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    Art Fawcett hat, LVC, Stevenson, Roy, Clinch
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    3sixteen ST-TH1 220x 10th anniversary edition Haven't posted in superdenim in a minute! Worn for 3 years or so and then on/off for a year. I took these photos last year and haven't gotten around to repairing some of the holes but I hope to wear them again.
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    Getting Brezeln & Weißwurst for breakfast... warehouse, tcb, tricker’s
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    Hopefully, I look just ridiculous enough for today - bandannas by OOE, Kapital and new old stock Cone denim by MF.
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    The new cone Ooe railroad jacket must have sold out almost immediately (well, only size 40 left 20 mins later). Who managed to cop for one?
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    I think Dawson ticks all your boxes
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    Lawford launched their webstore. They sell both raw and one wash lawford.jp Some info on their lot.203 washed denim translated: From Early Century to Mid-Century The transitional period of American closing was reproduced as a design roots 5-pocket jeans pants. While the buckle back adopted by the store brand in the 1940shas been abolished, Crotch rivets, inherited the details that remain bare rivets. Relaxed crotch, hip but tapered from the knee It becomes the original silhouette. Can embody a christened discoloration with good staining properties and luster Use middle-ounce selvitch denim. It is ( denim with less shrinkage with sunforize (shrink-proof) applied. ) Copper rivets, iron donut buttons, prongs, selected You can take the time with the dough to taste the process of aging. Lot.203 One Pocket Denim Jacketand become a setup It becomes a regular model of the brand. ABOUT DENIM Zimbabwe cotton is based on raw cotton and warp unevenness (rope dyeing). I spent a lot of time with an old-fashioned power loom (shuttle loom) woven with loose tension. Warp No. 7 / Weft 6.5 th 13.5 oz Selvic Indigo denim. Sunforise (shrink-proof ()。 Caution There is a case where individual differences of 1 to 2 cm occur in the same product. The product will be One Washed (washed). We do not use a dryer for our products. One wash: https://lawford.jp/collections/top-page-latest-products/products/lot-203-five-pocket-denim-pants-one-wash Non-wash https://lawford.jp/collections/top-page-latest-products/products/lot-203-five-pocket-denim-pants-non-wash
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    Great grandpas old Levi’s today Bonus detail shots if that is ok to do here
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    One of my favorite denim jackets I own is one made by Roy. It's his take on a traditional Type I/II/III jacket made of a fairly light weight (~12oz and I believe sanforized) indigo selvedge White Oak Cone denim. It's not often someone can do a twist on these classic styles and end up with a really amazing jacket. (brag post over)
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    Don't know about you but I love me a good old wabi-sabi wrinkled spec sheet! Remember kids not buying Acronym is more Acronym or something like that
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    In case anyone is looking for the FW20 anniversary jeans.. Self Edge is having a run of the 1000x made with a longer inseam than the general release version.
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    Would those 71 redlines be Hot WhEEls or Hot Wheels?
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    The Junky staff do some hilarious posing on their Instagram in their new arrival stock.
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    WTS/WTT: J36-S Bicolor (Black body/RAF Sleeve) Full pack/8.5/10, sz S $1800 shipped CONUS Or WTT for the following: -J1b-s RAF Sz S-J47-GT sz XS-J34-GT RAF Sz S +cash-J16-GT sz S-28 variants Sz S, long shot
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    points taken and certainly i understand your feelings. but i'll say what i said in an earlier post - the garments are hollow, the people who wear them are what's interesting. are you no longer interesting? were you ever? or are you a serial ship-jumper like with supreme in 2013 and god-who-knows how many other trends before your property had potential to hold water just by investing? you're using the transitive property when it really doesn't make sense. are your creative and expressive sensibilities changing? perhaps, and that is completely valid. but to change your taste based on the "public reception" (lest we forget despite the production #'s acronym are so low "public" is really a misnomer here) is shallow. i can't tell if you're just making a racket for the sake of the resonance. of course the members of an enthusiast forum don't want to associate with the layman just because they are holding the same thing. of course such an opinion is bound to strike a chord - in fact it is probably healthy to be reminded from time to time. but woe be the "enthusiast" that soapboxes mainstream rejection as novel. don't cut of your nose to spite your face sir. your rep signals for reservations regarding your loyalty. less objective personal conjecture: anyone to just come out and say they're a die hard john mayer fan is sus in my book. john is the reason i put serious hours into the guitar, john introduced me to great things and remains relevant to my interests. but one thing i would never say outright is "i am a hardcore john mayer fan". is his taste (good and bad) not well known? hodinkee literally keeps him on the masthead 25/8. your lamentation is like a monk saying "i don't know what all the villagers at the base of our mountain are doing, but if my lifestyle wasn't enough to signal my devotion let me say this brethren: i am a hardcore fan of the buddha". i'm not convinced you weren't a bad apple from the get. and yes, i realize the irony that i likened JM to a heady buddha. just trying to illustrate a point.
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    OG Cone 7-8 months wear evenings and weekend 15+ washes and trips through dryer. Holding up exceptionally well.
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    Ooe OA01xxs. These were probably close to the year mark before I replaced them as my current daily pair. This is my favorite denim.
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    Here let me make things easier. Its a random post from a coffee shop and not much info beyond that. update
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    Hahaha, I actually had huge fomo because I slept on it for the drop and watched it sell out. But thankfully @Wklcarl helped sell me one of his friend's. ^This. If you look at the picture of my MZ1, it's held on with some clips I bought off Amazon. Unfortunately the attachment loops on the 5 aren't quite as wide as a single slot in molle webbing and thus you can't slide the clip through to attach as designed, but the clips can clamp down onto the attachment loops and hold it together pretty securely with friction.
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    I've been using the 3A-5TS from last year as a work bag almost everyday since I got it from it's drop. Thought it would be the bag I'd use for the next 5 or so years, but then along came the 3A-5... Here's a little writeup of a comparison between the two. For a little context, I commute to work by bike everyday and have to carry a 15 inch laptop, a change of clothes, and an extra pair of shoes. The size of the 5TS and 5 perfectly fit my needs, but the differences on the 5 were surprisingly helpful. The obvious differences are the roll top lid and the two giant fixed pockets in the front. My biggest gripe with the 5TS was that anytime I wanted to grab something from the main body, I'd have to pop open 3 buckles and refasten them closed all over again. The roll top feature solves this nicely by reducing the buckles I need to fiddle around with to 1, and also stowing away the excess material of the flap. Much easier to grab something from the bag with the top rolled in when the bag is still strapped tight to yourself. The two exterior pockets are a nice addition to the bag. I had the first generation xpac 5TS before getting last year's, and a feature I missed a lot were the two built in zipper compartments on each side of the bag. With the newer 5TS, I tried to recreate these by sticking two MZ1's vertically on each side. The exterior 3A-5 pockets hold much more than the MZ1's ever could, making the MZ1's no longer necessary. The mezzanine pockets behind them are really useful as well and serve as a nice little spot to store items you'd like to grab quickly without having to fuss with any buckles or zippers. Despite the lack of TS, the attachment loops on the 5 work well if you still want to expand your storage. Though the website only demonstrated you could attach a MK1 and MK3, I was able to attach my MZ1's without any issues. While I opted not to use the MZ1's anymore, I've attached a DSPTCH glasses case to 1 loop, a key charm to another, and a grimloc carabiner to another to hold my keys. A surprising change was the inclusion of two smaller inner zipper pockets as opposed to the single pocket of the five. Though a seemingly minor change, it helps partition my smaller items nicely. Although the single pocket from the 5TS is larger than one from the 5, the combined volume of the two smaller pockets is greater. Here's to hoping including two of these pockets becomes a standard and not just unique to the 5. There are some subtle differences you might miss that aren't obvious in the product shots. The lid on the 5 is reinforced with 3 sections that helps act as a guide to properly fold it in. It also helps give it a nice solid shape and structure, making the 5TS lid feel flimsy in comparison. Another small difference is the left and right buckles on the 5 can't slide up quite as high as on the 5TS due to the stitching on the thumb-break closures for the exterior pockets. This slightly restricts the expansion of the 5 vs the 5TS. I'd often pack my 5TS to the max fully expanded for weekend to week long trips. Though the difference is small, I'm a little worried for when I'll have to pack similarly with the 5. Despite the suggestively simpler name, the 3A-5 is in many ways a worthy upgrade to the tried and true 5TS. The 5 solved most of my gripes with the 5TS and will probably be the bag I'll use for years to come, unless Acronym and Bagjack manage to find another surprising way to improve the bag again (which I'm sure they will). Hope you all enjoyed my sincere writeup.
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    i'm entitled to an opinion like everyone else on here, and i stand by everything i said.. i've played worse odds than the probability of making a relatively accurate assumption based on an honest anecdote. i agree that this has devolved, and you're right i went off and it wasn't warranted. it was indulgent. sincere apologies Eric, good luck on whatever wave you ride next ~ my apologies to you kings who wasted your time reading my post but "the poet must not avert his eyes"