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    FUTURA x ACRNM at Beinghunted
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    a little close up from yesterdays event! 5 jackets and 10 bags, 60 t-shirts and round about 150 cans from what I've heard t-shirt was 40eur can was 10eur prices for the jacket and the bags was not told to public but from what I've heard the jacket was 1800/ 1900 euro also I saw the chrome 3a-3ts and it was not a used one (brand new hidden in a backpack) - so maybe the release is coming soon
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    0105PH SignetxFC numerous washes I'll get a more macro shot of the jeans within the next few days As with all Full Counts, back pocket stitching is beginning to deteriorate
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    I ran across this original, lined Type II Jacket at a garage sale about 20 years ago. I've worn it a coupe of dozen times since. I didn't know what I had until last week. Can anyone recommend a way to determine its value? I've seen similar for sale, but I'm sure condition matters...
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    Gave them a wash... Excuse the artificial light, but daylight is kind of a rare thing here in Moscow around this time of year.
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    0105PH SignetxFC numerous washes I'll get a more macro shot of the jeans within the next few days As with all Full Counts, back pocket stitching is beginning to deteriorate
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    Will do - thanks! Tricker's - Chups - Warehouse - Pendelton (will increase cuffs!)
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    First fit pics, probably going with bigger cuffs...
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    The color here is closer to real... To me that looks and feels like the old RJB standard denim... The inseam is quite short being a 2nd hand jeans from Japan, but I think I could make it work. I can always go "high water"...
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    Got another 2nd hand piece for my growing RJB/TFH collection...this one is with the diamonds in blue leather - tonal with contrast stitching. This is special edition for Desert Hill's Market (DHM) in Japan and went under the name of Good Old Day's DD001 - fits very similar to a regular D001.
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    I've had a 3A-8TS for about four year and it has been great for biking and general use. I lean way forward on the bike and it pretty much just sits on my back where I put it. If I was doing an extra-long ride I would use the connector strap to secure it in place, but I've never actually felt the need to do so before. It's good to have the option though. As for heat, it's no better or worse than any other bag. I can't imagine there being a good solution to that. If something is pressed against your skin when you're hot then you're going to sweat.
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    Here is a comparison between the denim on the 60s jacket and the 505s.
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    Here is some more pictures on the 505s!
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    Depends. I always go for the latter because I find I'm more happy and when I am, that kind of enthusiasm and passion ends up getting me to the right places and taken care of anyways. But if your situation has circumstances (eg family, obligations, debt) that require you to go for $$$, go for it. Do what you gotta do but than circle back to what makes you happy. There is no right or wrong answers in life and fcuk what anyone else says. Cliche but you only have one life. Nothing is worse than a life full of regrets. a handful is expected tho
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    ^ embrace the loose fit!
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    These are my Alden Cordovan Brogue Wingtips -- pics are about 2 years ago -- will update with more recent pics soon. Bonus, pretty sure I'm wearing Samurai 710xx
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    As if guys from Clutch just crashed Petti Uomo and DGAF. swagged out.
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    telnyashka TCB 60's William Lennon hillshoes
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    WTS: f/w15 Sanjuro Kimono Sz. 1 400+shipping Just bought this from visvim.tv the other week, and wore it once with my SS101 and didn't like it. Found a Kano one, thanks to Spencejo. My loss, your gain. edit: comes with bag, tags, and all the other stuff.
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    Posted Today, 03:41 AM I just want clothes that evoke the following feeling look combined with a shielding against the elements, sorry for the image heavy post and no actual real garments but you get my intention, originally posted in the 'Style Inspiration' thread but I felt might be at home here as it is very much tech ableit a vaporwear type thing. I imagine I may not be alone in the sentiment? So far only get ACR coming close that are actually wearable and it seems that their aesthetic is getting closer too, both stylistically and in size/scale wise, moving away from the more form fitting to a looser layer approach.
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    Cross post from the DWC thread.
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    Undercover anatomicouture bombah Pair on the right... bape x undercover
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    I had some decent lighting today so I took a few shots of my Denime 506XX from the Orizzonti era. The jacket is a little darker than the pics came out but it's still pretty accurate.
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    After another wash...sorry for the blurry outcome, it was too early.
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    Over due superconfessional post.. warning, a long one! tl;dr: I'm stupid, too nice, i'm really worried rn. So i've been in a serious year-and-a-half long relationship with a girl at met at uni last year. When we first started hanging out, I knew she was a drug addict (she was trying to get clean at the time, really straighten her life out), also diagnosed with depression, anxiety, and recently, ADHD. She was awesome though, so empowered and creative. Sharp and ready for anything. After hanging out and messing around more, we started to get serious about our feelings we had for each other. I knew it would be a lot of work to be in this relationship.. she even once started crying about how she might ruin my life. But I wanted to be with her and help in anyway I could (I recently read my horoscope star chart.. turns out i'm attracted to people that need help lol gotta evaluate that), and support her. But I never thought it would turn into this. What followed other than the great times we had, were just lies, more drugs, and madness. She'd relapse, i'd take care of her while she's in withdrawal. When she's stood me up, i've just dealt with it like its no problem. She's lied to me so many times about where she is, who she's with, etc. it's just been so disrespectful. But I always find a place in my heart to forgive her though, often chalking it up to the lies being a symptom of her addiction or just her anxiety overcoming her decisions. I do believe that those were true for some cases, and she really does have issues to deal with. Things got so bad last school-year she had to take a break from a couple quarters. Anyways after drama, as soon as she came back to SD at the end of summer, things went nuts. Her sister finds a drug baggie, tells her parents, gf tells me that they are pulling her out of school. The first day I get to see her out of months of not and missing her, i'm taking her to the airport to send her home. As I walked her to security, i glanced down and noticed she was texting her junkie ex bf. I demanded to know what the fuck was going on right now. She then confessed that she was being kicked out of her home, and that the ex(?) was the only person she could think of in that she could stay with (...um but what about me). I just left, went to my car and sat. This was for sure a deal breaker. The next day I find out from her sister that her parents never kicked her out of the home, she wanted to leave (which would explain why she told me she had to buy the plane ticket). I also get sent screen shots of texts from her friend, where she's telling her that she still loves the ex. I text her saying that this is done. She says okay, understands, etc.. The next day she's back in SD as she has mended things with her parents. We meet up so I can give her shit back, but maybe you guessed this next part.. she convinced me to get back together with her! I also rationalized it to how we both talked about her coming back from her break as another chance for us, and it was something I held on to. How could I be so stupid? Anyways, after that it hardly feels like a relationship. I only see her maybe once or twice a week; talk, fuck, talk, dip. Never real quality time anymore, and its always cut short with a bullshit lie of an excuse. After weeks of her lying to me about shit, I finally confronted her and said that I was fine with not having a relationship, that I didn't care if she was seeing that junkie. At this point I just wanted something real with her, something honest to where she wouldn't have to worry and lie. I just wanted her to be real with me. She insisted that she wanted to be with only me, and that the trust issues were something we could work through- I said okay. My friends have said that she's never going to tell me the truth, and they're probably right. There's pretty clear evidence that she's been hanging with the dude, and when I call her out on it she can still just lie to me like its nothing? I'm just too nice, naïve.. I think i've put up with this for so long because I tend to see the good in people, especially loved ones, and I forget the consequences of the other side. I still love her, and believe she can succeed, etc. I still think she's the awesome person she's always been, and its really sad to think about how drugs have really screwed with her life.. but I was down because she seemed so determined to get better, where I'm willing to be with her as long as she's willing to put the work into it too; even though she knows what to do to get better, her depression and addiction leads her to poor choices (see me rationalizing). But this relationship is no longer a two-way street, and its sad that I've only started realizing this a week ago. She just needs help. Help that I can't give. This is driving me crazy, everyone can see it, and I need to start caring about myself more. However, right now I have no idea where she is. Last week I was supposed to pick her up from school, and when I got to the pick-up spot she wasn't there. I called her phone, went straight to voice mail. I just chalked it up to another episode of not following through, and sent her an angry text. I still haven't heard from her, her phone is still going to voicemail, and I only found out yesterday that her sister doesn't know where she is either. She could be with the dude, which would honestly be the better scenario. It's not the first time she's just cut off and went dark for a while, but I'm very worried because this was so sudden, and I know her depression has been very bad lately; i'm afraid she's hurt.
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    IH 666s 2 Years! 9x wash, 1x seawash details
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    FS: Very rare Acronym E-J4TS + 2 3A-MP2TS Modular Tec Sys Peripheral Pocket black, size L (no paper description, tags and plastic bag).....sorry Jacket in good condition! There are minor scrapes the bottom on the inside! On not affect the functionality of the jacket! When you wear invisible! Any questiones, please pm..... http://www.firmamentberlin.com/acronym/22476/e-j4ts_epic_amphibious_cotton_jacket.html Thanks SOLD
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    not mine, but a friend's friend's. he likes to sit behind couch cushions:
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    Thats what happens with you give networth the reins
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