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    P31 / LA6 / cool sandals™️
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    Arguably my favorite jeans of all time, the 1702XX contest jeans. Don't wear these much as they need quite a few repairs at this point, but I decided to wear them today and it reminded me how much I love 'em. Can't wait for the next contest!
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    received my size p31 today. don't have any fit photos but i can say that the p31 fit is almost the same as the p23a without the cuffs. the drop on the crotch is the same and almost the same exact length. these will be great every day pants. i added a photo which might be hard to see. p31 over p23a over p30 laid flat for anyone who would think the drop was too low .
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    Anyone find that if you don't wear a pair for over 4 months they become "musty"? They are not dirty and have hardly any wear, so I'm wondering if it's due to storage and what the solutions are, as I can smell it so I'm sure others can too.
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    Not a bad idea, you could get rid of the patch too, unless it’s doubling up as an additional belt loop (ie functional). They would be a logical evolution of the WW2 model, ie the WW3 model!
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    I just got these yesterday. Loving the raw fit and thinking it will be even better after I give them a soak. Pretty excited for my first pair of SDA as I’ve been wanting to try the 15OZ denim.