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    Too bad I missed that initial hypefest but I'm wicked stoked because I feel like I've found my denim vibe with Samurai Jeans. I went TTS with the S710MOG18oz's but listening to y'alls advice I decided to soak them in hot water twice ~3hr and bake them then the ~95 degree Texas sun to dry. Elemental. I wore them for maybe a week and they have been hemmed. I feel I could have gone SD1 but I'm loving this fit atm. The partially dyed weft is very pretty. S710MOG18, Size 32, Lot 19.
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    S&S axebreakers by Wesco. Just over a year of wear, teacore coming through.
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    Getting some nice roping in these 01s
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    John Lofgren combat boots. Really comfortable boots.
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    Price drop 925 come and gettit
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    Can’t find much info as far as date and price, but a collab with Brat Style is coming up in the 1607 model, which this one looks to be even slimmer than the regular 1607 narrow. This model is also a 13.5oz unlike the 14.5oz version.
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    Almost on page two again, can't have that. Went to celebrate our womens national football team and their bronze in the World Cup last week. Crazy lots of people and impossible to see anything at all. Back behind the stage you can see the arts museum in Gothenburg. Think I've posted some paintings from the museum, Rembrandt etc, earlier in the competition. The statue infront of the stage is of the Greek god Poseidon. Also went to see Metallica for the first time in a decade. Decent show and a blast from the past. Except that, I've mainly just been hanging out at the sea as of lately and sipping coffee. Gothia Cup started yesterday, the biggest football cup in the world for youth teams. Got a perfect view for one of the fields from my office. Quick shot of the TCB 20's after their latest wash
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    Seaweed Green Flight Trouser, 12 ounce canvas.
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    i recently purchased a used pair of Ooe 1202xx made approximately 8 years ago. trying to learn more about this pair, i’ve been looking through these pages at all of the great Ooe photos, and it’s been great! so nice to see the evolution of Ryo and Hiro’s work, as well as people’s enthusiasm for it. so thanks to all who have contributed here, i really enjoyed going through all your posts and pictures. anyway, i wore a bunch of Ooe today, and i thought i would post a photo of it to share with all the other Ooe fanboys and girls, present and future. wearing the OA01 from 2018, featuring the short-lived but gorgeous XX2 denim, as well as the moleskin cossack windbreaker.
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    Looks like Nigel Cabourn (?)
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    Think I might keep my trusty P23A after comparisons. WTT P30A-DS XL Interested in (but maybe not limited to) the following, all in XL where applicable: GT-J4 Grey P25H-DS/P25-DS S14-AM NG7-AM 3A-1
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    WTS/WTT 2016 P10-DS sz M comes with Bag and Spec $750usd pp fees inc (free shipping Canada) + ship intl will trade for p10a-ds sz M I add heavy flaws - has 3 loose threads (no holes in the pant)
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    At Last ELMC Honest Thomas At Last Viberg
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    Our legacy x Ebbets field, Deluxewear, Arket, Lvc ‘33 and Moonstar.
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    Thank you very much! Now I went and bought another pair of jeans!
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    Finally fit pics of my 507XX.
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    Here's a front/full length from 2.5 years.
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    So I came across this pair of Slab's jeans on Heddels (probably featured in this thread somewhere, but couldn't find it): Obviously, this a beautifully faded pair of jeans, and the denim looks great, but that back pocket ruins it for me. The folding/cutting of the back pocket edges (which you can see faded on the left pocket) is, for me, absolutely unacceptable. I wouldn't tolerate that from a $30 pair of jeans, let alone a high end brand like McCoy. On jeans like Flat Head and Full Count, the inward-folded edges of the back pockets are always cut very close to the stitching and is practically invisible even after heavy fading. I guess what I'm wondering is, how typical is this for McCoy jeans? Is this just an example with poor QC (in this area), or are all of their jeans like this? I like what I've seen from McCoy jeans and would give them consideration, but this is a total dealbreaker.
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    have same jacket with ~40-50 wears and I like that it fades slowly - looks pretty damn good the way it goes from the beginning.
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    WTT P24A-DS large 18ss 9.5/10 full pack or P24A-S black large 18ss 9/10 full pack for your P23A-DS large or P23A-S black large >9/10 condition. ideally same fabric exchange. Pls dm for pics.
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    Vintage demin is very classic, it is worth to wear it. i also try to wear vintage demin. Just like this style: https://www.popfashioninfo.com/blog/detail/2020-2021-autumn-winter-fashion-demin-silhouette-trend-for-women-id_356/