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    sasquatchfabrix coaches jacket
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    Bianca Chandon The Flaming Lips Maison Martin Margiela Visvim
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    My refrigerator is an Ora-Ito designed one as is my cooker !!! - I sourced all the bits in the kitchen to coordinate it - have a peep, this was just before we installed the kickplate at the base of the bottom units - again monochrome !! [url=https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/6780609222/] ...end hijack ( though it was related, honest guv! )
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    I haven't had a real chance to take pictures of the SET-1 yet, but here's the bags and stuff. The SET bag contains all the components of the SET. They're each treated as if they're their own products (in many ways, they are). GT-J21 X-SL1 3A-SA General thoughts: Since I couldn't get my hands on a SET-1 before now, I instead opted to buy the E-J21 and DS-SL1 last year (my first acrnm items). There's definitely some key differences. This is also the oldest acrnm item I own, and you can see some of the older and more primitive design elements in it. GT-J21 The first thing I noticed was the Gore-Tex Active Shell. Noticeably lighter and thinner than current generation GT-Pro Shell. It fits somewhere between Pro Shell and Windstopper Active Shell in terms of both weight and stiffness. Definitely a fantastic summer textile. A real treat to wear and I can't wait until the weather warms up a bit and the rains roll around. There are a few small details different than in the E-J21. The interops zip and pocket zips are 3mm, rather than 5mm. Also the pockets are mesh-lined rather than in the E-J21 where they're face-fabric lined. There are also a few differences from the promo pictures. In the picture the pockets are much higher up than they are in the final product. Also, there are no shockcords on the front of the hood, instead they are on the back of the hood where all modern items place it. X-SL1 Not much to say about these. Same as the DS-SL1 but in X-Fast, obviously. 3A-SA I feel like there was a missed opportunity with the 3A-SA. It has this construction where the entire thing opens up. Importantly, the bottom drops out when the bag is opened. This means it's no good for carrying anything but the jacket, since anything else would drop straight out of the bag when you went to retrieve it. Other than that, the size is perfect, the internal pockets are perfect. It's just unfortunate that they didn't design it to be a true bag. You can fit an 8-inch tablet in there though. There's an external pocket which is just big enough. I would put it on the inside, but the jacket would fall out every time I tried to retrieve it. More coming soon.
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    red cloud shirt UES 400T chucks first day wearing the red cloud shirt and I love it lots already! it's going to be a big favourite of mine in the next months..
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    I was at a concert with my girlfriend a while ago, towards the back of the audience enjoying a private moment with her, my arms around her waist, slowly grinding on her butt. Then, about two inches from my right ear, a voice whispers "Sick Supreme shirt bro"
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    ucism cdg lad nike x pendleton
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    yo dogs are dope but almond milk is fuckin disgusting
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    Here are my Viberg boondockers (their first release on the 110 last), a few weeks of wear, just before I waxed 'em: A year of wear:
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    went to get pizza at 3am this fucking cat keeps meowing and following me, maybe its owner was dying of carbon monoxide poisoning or some shit idk had to carry it all the way to the pizza place so it didnt get hit by a car (busy street) gets bored halfway and starts trying to run away, force cuddle it bough nasty ass shit tasting hot dog pizza so that i could reward the cat for not escaping w/ hot dog bits motherfucker doesnt even eat them wont eat the bacon either let him off on the way home, stuck w/ cat hair all over my julius and nasty pizza, the things i do for pussy smh
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    Got my dungarees (black, sz 31, regular length) and figured i’d share some impressions. On sizing: I usually wear a 30 but based on the outlier measurements chart, i got a 31, as their measurements for the top opening on a size 30 were significantly smaller than any of my other pants. However, the 31 is actually pretty much a 31 and a little too roomy on me. Not so much bigger that it warrants a return, but roomy enough to require a belt. So in short: stick to your regular size and don’t obsess over their measurements. Inseam is 32.5 – sometimes this is more than enough for me (in case of a true 32 inseam) and sometimes this falls awkwardly short (some brands seem to think that a 32 inseam means the actual inseam is something like 30). The dungarees are a true 32.5 inseam and provide sufficient lenght for my 6’ frame. As far as fit goes, they’re quite conservative, slim and straight with very little taper below the knee and a, to my taste, cavernous leg opening of over 7â€. I am probably going to get the hem taken in for a more streamlined and modern fit. For those who pore over the fit pics on the outlier site: these are either a different model with a significantly smaller leg opening, or just pinned to hell and back. A lot of people have said the dungarees don’t stretch and are more restrictive than the climbers. I find that the dungarees have ample stretch, entirely unrestricted movement and basically wear like technical climbing pants. When bending a knee, the hem doesn’t rise an inch. Absolutely perfect for bike riding and if you’re so inclined they’d make great hiking/general outdoors pants. The fabric itself has a very adequate DWR out of the box and is suprisingly lightweight. After outlier calling it “workcloth†and advertising these as a denim alternative, i expected something with a much beefier hand. However, the fabric’s light weight is comfortable and probably works very well in warmer temperatures. Speaking of denim alternatives, the dungarees won’t fool anyone. They look nothing like jeans due to the hand and texture of the fabric, so if you’re looking to retire your APC’s or Acnes, look elsewhere. At conversation distance, the fabric actually kind of resembles a quality wool due to it’s soft hand and subtle sheen. Up close the open-ish weave has me worried about snags and pilling a little. Construction is fine. You’re not getting arc’terxesquely tight stitching or anything, but it’s not sloppy and critical points seem stitched down quite well. I’ll reserve my final judgment for after a couple of weeks of use in different weather conditions, but so far my feelings are that these are some cool pants, but probably not $200 cool. Fit pic:
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    how are all of these posters getting free stuff from isaora - are they lurking on here? yo, i live in australia and i'm mad handsome - send me something and i'll review it.
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    Had a cobbler add the ripple soles to my MIP-01's.
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    The twist thing is actually called the boa closure system, it's pretty interesting a lot. You see it a decent amount in Japanese brands collaborating with shoemakers - these Minotaur x Regal ones for example I remember seeing similar ones from Uniform Experiment or Sophnet, or some similar brand, and I think Be-Positive have done stuff with it as well Here's a p. simple video explaining how it works
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    live in odd areas of the world and people tell me i look like an uglier version of smeagol send me something and i might eat it.
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    ^thanks for the plug paul my detective work deepens.. so untrue sold an e-j1a a couple months back that he'd repaired the hem on himself. sold for ~$400 and even threw in an acr beanie. seller listed the same jacket here without the beanie for $890. 100% a sufu user.
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    Yeah, dude is flipping harness only, for $600...Listing all fucked up too - that issue Suspensor wasn't for the S-J14 or the GT-J19. Was for the S-J8 trench coat (iPad + vertical sleeve)...
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    My SET-1 arrived from Concrete. Words cannot describe how much I have wanted this thing since I first saw it. Fucking A.
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    idk what's worse in this thread, you or all the frustrated mongolian teenagers dude rage bashing his keyboard VS gang of manlets playing internet meanie in between mouthfuls of rice noodle & pineapple faygo
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    Out walking with my sleeping son in the beautiful weather. Crappy mobile phone pictures. Cap: 3sixteen Shirt: Nudie Jeans: Iron Heart Boots: Red Wing
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    Cos Boyfriend's shirt Acne MM6
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    Kind of cool. I emailed them to ask if they were making long sleeves and they were weirdly curt/holier-than-though which seemed a bit off-putting considering how lame their mission statement is. edit: PS if that's your line, then yeah cool. Make some long sleeves but don't be a weiner about it.
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    don't think I've posted any of these here yet~ ripped from my ig
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    Dude, I use a little bit of whatever and usually a hot wash, hang dry... Never been bothered with the marketing of denim only stuff. My jeans have turned out fine (I think). SE05BSP SExI14
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    Really taking a liking to this Duck jacket by Bob Dong, it's a bit shorter than what I'm used to but I think it still works with shorter T-Shirts. Fabric still has some weird lines and folds and needs to settle more. Bob Dong duck cotton jacket Bob Dong Wabash vest Bronson indigo pocket tee Unbranded UB301 Chucks
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    More school today. Dirt denim in the classroom... Came home and plucked a few veggies with the wife to eat with some baked sweet potatoes but enough of that day-in-day-out. Tonight, a tour of the other room upstairs. As hinted in previous posts, my first and deepest passion is music and I have been collecting records, cds, and tapes since I was probably 10-11 years old. (Im 31 now...) My collection is actually mostly still boxed up because... well... I ran out of room. Also there are some boxes in the pics because, with the exception of the IKEA record racks, I build all my own media storage furniture so it's a slow process since it has to fit in between the million other commitments I have. Anyways, the record room and a few of the treasures within... everything filed by genre then alphabetical. Basically just like they do at the store. Rack1: has Noise/Industrial/Exp, Rock/Etc, Country, Soul, 10" records, Reggae/Rap, Punk/HC. I'm holding INCAPACITANTS "Repo" One side is Metal CDs (L-Z) and the other side is "odd shaped packaging" (mostly Noise/Industrial) and Books. Im holding original AGNOSTIC FRONT "Victim in Pain" Rack 2: all METAL I'm holding original press MUTIILATION "Vampires of Black Imperial Blood" 2lp as you can see above the second rack is in a closet I have taken the doors off of. I built tape racks to go on either side and these are all metal demos. I have TONS more tapes but need to build more racks to fit them. Not sure where though... I'm holding original press GRAND BELIALS KEY "Mocking the Philanthropist" 2lp CD racks holding: Rock/Etc, Punk/HC, Soul, Rap, Jazz, Classical, Noise/Industrial/Exp, Metal (A-L). Small tape rack with un-filed "recent" purchases (though some have been sitting for years.) I have thousands of cds and tapes in storage. Just not enough space... I'm holding a MAUTHAUSEN ORCHESTRA "Gravitational Arch of Sex" 12 tape box set. All told that is probably about half the collection. Probably own about 5,000 lps, 6,000 cds, 2-3000 7"s god knows how many tapes. I think a lot about purging stuff because, its such a hassle to move it around and honestly sometimes I stumble across an album that I love and haven't heard in years and then I realize that I am doing myself a disservice owning so much stuff but it's hard to sell them because they are so attached to my memories and identity. Like I can look at a shelf of CD spines and have waves of memories flashing over me just by reading the titles. I bit of a hoarder I suppose. ...then again... I have many friends with bigger collections. Some special pieces that mean a lot to me: Slave Labour "Vol 1+2" on deadline. Extremely rare original Macro/Richard Ramirez/Dave Gilden collab. Icon of 90s tape noise culture. (and thats my moms bronzed baby shoe next to it.)
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    Kapital / STORY mfg / Eternal / Red Wing