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    RRL Shirt RRL pants Nigel Carbourn Suspender Viberg x Iron Heart Engineer Boots
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    My 3109's. Couldn't tell you how many washes or how much wear, just many & much. Bought them in 2014/15 but only wore them sporadically, but they've seen much more action in the last 12mths.
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    The Stripes (Shirt and Pants are RRL)
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    It sounds like you might've benefitted from going up one more size. FH jeans tend to run very small for their tag sizes. On the plus side, if you otherwise like the fit, they shouldn't shrink anymore after your wash and soak. From experience working for Flat Head and being around a lot of people in their clothes in Japan, you'd be amazed at how small the average sizes are. I was the only person at the office who wore bigger than a size 38 in shirts (40 or 42 in my case.) And I'm quite thin. Most Japanese people in FH stuff seem to wear jeans between about 28 and 32, maybe 34. Very few bigger than that. So it's kind of tough for them to test that stuff out, there just aren't a lot of larger guys around to try on the prototypes, I guess.
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    Ordered a pair of 3009 from SE last week and wore them for the first time today after 1 warm wash and 1 hot wash (hopefully they don’t shrink too much more over the years) A few thoughts. These Japanese brands are not kind to western body types. I am 6’ and ~190 lbs (so not huge, but probably quite a bit bigger than the average Japanese male), and I’m not exactly swimming in the size 36. Also, I didn’t do any measurements and didn’t look them up, but I’d be surprised if the back rise were much longer than the front rise. These ratios aren’t ideal for those with meatier behind. Finally, I know people have mentioned the size of the pocket openings and I didn’t really know what to expect. It couldn’t be that bad, right? WRONG. The pocket openings are basically unusable. Once you get your hand in the pocket, the bags are a normal size, but nobody with normal sized hands would be able to get in there without force. People have blamed Flatheads bizarre sizing on the owner basically making everything to fit himself. Well, he’s not wearing size XL shirts or size 36 pants, so one would think they could do a better job of scaling these measurements to larger sizes. Someone who wears size 36 pants probably has bigger hands than someone wearing 28, so open up those pockets bro! That being said, i have a size XL of one of their western flannels from this winter, and after throwing it in the dryer, the proportions actually fit me pretty darn well. Usually I have a problem with the really narrow shoulders from these Japanese companies (18” on a lot of brands in my size), so glad the flathead at least gives me something different to worry about. The neck opening is a bit big. And despite the ridiculousness of some of the measurements, I do think the pants will work for me and am excited to see how they progress.
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    it looks like Lee Archives (Japan) are re-releasing the 1944 101B model on 21 June. I don’t think they ship internationally though so you’ll need to buy via a proxy, a friend in Japan or in person. Great price too!
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    Cookie monster Momotaro natural indigo
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    RЯL slim fit after about 5 years of irregular wearing
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    Agree on all the above. I'm 6'1, 185lbs and a solid size 44 in their shirts, and even funnier, an XXL in their jackets!:
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    Here is a pair of Hawaii that is on Grailed. So beautiful.
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    Picked up the indigo linen shirt from SE, glad I did because now all the 46's are sold out. Super lightweight, perfect for the everlasting summer here. Funny because the tag says 100% cotton. I can see myself wearing this a lot.
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    I've never used a dryer on any of my jeans, ever. These jeans seem to get lots of marbling and twisting with conventional washing. As they're quite contrasty I wash and spin mine right way round, which exacerbates the marbling and texture.
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    Women’s Raw Starlet 031 new vs about 1 year of everyday wear with multiple washes. We also have this denim available in a Men’s Spikes Standard Issue. Women’s Starlet Raw 031 Men’s Spikes Standard 031
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    Coming along nicely. Just over a year of on and off wear.
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    Deck hook and Talon zipper on my Trophy Reservoir Hood jacket.
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    Hi guys. Have a pair of Warehouse 800 (pics below). they are size 31, worn about 20-30 times. they are still a bit snug in top block. want to get a pair of TCB 50s, and tried them in raw/non-washed at American Classics in london. they recommended i go for size 33. just a bit confused as WH 800 31 as well as FC 1108, although both a bit tight in upper block. i have tried to measure my waist as would like to buy TTS but cant seem to get a sensible waist measurement. any advice appreciated. for reference i'm 5'7 around 160lbs. doing cross fit these days so thighs getting a bit bigger if i'm being honest with myself i dont wear the WH of FC to work, as i find my cheap 501s from last year more comfortable. so if the TCB a bit looser could be fine. just from 31 - 33 seems like a big jump and my size hasnt changed
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    My Zamberlan hiking boots repaired by local cobbler.
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    @501XX4EVER Oh sorry, I never answered your question. Yes of course they have a double-chainstitched outseam And while we are at it, here is the fit pic of these jeans after they have been hememd to 34" (to allow for some future shrinkage and cuffing).
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    browns is on south molton street within walking distance of both the flagship and and end. 18montrose is a five minute tube journey from oxford circus tube station which is close to all three other stores.
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    So it's just been a chore coat kinda week for me. I picked up this RRL herringbone coat marked down to 160 from 690 bucks, kinda insane. I'm really happy with it considering I had been looking for something very similar made by RMC (can't remember the model but I don't think it's currently in production anymore) and this was a fraction of the cost. Prefect weight for the temps around these parts, fits well too.