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    Circle A/LofgrenxTSPTRxS&S
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    Our legacy x Ebbets field, Deluxewear, Arket, Lvc ‘33 and Moonstar.
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    My original plan when I was in Tokyo was to buy a vintage pre 1960's ( long L ) 91j but after hitting the vintage shops of harajuku I struck out . Luckily McCoys is just facing Marvin's and i called in to see if i could find something along the lines of a 91j ..... again i was unlucky but i did find this awesome chore jacket Nothing like aaaaa 91j but I really liked the look of it And the fit really worked out perfect , looks good with a shirt and still has enough room for a thick sweat
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    At Last ELMC Honest Thomas At Last Viberg
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    Almost on page two again, can't have that. Went to celebrate our womens national football team and their bronze in the World Cup last week. Crazy lots of people and impossible to see anything at all. Back behind the stage you can see the arts museum in Gothenburg. Think I've posted some paintings from the museum, Rembrandt etc, earlier in the competition. The statue infront of the stage is of the Greek god Poseidon. Also went to see Metallica for the first time in a decade. Decent show and a blast from the past. Except that, I've mainly just been hanging out at the sea as of lately and sipping coffee. Gothia Cup started yesterday, the biggest football cup in the world for youth teams. Got a perfect view for one of the fields from my office. Quick shot of the TCB 20's after their latest wash
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    Bought a few warehouse sweats when I was in Tokyo last month , out of the ones I bought I'm really impressed with this 1930's style after hood sweat The hood snaps should come in handy in colder weather I love the show the pocket is constructed , exactly how the one I seen in lightning magazine was made After seeing this sweat I really wanted something similar so I'm stoked I found one in warehouse
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    Craig Green hood E-J1A 3A-5TS Needles Cargos Kiko Kostadinov Asics
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    S&S axebreakers by Wesco. Just over a year of wear, teacore coming through.
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    Too bad I missed that initial hypefest but I'm wicked stoked because I feel like I've found my denim vibe with Samurai Jeans. I went TTS with the S710MOG18oz's but listening to y'alls advice I decided to soak them in hot water twice ~3hr and bake them then the ~95 degree Texas sun to dry. Elemental. I wore them for maybe a week and they have been hemmed. I feel I could have gone SD1 but I'm loving this fit atm. The partially dyed weft is very pretty. S710MOG18, Size 32, Lot 19.
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    1606 W Kn periodically since 2013, four washes are possible
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    Getting some nice roping in these 01s
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    2 pairs of CSF jeans meeting each other outside of Japan
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    I'm usually not into light coloured trainers but these really cought my eye , I'll keep them for jeans that have had a good few washes
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    Cut off 5000 Bk's For me Samurai's are still my first love in the denim world. Something about the nostalgia they bring back. The original Samurai thread on here was a great thread. Everyone was so hyped on them.
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    John Lofgren combat boots. Really comfortable boots.
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    And then, there was a new contender, the Nudie kilt:
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    Schmidt Roy Tender (belt) Viberg
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    Picked up some RW 8001's for cheap from Nordstrom Rack, thoughts? I think they're pretty comfy for summer, just not sure if they're giving me too much of a Ronald McDonald vibe...
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    Also the 32 like the 16/23a hold items better than standard cargo with the items higher up on the leg relative to the hip. Since the hip is the effective axis of movement shit farther away from your pockets is moving faster so the 16/23a/32 feel better fully laden than shit in the pockets of 1/3/5/7/10a/24/30/30a. Just an observation. The 32 also has a more forgiving waist so you don't have to wear it like CdG/Yohji trousers close to your belly button.
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    another wash another post [starting to get too hot to wear them in the muggy city...]
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