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    yohji // junya cdg // uniqlo // yohji // stan smith
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    number (n)ine individual sentiments ann d zam guidi
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    Buzz, M65 (IH), Samurai 500XX, Red Wing
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    Flat Head western flannel // Land's End shawl sweater// Samurai S710xx @ 4.5 months // RJB sneakers
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    Excuse me for reviving this old thread but I did it...the blasphemy...I recently got 2 jeans tapered!!! A pair of Samurai S5000VX and Sugarcane SC40601. Here in Germany, there lives a young passionate tailor who offers bespoke jeans. His name is Johann Ruttloff and he lives in Dresden and started in 2010. I got to know about him through another German denimhead. If you want to check out his work, take a look at his Facebook page or at his homepage (FB offers more pics though) https://www.facebook.com/RuttloffGarments?fref=ts http://ruttloff-garments.com/ And now to my jeans. He usually doesn't offer this service but he was willing to try it on my jeans. I just wanted him to taper them from the knee. Since I knew he works with raw Japanese selvedge I was sure he would pay attention to all the right details. And he did! Take a look at the pictures (first 3 from him, the last from me) The jeans came out great! The leg opening is a bit smaller than I requested but I can live with that (only 0,3 cm smaller). The overall leg got a bit slimmer but that is inevitable. edit: fit pics to follow soon
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    Just had a MAJOR clear out of things I don't wear. Bottom- Trophy Middle - Iron Heart x 2, Samurai Top - Sauce Zhan (I am wearing my other SZ's)
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    Very nice. The cuff is too "fashionably high" for my tastes, but your clothes are always dope Edit: Today: (I had just pulled up the DD10 Duckdiggers before the pic, normally my ass doesn't eat them like that)
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    substitute this jacket for an Uc one soon :/ details
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    A few fits from this new year- nothing too exciting.
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    Schneider coat, scarf +J jacket ts(s) reversible turtleneck 3.1 Phillip Lim trousers Yang Li derbies
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    So here are my final update pics. Living in Berin for a 2 months now, without my camera, without my PC and no internet at home. Made these pics real fast with the cam of my iPhone 6 and I'm at the Amerika Haus trying to upload them haha. DAMMITT ... This is definitely NOT what you are used used to form me. But hey, this is all I can deliver at the moment.