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    SDA shirt, Ande Whall jeans, Birks
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    Bandana by @marianovittori Bob dong tee Tcb 20s Birks
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    New conners ww2 in 47 denim Raw fit Post wash And a rew detail pics Love how uneven the back seam is Just have to wait on my other 46 pair to be made now
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    hey all! today i received the denim tcb tabby’s jacket in the mail. i was looking for a 30s / railroad / chore style jacket and had to support good ol tcb. this thing is awesome! 10 oz denim is light, neppy, and cozy. it has a nice beautiful blue tint to it. i love the pocket style on this jacket, including the super convenient inside pocket. stitching is awesome, buttons are cool, and the fit is perfect! i went for 36 which is my normal tcb and other brand size. shoutout to ryo for sizing help and he told me he just got one so maybe a little fade contest? cheers y’all!
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    berry pickin’ papa nui runabout sugar cane full count john lofgren
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    The dog has decided to tear up everything in the backyard and I'm too tired to stop him. Buzz Rickson watch cap PBJ mask Merz B Schwanen tshirt vintage jacket SDA WWII jeans Visvim Skagway
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    (That was yesterday tbh.) SDA, Maui Jim, SC jacket, FW tee, MFSC
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    Private White, Ooe, White’s
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    Saddle Pants. I was alternating these with a pair of Stevenson Carmels (I'll post pics of those shortly) for about a year. So accounting for the (very) occasional no-jeans days, I would say 5 months of effective wear. I wash a bit less frequently than Broark and others on this thread (I think they've had maybe 3-4 washes altogether?), so these are a bit more contrasty than other OAs. Love these pants. Stitching in the crotch/butt is starting to rip, so I'll need to get a repair soon.
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    Gonna make thees my daily jeans for a while to see if I can get them to break in properly Five Brother / Merz / Hollows / Cane's / RW
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    FW / At Last x 2 / Lofgren... more of the same old blue stuff...
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    Chap called Wino from The Obsessed, Saint Vitus, Spirit Caravan and a few other projects. I like him as he’s a proper underdog, stays true to his style of music despite it being chronically unpopular and has great influences. To keep on topic here’s an old fit pic I don’t think I ever posted. WH1001 from an old tour
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    Yeah, they make some nice jeans
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    WFG mask, 3Sixteen, CSF, K&H belt, PF Flyers miUSA
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    JMM frames, IH, MFSC, Xero...
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    And a couple from just off the High Street (the artwork is where you see the figure at the Pende Cafe) and Kirk Square - Robert Burns was supposed to have stayed there and that tenuous link encouraged the local dignitaries to erect a statue of him at the library right across the road. The statue is by Dundee sculptor Scott Sutherland who may be better known for his work of the Commando Memorial.
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    Low tide - the rock pools are great fun for kids (big and small)
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    Been wearing these a lot the past six months, have a small hole on the front pocket but other than that are holding up great. Will get less love while the temperature is up but I will get back to them in the fall.
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    last update for awhile. i’m pulling these as my main pair for the foreseeable future since i just got some full counts and the tcb contest is coming up. worn 5-7 days a week since late april 2020. probably ten or so washes.
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    Some post wash blues. This denim is ridiculous.
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    There was a young man called Duodequinquagesimus, who joined Superfuture to cause a ruckus. His dodgy boots were the envy of all, not to mention pointy toes galore. It turns out he’s a golfing ninja, but now & then a bit of a whinger. When we tried to learn his style, he just went proper wild. Let’s all pay close heed, ‘cos one does not need, a kick in the balls from them there pointy toes. We really never mean to offend, as you’re our new Superfuture friend.
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    The ooe denim is super perfect. I’m at 10 weeks exactly on mine. Initial soak only. I keep trying to shift the cuff to different lengths to keep the threads from breaking as they still have the original hem. I’ll probably put a solid month or two in them before I switch back to something warmer for winter.