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    Railcar, Gustin, Tender...
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    I'll bore the hell out of you guys! Merz - Denime - New Balance
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    Golden Hour ... fresh squeezed snapshots of my Viberg Engineer’s “Hopper” in Tobacco Chamois ... haven’t worn these in months, I owe them some wear time once it starts getting less hot in NYC .... edit: wear them home, if the coronavirus spikes doesn’t let up by end of summer
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    Man I loved that bike.... the dura-ace groupset was beautiful. My hand stitched elk skin bar grips... oh what joy. but then it tried to kill me. I came off on a gravel patch on a dodgy bend at the bottom of a big hill, scraped my knee and bashed myself about a bit and smashed my Rolex. Then a week later the pain in my knee escalated and got so bad I passed out and was admitted to hospital with borderline septicaemia. 17 days on IV antibiotics and being told they might have to amputate if I don’t get better. I sold it to a collector because I was too scared to ride it again. I’ll dig out the pictures and upload here if you like. now I ride a pretty much original early 90s Rocky Mountain cirrus because my kids are better off-road.
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    Crispy jeans - a future break in job... At Last x 2 / Bronson / Lofgren
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    Weather was nice and since the borders are open again, we decided to go to Switzerland for a small walk. This lovely little town, directly on the Rhine St. Georg is pretty present here A small monastery And the jeans
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    HW Dog Co Champ de Manoeuvres Tcb 50s Paraboot Michael
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    @MJF9, here are some before and after cleaning pics.
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    Hey guys, These are my 700C (Clutch Cafe) pair, I've had them since last august and have been giving them a wash for every 30 days of wear. 8 machines washes in total.
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    Guys, I can't wait. That is all. I'll continue checking this thread for the next 1.5 months, knowing that the time ain't gonna go any faster lol
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    @beautiful_FrEaK perfect fit ! Definitely my style Great pics ! Love the colours. What's your gear ? Yesterday, after playing with pebbles Ts(s) | merino tee | TCB 50s | Salomon
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    Bronson Tee Lee JP overalls Excelsior bolt Bonus ver
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    F-DS101 Western wabash. LOVE this shirt, but this one is stupid tight, especially in the sleeves and upper torso. And I've got no swole right now, LOL. Compared to other fabrics this one runs at least 1/2 size small. This is a 44, and I'd consider a 46, but then then sleeves might be too long. The pattern cutting on TFH shirts is amazing - unlike anything else. The way the darts are cut and sewn is unique and skillful. The fabric is stunning - amazing denim w/ the discharge dot print. My most worn shirt currently. Prolly about 5 months wear. 3 washes I think. I get compliments on the fabric and fit all the time. It's too warm now for regular wear, except cool evenings, so it's on the rack for a couple months.
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    Borsalino Old Captain shirt Japan Blue shorts Birkenstock
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    Pocket bags still a bit damp after washing them , looked nice in the sun so took a pic
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    Took the family and the denim to Colchester Zoo yesterday. Bravestar, Atlast, Nudie (bamboo selvedge, the thinnest jeans I own and perfect for now).
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    Retiring these 1003 after about 3 and a half years of wear.
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    Fades update on my One Yofukuten OA02-1017. Duration: 1 year and a half. Actual wear, around 9 months or more. 2 hand washes 8 machine washes (first with warehouse's detergent and lately with Superstitch laundry detergent which is quite aggressive and lighten them up). As with all my denim, the yoke's stitching got destroyed rather quickly. Repaired the whole with hand backstitch with waxed yellow linen thread that are also fading with washes. How awesome! I'm still in love. The contrasts are less important in person. Photos taken under the noon sun!
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    From the out-takes
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    ^ Was going to say just this. Circular knit tees with no side side are not always loopwheeled. Loopwheeled is specific to those machines. There are other modern machines that circular knit. There are a lot of rumors, myth and lore floating 'round the net, but it seems the only surviving loopwheel machines are in Germany owned by Merz, and some in Japan. Conversely, on larger size loopwheeled tees, the material is cut and sewn together with side seams.
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    sorry! It will be back soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Rmc A3 Cap MF Map Shirt MF Ranch Blouse Warehouse 700C Red Wings 8881’s
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    Gave these another wash. Same pants as above. I think this was wash 6 or 7. I don't keep count of wash and wears very well. I'm happy with the roping on the hem and yoke. No train tracks yet. I'm really enjoying the shade of blue these are starting to form. These are fades are brought to you by me sitting at a desk 30-36 hours a week. I really need to be more active in my denim. OOE1.HEIC OOE2.HEIC