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    Took some pics of my collection which has been growing... got four pairs of TCB bottoms! A bit of a dump, hope y'all enjoy.
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    Took some quick photos of my Roy stuff this weekend. KS1002 RT1002 KS1002 vs RT1002/Cone Project vs Black Seed denim Cone Project Denim Evolution on KS1002s Black Seed Denim Evolution on test lot 2, R01, test lot 1, and RT1002 Heavy Denim Shirt Baja/BBQ Chambrays All duck The whole family
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    go large or go home boncoura orslow tender redwing
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    Around eight or nine months in on the Lofgren M43, really liking them so far
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    MF x 2, Tender belt, Viberg
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    Some patch and yoke-stagger evo, freshly washed. Finally getting some serious leg twist
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    comparable photos of my beloved real deals below. pretty obviously fake once you examine the details. EDIT: i feel like this thread is a pretty safe space, but if anyone thinks that posting details of legitimate garments on here is a bad idea so as to protect said details from being seen by untrustworthy eyes.. please let me know and i will take them down. i do not want to unknowingly contribute to the accuracy of the counterfeit industry.
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    Bartleby is always a tough act to follow 1970's LL Bean Baxter State mountain parka Warehouse sweatshirt Tcb 20s/30s tux Paraboot
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    The Stevenson Carmel is a great cut for me and the denim has aged really nicely. I have about 4 months of wear on these with 6-7 washes.
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    Freenote, SDA shirt & belt, PBJ...
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    ........ can’t believe your walking around with a dog in a bag
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    I thought I'd share my Roy big bro shirt after a lot of wear and washes. Couldn't tell you how many of either but I was pretty liberal with washing it.
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    Isn't it the whole point of Goodyear welter boots to be able to resole them and not needing to buy a new pair every time the sole is worn out?
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    Hat: Pendleton Shirt: Taylor Stitch Jacket: Levi’s x Filson waxed canvas Type lll Bottoms: Roy Duck Pants Boots: Thursday Boots Captain in Matte Black
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    Fake, misspelled words and size tag as you pointed out are the obvious giveaways but inside waistband is wrong and the fabric texture is off.
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    WTS (prices include shipping and PP fees in CONUS, PM for INTL) CP4-WS full pack: $880 S-J30 Small full pack, brand new: $750 J34-GTPL Small full pack: $1450 J36-GT Small, full pack: $1500 Nemen S7-C Black, Small full pack: $240 Nemen J43-K Dust, Small full pack: $850 WTT S-J1A Raf/Black, Small J1B-S Black, Medium full pack 3A-2 Black XPAC, full pack WTB (can offer any above trade items) J1B-S Black, Small J28-E Olive, Small P17-CH Small P24A-DS XSmall
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    Some post wash photos. Edit, added some better fit pics.
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    Upon further research these are made by Fil Melange, the Japanese t-shirt and knit brand. Should’ve been obvious with the FM tab.
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    The door guy at a bar once offered me a bag of weed for the George Clinton t-shirt I was wearing. I turned him down.
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    SOLD 3A-13TS. Black. 2018. X-Pac. EU595 shipped anywhere. External 8.5 - 9 / 10. Inside 8 / 10. Used carefully; that liner picks up marks easy. PM with any questions.
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    Mmm, it does sound like he's airing his dirty laundry in public but he's probably exhausted all other avenues.. most experienced retailers would have dealt this storm in a tea cup before it got to the forums, as fellow consumers and denim enthusiasts we should offer him a bit of support, i wouldn't like it if this was to happen to me and i'm sure nobody else would either, if we can't offer support, lets not greet his grievance with negativity, that just gives retailers the impression that they can produce sub-standard work and we should accept it, he paid his hard earned $$$ they should do whatever is in their power to make sure he goes away a happy customer. This is 'super-denim' after all, not 'inferior-denim'
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    I didn't make it to the end of the review, it was unnecessarily long winded and i'm not that interested in RFG to give enough of a shit but it sounds like you have a valid point (although we need to hear both sides) i can't understand why your post would garner negs? unless fan-boys just will not accept critism of this brand? ..who knows... anyway i have a point, i had a similar thing years ago when a small denim company hemmed my jeans too short, it was a simple case of 'measure twice cut once' as opposed to shoddy workmanship, they instantly called me up, they couldn't have been more apologetic..asked where i bought the jeans (they were very expensive) replaced them at their own cost, shipped them from JP so i could soak them at my leisure, pre-paid all the postage and hemmed them to the correct length. Now that's what you call 'customer service' they're still running a very successful business 10yrs later. I'm not even a customer of theirs but i wish them all the best.