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    Stopped wearing these 103s bc the crotch got so tight but I put em on to take the dog out.
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    Goofy expression Sun Surf TCB Lofgren
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    Sorry for so many individual posts... added some patches on the cuffs today.
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    Stupid pose but to continue the MF theme: all Mister Freedom besides jeans (Warehouse) My daughter helped waxing the jacket with great enthusiasm (In the pic above only the orange fabric is waxed - finally found the time to do the rest of the jacket)
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    Light and waterproof and LIGHT ! https://www.vollebak.com/product/solar-charged-jacket/?utm_source=Vollebak+News&utm_campaign=81452b71dd-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2017_06_29&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_536d13a3c7-81452b71dd-64506017&mc_cid=81452b71dd&mc_eid=07a50da4b4
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    Couple quick photos of my 1947s. Didn't really wear them a whole lot after I posted them last time/wash. Decided to start wearing them again about three weeks ago. They are covered in sweat and dirt which may never come out so I'm going to hold of on another wash for a while. I love these jeans. I'm really a big fan of simple unsanforized jeans. Not really into super streaky slubby jeans right now.
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    Back to nature need to adjust the back cinch to fit me Front pocket sticthing start to unravel Beautiful twist
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    Haha woah. @oomslokop has me right here. We all know various companies including tcb (especially LVC) like to monkey with things to fit a particular narrative, agenda, body type etc. a rise this low just doesn't really strike me as 501 esque. Perhaps I'm wrong.
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    shirt - SDA jeans - SOC 727
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    More of the same MF / WH / Vans
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    Some more updates on @kss447's SDAs — spent the last few days repairing the seat and back right pocket. This is how the jeans were when I received them—the back pocket was totally blown out and there were some sizable holes in the warp threads just below. I didn't document the early part of the repair, but here's more or less what I did: - Unpick the stitching on the lower half of the pocket. - Cut all the loose threads and generally flatten the pocket blowout. - Measure a new piece of denim (taken from some Tender Co. cutoffs) to fit the pocket, so that the edges of the fabric run between the inner & outer pocket stitches (if that makes sense), and sew it around the edge of the pocket hole. - Measure a piece of denim from some vintage Wranglers (bit lighter weight) and affix it behind the worn-out seat with some basting stitches. I think here is where I can start documenting with photos... This photo was taken around five hours into sashiko stitching the patch onto the seat, starting with the worn-out area and working outwards. This is more or less my last line of stitching in the photo. You can see a rough outline of where the denim runs via the basting stitches. Here I'd run a stitch across the top of the back pocket patch fabric, so that you can put your hand in the pocket without getting caught up in the extra fabric. Tried to keep it parallel with the lining stitch below, which had mostly worn off. I should mention that so far these repairs have been entirely done by hand and without any measuring, marking, guiding or ironing—sort of a challenge to see how accurately I can freehand this kind of stuff, I guess. After the lining stitch, I redid the original navy stitch that runs across the back pocket, mostly as a second line of defense in case the top one wears through. With the extra thread, I did some little reinforcing stitches on the two smaller holes that were starting to form on the middle and lower-right parts of the pocket. Now I'm starting to go over the original pocket stitching itself with a replica 'copper'-coloured topstitching thread. And here's where I'm at now! You can see the pocket is a bit misshapen on the left side, from where I pulled it in too far while stitching the hole closed. But otherwise I'm pretty happy with how it's turning out. Going to do the outer topstitch tomorrow, or soon, as I have some friends in town and can't quite spend as much time sewing at the moment. Anyway, thanks for looking!
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    Looks like this season is a little more fashion-ey than acronym has been in the past those pants look very SISP
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    Into these shirts , our homie Danny came by the garage the other day and shot these flicks.
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    Shirt: Sugar cane Jacket: 3sixteen ranch Jeans: JB x OD Sapphire Shoes: RM Williams
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    Merry Company Stevenson Oveal Broken Homme
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    Managed to catch my XX-012 in good lighting today. Lost count of wear and washes...
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    Loop & Weft LRC1009 from S/S16 (last one in size 40 at Okayama Denim). Very lightweight supima cotton henley with Corozo buttons(!). Probably won't wear this until the weather warms up a bit. Photos of other stuff to come, just managed to snap this before it got dark.
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    Samurai BK II Samurai Wind Ande Whall Contest
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    Stevenson 707, special run for SELA with no cinch from 3-4 years back ~18 months of effective wear, anywhere from 6-8 washes Crotch has been repaired once and has just been sent off to be repaired again
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    small update on my 50s jacket ... mostly used to layer this year as most of my jeans are still dark and i am self-conscious of my canadian tux becoming too austere. it's also the graveyard of unfinished embroidery -- every single thing i've started on it i have abandoned hahah. anyway, moderate amount of wear over the last 2.5 years, washed pretty often. sorry they are a bit blurry, wanted to keep iso down so had to go real low on everything else. thanks for looking!