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    WFG mask, 3Sixteen, CSF, K&H belt, PF Flyers miUSA
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    The dog has decided to tear up everything in the backyard and I'm too tired to stop him. Buzz Rickson watch cap PBJ mask Merz B Schwanen tshirt vintage jacket SDA WWII jeans Visvim Skagway
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    FW / At Last x 2 / Lofgren... more of the same old blue stuff...
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    More from the staff blog. The Dead Stock Blue jeans are starting to sound similar to the time machine wash from OOE. When put into google translate... “Dead Stock Blue That is "BLUE" created by "time". The extra time in the "DEAD STOCK BLUE" GA ghost town created by the American climate, and in the air that reached as if refusing to let the people in the general store, whose time had stopped, to enter. Old stock denim clothing that has been the owner for a long time. At first glance, the stacked veiled stacks look new. With the passage of time, such denims are unknowingly "heated. Indigo is dyed with a passbook and from the blue when it was woven. "It is oxidized to dead stock blue. In the passage of "time" The unique lining of the denim fabric has been recreated using all the techniques accumulated for 25 years. It is the highest-class label that we have put all our hearts into making it possible to say, "There is no more," from leather labels, button rivets, wish threads, and even sewing machine setups that need to be manufactured. This fall, which will be celebrating the 25th anniversary of 2020, is not something that is limited in quantity. It is the "highest peak" based on the accumulated technology. "What you are looking for is in WAREHOUSE." Before the founder Shiotani Brothers launched the warehouse, it is a word said by a vintage dealer in the United States that he came over. "DEAD STOCK BLUE" that exactly fits that word. I saw it on WAREH0USE. It is the peak of the highest peak that WAREHOUSE has reached over 25 years as if to shock the soul.”
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    berry pickin’ papa nui runabout sugar cane full count john lofgren
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    Gonna make thees my daily jeans for a while to see if I can get them to break in properly Five Brother / Merz / Hollows / Cane's / RW
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    SDA shirt, Ande Whall jeans, Birks
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    (That was yesterday tbh.) SDA, Maui Jim, SC jacket, FW tee, MFSC
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    Thought y'all might like to see this jacket. I bought it unworn, new old stock long ago. Not seen many if any others with the centered pockets and inward stitched back pleats. I wanted to wear it more like a shirt like Martin Sheen in Badlands but my shoulders are too broad to wear a size too small comfortably. I'm guessing it's a size 40, the tag was never legible. So I figured I'd show it off before selling it off. I sure wish Sugar Cane still made this jacket instead of that weird high pocket long torso version.
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    It seems MF Doom and denim go together. Another fan here- madvillain has been on heavy rotation on my turntable since it was released. I was an avid stonesthrow collector through the 2000s, along with other rap, funk, soul and reggae. Lately I have been listening a lot to Townes van zandt, Witch and assorted soul like syl Johnson
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    Hey Paul, this is only a recent discovery (maybe a few years) for me, at least - l used to think the 401 was the youth's version of the 200 series (one of the budget lines you mentioned) but thanks to Instagram offering photos (and further investigations obvs.) from various Japanese vintage denim collectors showing their wares it seems the first lady levis had the allotted number 401. Photos of several examples (no photos at hand sorry) with adult sizes show this, and bucklebacks and exposed back pocket rivets up until 1936 at least. Interesting story about unrivalled passions at the rodeo - the Lee side zip part in particular. l guess this is where the early (American) teenager was born?
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    The Warehouse staff blog has some progress photos of the new denim
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    Bandana by @marianovittori Bob dong tee Tcb 20s Birks
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    Saddle Pants. I was alternating these with a pair of Stevenson Carmels (I'll post pics of those shortly) for about a year. So accounting for the (very) occasional no-jeans days, I would say 5 months of effective wear. I wash a bit less frequently than Broark and others on this thread (I think they've had maybe 3-4 washes altogether?), so these are a bit more contrasty than other OAs. Love these pants. Stitching in the crotch/butt is starting to rip, so I'll need to get a repair soon.
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    Chap called Wino from The Obsessed, Saint Vitus, Spirit Caravan and a few other projects. I like him as he’s a proper underdog, stays true to his style of music despite it being chronically unpopular and has great influences. To keep on topic here’s an old fit pic I don’t think I ever posted. WH1001 from an old tour
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    Some post wash blues. This denim is ridiculous.
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    warmer days call for wearing the jeans i sized up on ship john hat mister freedom ranch blouse sugar cane okinawa wescos
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    I think he only posted to tell everyone how shit we all are compared to how brilliant he used to be, y'know back in the good old day's when folks wore sized down APC and 'really suffered for their art' 10yrs passes by and you find yourself working in an office and shopping at Uniqlo wondering where it all went wrong....
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    It’s not outdated, it’s simply a choice and as for speed, how does it take longer to take a phone photo and post it here rather than on Instagram? It seems to me that people like Instagram as they can receive lots of flexing bicep and fire emojis with 3-word replies.