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    Sidian, Ersatz & Vanes Shirt Old whit tee Back & Bone Jeans Eytys
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    Hi guys, it´s been a while since the last post, but now I want to give you the next sight in the making of the Ruttloff Garments - Artisan Challenge jeans. The first step of the making were the pocket bags. We use a 9 oz indigo overdyed selvage denim printed with a nice Katagami. You can read more aubout this in my last post. The printed fabric Drawing the cutting pattern Cutting the pieces for the pocket bags Done Mr. Ruttloff has a special way to reinforce the pocket bags. He use a extra layer of the fabric in the bottom area of the pocket bags, to make them more durable. The reinforcement has an accent hemstitch done by a Singer from the 1920´s. Sewing all pieces together with a Dürkopp and a Union Special-single chainstitch Back and front together, hemstitch and selvage detail
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    Got my elbow done by Chad Koeplinger yesterday. Hard to get a good photo, but you get the idea!
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    About 6 weeks in both - WH 800 & IHx VS Type I
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    I live in Bangkok, but thank you for the welcome. Today it's the 505 version. Highest waist of all my jeans. For comfort I can't see these being beaten. I think that these may become my 2 days a week project.
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    Jack Purcell x Journal Standard
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    Ervell cap, hickory stripe chore coat, linen DB blazer Uniqlo tee Dior jeans EG Vans
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    Sorry for the stupid photo. Kapital / Tender / Red Wing
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    Went up to NY for the sole purpose of seeing the city for the first time and visiting some jean shops. SENY was so nice. Just as good as the original in SF. Wesley was the best sales associate. Was pretty disappointed they were out of Roy's new jean but I guess that's to be expected. Really wanted to see how it compared to the KS1001. Couldn't really find anything that fit like I wanted. I felt like the SOC Valencia was close, but the rise was still just a tad short or something. Would encourage you guys to really find some more fits with a higher 11-12" rise that fit slim and what not.
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    Interview done, I walked back thru Soho. This little street is Walkker Court. Used to be great, full of brothels, sex shops and strip bars. Sadly, it's now home mostly to hipster denim and footwear shops. I popped into one of my favourite shops, the Cloth House. Lots of lovely selvage fabrics - I specially like this Ticking. I wandered past some of my favourite guitar shops on CHaring Cross Road. on the way I spotted this selection of guitars. Note the Hofner 50 in the middle. This is almost identical to the guitar I picked up, earlier on this thread, at Greenwich market for £90. I actually bought it to sell on , but the nipper persuaded to let him keep it. Now I shall be paranoid he will leave it on the bus etc. In the evening, I met up with the nipper at one of my new favourtie coffee bars, The Cable Cafe at The Oval. This was opened by a friend of a friend who also owns another great bar called the Scooter Cafe, in Waterloo, which I've pictured on SuFu before. Craig, the owner, sold and repaired scooters. He also turned out to have a talent for repairing old espresso machines. His two places are now full of odd bits he's collected over the years. Here you can see two Faema E61, beautiful machines - the design is, according to legend, based on the look of the Alfa Romeo Sprint Speciale. They were very innovative machines that heavily influenced the course of coffee machine design.There's a modern repro but these are the originals. As we said before, Volvo, what beautiful gifts your nation has given the world. Grazie! The World Service interview will be broadcast 29 May, you can hear it on-line here. No guarantee I'll make the final edit of course! This is how I shall be listening. The Round radio is by Wells Coates, and the lozenge one is Serge Chermayeff. Broadcasting house used to be full of speakers like this. Ah...
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    altoclefchris, congrats on the Fade Friday! I love your IG subtext..."The 23 oz Dude" Sorry for being away. I wanted to update my sweatshirt as it has evolved quite a bit more. Man I love this thing. It's one of my favorite garments for sure. I may need to acquire some more terry because there is a lot of wear and damage emerging. Some heavy elbow wear!!! Left Right
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    OOE denim stretches pretty easy. In my experience, their post wash measurements are very accurate.
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    2 words, Japanese market.
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