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    First proper day out in months Conners 406xxx 46 Flat head t shirt Conners s409xxx ww2
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    SC x Junky 46's around 6 months of wear and one wash... they're still a bit damp so might lighten up a fraction. ass-whiskering . . . .
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    Bronson Tee Lee JP overalls Excelsior bolt Bonus ver
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    My housemate built a ladder for hanging potted plants so I guess that's my backdrop now Ooe, Merz, Roy, Lofgren
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    Tcb 30s / Bronson og107 / Birkenstock
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    46s in the morning ....
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    Hey guys, These are my 700C (Clutch Cafe) pair, I've had them since last august and have been giving them a wash for every 30 days of wear. 8 machines washes in total.
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    Colder and rainy again 'round here
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    Crispy jeans - a future break in job... At Last x 2 / Bronson / Lofgren
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    Retiring these 1003 after about 3 and a half years of wear.
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    cool break between heatwaves here in the pacific northwest real mccoys looopwheel sweatshirt mister freedom lot 64 left hand twill wesco 7500
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    Alternatively @unders you could just make your own as i did here.. Take your pumps (preferably new) draw around the sole and cut out an oddside, this removes the undercut of the shoe and gives you a flat surface on which to build your mould. Drop your pumps into the oddside Fill in the gap with plasterscene or you'll get messy pumps Build a frame/mould around them and coat with mould release solution Cast your mould in polyurethane, getting things in focus is the key Once cured, peel out your pumps Fill in the old branding ..replace with the appropriate forum lettering in reverse/mirror image Cast your rubber sole Peel it out of the mould and stick it to your old pumps with contact adhesive I then destroyed the moulds so don't get you knickers in a twist Converse! fin
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    I'm not a plane nerd, but I gave this picture love and happy in making this patch. So it will fly properly. I won't crash. Don't worry, this plane is fine. I became a little sad and emotional. I also apologize. sorry. We hope all TCB fans will have fun and be happy in this contest. With love. Thank you for understanding. Everyone is great friends.
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    HW Dog Co Champ de Manoeuvres Tcb 50s Paraboot Michael
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    Telnyashka Tcb 50s Birkenstock
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    Tcb 20s X Excelsior bolt
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    I have finally sent the full list with all the order info to Tcb. Thank goodness.
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    Now. Thank you for your valuable feedback. First of all, I have no experience designing airplanes. I used to make paper planes when I was a kid. On the answer sheet for the test. I know that an octopus has 8 legs and a squid has 10 legs, even if it is not a seafood nerd, it is usually learned. Unfortunately I'm not an aircraft geek so I don't know how many propellers there are. sorry! If you're frightened of a crash every time you wear jeans because of this weird plane, you can switch to a regular paper patch. Please consult Ryo. Then, if you want to get the correct engine for this patch, just doodle it yourself. I'll lend you a very nice pen. You can also use it to move a propeller that has stopped. For the rest of my life, I will re-employ Mitsubishi Heavy Industries to design a fighter plane that cats can control. Fortunately, MHI is in the neighborhood. Good luck to everyone.
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    OA02, from Canvas store. Had these hemmed at DC4 some weeks ago.
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    Borsalino MFSC MFSC Lot. 674 Birkenstock
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    cold foggy weather is back. William Gibson Buzz Rickson watch cap Fine Creek Cardinal Iron Heart 11oz stripe tshirt Roy R01Sail Visvim Skagway
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    Another wash and some time in the sun. It's 103 outside today so they dried out pretty quickly.