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    Looks more Kaiser Wilhelm than Hitler to me.
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    i would like to echo this sentiment, the merino is special. cozy and has natural stretch. i have fallen asleep in it more than once. really love it when acr works with organic textiles. this is such a lovely intersection of proven materials and forward thinking pattern engineering. god i love this thing. Didn't wanna repost pic i posted a couple weeks ago. included one more recent pic and one bonus - apple store employee asked to sketch me on an ipad. he liked the garms but apparently didn't like my face.
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    Dry Bones jacket Iron Heart flannel Roy R01Sail Visvim Skagway
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    Jacket: Brave Star Ironside ‘Johnny Cash’ Denim: Naked and Famous Perfect Cell Easy Guys Boots: Thursday Boots ‘Captain’
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    Back in circulation (with some Momotaros)
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    another wash after my holiday in japan.. second wash i believe.. bit streaky..
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    RMC, MFSC, SDA belt, SC, Paraboot...
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    Lavenham Tcb 60s jacket Tcb 50s Warehouse sweatshirt (not vis) Paraboots
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    Blue Monday Levi's indigo dyed sweater GBG001 Veja V-12
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    Yesterday, overlooking the hallowed grounds of Omaha beach, in Normandy, France. Andersen-Andersen hat, Indigofera Copeland in indigo x black, SDA SD-201-CB...
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    Isn't that what pools are for anyways?
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    Shoulders are a touch big for sure, which I wanted for easier range of motion. A 40 would not have fit my gut I'm afraid with buttoning this one. This is one wash, though I am tempted to hot soak it and rid it of any shrink that may or may not be there.
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    1st cpo shirt. 10 years old!