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    still trying to figure out how to wear it. i wish this shirt was just a tiny bit shorter and a tiny bit boxier. mister freedom whitesville full count cons
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    Fleurs de Bagne tee Freewheelers chino trousers Novesta sneaks Filson backpack
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    lot 64 OG CONE
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    Probably. most of it will stay with me as a collection, but there are a few pieces I don’t need or care for anymore. no need for Alden’s and there are only so many Tricker’s you should have when all you need are 1 or 2 pairs of wellies...
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    These just arrived Not too crazy about the texture of the pocket bags, though.
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    Freewheelers Military Style Working Parka, Vintage Cotton/Nylon Ripstop with Thinsulate Interlining, Olive Drab, #1521001
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    Freewheelers / The Rite Stuff / Tightly Stitched / Warehouse / The Flat Head
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    Freewheelers’M-1941’ Field Jacket, Vintage Compact Chino Cloth, Bark Brown #1421022
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    Mrs. Lefty’s small but fantastic collection also functions as souvenirs of some of our travels. Heller’s from VMC, Oki’s from SESF, and MF from MF click for the great details on the Heller’s
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    hey all! today i received the denim tcb tabby’s jacket in the mail. i was looking for a 30s / railroad / chore style jacket and had to support good ol tcb. this thing is awesome! 10 oz denim is light, neppy, and cozy. it has a nice beautiful blue tint to it. i love the pocket style on this jacket, including the super convenient inside pocket. stitching is awesome, buttons are cool, and the fit is perfect! i went for 36 which is my normal tcb and other brand size. shoutout to ryo for sizing help and he told me he just got one so maybe a little fade contest? cheers y’all!
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    Bandana by @marianovittori Bob dong tee Tcb 20s Birks
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    Actually love the pocket bags & full back pocket lining on the okis...
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    I’ll keep saying it every time this comes up: Deluxeware sweats are great
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    @Broark Judging by current situation for quite a lot of us ... if he does have some 36s, he’d mosdef hold onto those
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    Well if you don’t need the stuff ...
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    Good thing you mention that - I got a review & consolidation of the collections planned for Sunday... Living on a remote Scottish island for more than 6 months make you realise how little one actually needs. Certainly not 200 pairs of jeans, more than 50 tees or 20 sweatshirts. Not to mention my shirt collection...
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    found an old photo of my ns. size 25 so they obviously don't fit anymore. made in tunisia i have a pair of pns now, but i don't really like them
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    Yep, good to see you make an appearance, Foxy2
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    @cottonskinblues - have a listen to Heavy Rhyme Experience (vol 1) by the Brand New Heavies. They play all their funky acid jazz live, accompanied by an array of guest rappers. An oldie but a goldie!
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    Crikey, I need a glass of water and a lie down. This thread reads like The Daily Sport. Agree with posts recommending looking at repros that aren’t necessarily aimed at women. Whilst they aren’t a typical 5pocket jean and probably aren’t what you’re after, the TCB Second Subrise collaboration jeans demonstrate that the right cut on the right person (either sex) can look great:
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    WFG mask, 3Sixteen, CSF, K&H belt, PF Flyers miUSA
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    ranchero shirt & faro vest
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    JWJ El Patron I picked up in 2017 for more than $23 Printing on the patch has held up well through a slew of washes The amount of body twist on this thing is crazy All the seams are hand-felled / lapped, which is pretty neat The backing to the collar is a really lovely linen / silk blend that they weave in-house; it's held up remarkably well too Overall, this one's been really good to me. The fabric's one of my favorites I've ever handled. I don't think I'd like it on a pair of jeans, but it's perfect here. Fairly heavyweight cotton / hemp blend; not-too-slubby yarns hand-dyed with natural indigo. It's faded more than I expected from a hand-dyed fabric, although it did take a good chunk of wear to start showing. The detailing is really neat; I like the lapped seams and the single-needle stitching and the leather washers backing all the buttons and rivets. The construction itself is sub-par; in a few places too little allowance was given during patterning / construction and I've had to mend more than I'd like, but that's okay. The buttons were also applied poorly, with too much pressure / too narrow of a spacer, leading to the shafts cutting through the fabric and the fabric fraying. So far, this has only caused real issues for one button, but I anticipate more will break down in time. My biggest issue is that the buttons are placed too far in on the yoke relative to the button holes, so that the whole yoke sits off to one side rather than at the center of the body when buttoned. The hardware is so-so, and the constructional thread is poly-core rather than 100% cotton which is sort of a bummer. All that having been said, with the fabric and the styling as nice as it is, I wouldn't trade this jacket for anything.
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    SC x Junky 46's around 6 months of wear and one wash... they're still a bit damp so might lighten up a fraction. ass-whiskering . . . .