFH-like arcuate and red tab, this jeans has very similar fabric to the 1001xx!
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    ^^ I look forward to see how they fit you/how they fit a western female body type, Minae's fit pics are useless as a fit sample IMO. I insisted to buy a pair for my wife but she doesn't want them... She has no interest whatsoever either in raw denim, japanese denim or buying clothes online....Pity as she has the perfect body type for those jeans (small waist big ass)... Hard life...
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    1101 (Current model in 2017) non wash, paper patch, no hidden riven of the back pockets. this 1101 is an excellent replica jeans of 60's Levi's, as the watch pocket is sew with 90degree rotation, which can create a wrinkle on the watch pocket after shrinkage, and it is a feature I love for the 60's 501 (pic borrowed) Another interesting feature of 1101 is that it has very big backpocket, you can see the photos comparing it with TFH 3001 W34 (while 1101 is W32 only), and the 1001xx-1000 as well
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    I caved and ordered the 701/Norma last week, was just notified that they are passing through customs as we speak. I hope they fit well, it'll be the first woman specific cut I've bought in a long time and quite different from my other jeans. I'll keep you posted!
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    Here are some measures of my raw 2107 type 1. Size 42 Before soak and wash Shoulders 52 cm (20.5") Armpit to armpit 60.5 cm (23.8") Waist 54.5 cm (21.5") Length front 62.5 cm (24.6") Length back 70.5 cm (27.8") Arm from shoulder 68 cm (26.8") Arm from armpit 58 cm (22.8") After soak and 30c wash Shoulders 49.5 cm (19.5") Armpit to armpit 57 cm (22.5") Waist 50.5 cm (20") Length front 59.5 cm (23.5") Length back 66 cm (26") Arm from shoulder 63.5 cm (25") Arm from armpit 53 cm (21") Post soak and wash fit
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    Shout out to @chicote, wearing my repaired SD-103s. Can't thank him enough, they turned out great. Bonus kitty butthole
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    claustrum swing key case (150USD: https://www.store-claustrum.com/blank-1/swing-key-case-black-matte)
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    Sup guys Enjoy , apologies for the flood First two pics taken way before pre wash Patch work done by denimsurgeon Cheers