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    Seems a fitting time of year for a trek to a local landmark with a spooky past. Slim tracks through the countryside Past obligatory sheep Up the hill To a bloody massive obelisk Wait, but what’s the graffiti all about...? It’s Wychbury obelisk on Wychbury Hill. Who put Bella in the witch elm. In 1943 a few kids were out hunting in the nearby forest and made a grisly discovery, a skull and a pair of ladies shoes in the hollow of an old wych elm tree. Naturally they scarpered and told their parents as soon as they returned home. The police made the full discovery the next day and with signs of foul play. Regrettably neither the perpetrator nor the victim were identified. As WWII was in full swing (see, this drivel is on-topic) the authorities had a lot on their plates and it seems quite common that crimes and disappearances weren’t properly followed up. A couple of years later numerous white chalk graffiti ‘Who put Bella in the Witch Elm‘ sprang up in the surrounding area, including the plinth of the obelisk, all in the same hand. Despite being removed it always reappeared at the obelisk, nowhere else. It’s been removed repeatedly since then and even right up to 1999 reappeared in exactly the same hand (creepy huh?). They stopped removing it in ‘99 and put a fence around it a few years later. Needless to say the place is totally haunted and I’ll be damned if I’m going there after dark. Heres a fit pic. Hopefully a little less terrifying.
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    Hi everyone! I have two sons. (Human) And I have two daughters. (Cat) Hahaha The eldest daughter I watch at a delicate distance when I vacuum. The second daughter who is scared of the vacuum cleaner and watches over the beam Hahaha This is a picture taken 36 days after I started wearing it at work.
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    Covert Cloth MF Mechanic Vintage Warp Records Junky 46's Vans with Cats on
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    FW Dylan, Wigwam, Outlaw and 1922s
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    Not much of a fit pic, but some photos from the Tetons this past week
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    RMC / CSF / Canes / Lofgren... plus new Hollows / Bronson
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    buzz rickson real mccoys tcb john lofgren
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    Still loving the fit, not much evo going on but I’m a slow fader.
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    Well not sure what this photo of what I'm wearing to the shop will do then ..Its not what I would wear that often as usually looser- but was going with the tucked in look people have tried with the WW2's. Am still trying different sorts of turn ups to decide what like best...not sure yet...
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    Old Cone Mills denim, LA made 1933 501's. They were patched old school by my sister who used denim from blown out Pay Day overalls.
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    just saying hello. this is pretty close to true color
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    That’s a great fit Duke Mister Miller Cap x Warehouse Type 1 x 3sixteen flannel x Cushman Salt & Pepper Chambray chinos x Viberg service boots
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    We’re retiring my boy’s TCB jacket. It’s now too short for him. I’ll wash it and put it away for his first kid...
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    No. 27 checking in... 36 OW. First day in action doing some yard work at a millionaires property... replanted some gooseberry. I’m happy that the patch and pocket bags are in contest edition as well.
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    More of the same Mccoys jacket Warehouse chambray Conners ww2 Converse
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    If you zoom and pump up the contrast you can see some FADEZ.
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    Vintage 5 brother/undercover/Dior/undercover
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    An oldie Heavy Stronghold detail with the Undercut and Timber Beasts
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    I went picking Sloe's (the fruit of the Blackthorn) to make Sloe Gin.. featuring sleeve of Mister Freedom ...found in most British hedgerows... they're best left on the bush for as long as poss to ripen, if you find a good spot keep it on the d-low so folks don't swipe them fo' they're ripe. I collected 2kg, Traded half of them with the neighbours for apples Middle class wankers claim that you need to prick each Sloe individually with a silver needle but this is all bollocks, just chuck them in the flippin freezer and when they defrost the skins will split releasing all the sloey goodness... Chuck 500g of Sloe's in a jar Pour in a litre of Gin, it doesn't need to be good gin shitty old Gordans will do.. Pour in 200g of sugar Store somewhere cool and dark (cellar) ...give it a gentle shake twice a day for the first week or until all the sugar has dissolved then just turn it once/week for the next 3 months for a nice winter warmer on those cold February evenings
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    So back to the belt and boots chatter from earlier and in addition to @Thanks_M8's fine belt which I'm very happy with... I also contacted John Lofgren to ask for a link to the same olive CXL he uses for his combats - John kindly obliged with a link @hollowsleather then kindly obliged in getting the leather in and making the belt Really pleased with the excellent double pronged Rail belt from Nicholas Thanks for all the suggestions earlier in the thread - appreciated gents... Quest complete - one brass buckled and one silver buckled - job's a good 'un...
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    Tender 900 jacket