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    All of those patches are military. Jolly Rogers is US Navy aviation. They’re still active. https://www.public.navy.mil/airfor/vfa103/Pages/default.aspx
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    Freewheelers b-10 cushman x csf 22501xx
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    I have always wanted a pair of Avoriazes but I cannot make the sizing work for me. (have tried them on several times in a vain hope that it would) There is an incredible amount of volume in the toe/instep area, so if you have high volume feet they might work. The other Paraboot boots aren't all that interesting to be honest. What I would really love but can't quite afford are Heschung Gingkos when it comes to french boots.
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    WTS -Stone Island Shadow Project Stealth Trench Coat - SS12- Size S- 6/10 - Black- 590Euros -Enfin Leve Custom 1of1 Zerain Jacket - Size Custom (fits S) - 10/10 - Grey - 399 Euros Based in Austria.
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    I think it shows that the 710 is a pretty versatile cut. While it's designer prefers to wear it short it still looks good if worn longer. But I could easily lose an inch on these and they would be still long enough. Might run them through the dryer for further shrinkage.
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    Just some more photos of my cinch back 01's, go-to pants right now. Enjoying these as they fit just baggy enough and very comfortable. Looking forward to the new Cossack jackets that are coming out.
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    RMC/Engineered Garments/Roy/Jordan
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    SDA, Andersen-Andersen, Aero, SDA, Paraboots...
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    Or just buy a pair that aren't waxed....
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    Hi guys, so after whining and complaining that I missed out on these, I was lucky enough to pick up the pair srudy was selling and I’m glad to join in the comp. thanks to her! The inseam is shorter than I’m used to but I love them.
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    bluesville - seagull idxid - RW
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    It’s been over a year and half of machine washing and drying. These have been my main and best fitting pair.
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    Forgot to turn them inside out for the wash. Well, at least it's super crinkly now.
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    Can't let this thread get bumped to the second page! Gave my pair another wash yesterday, will try to get some full updates soon. I'll admit I've been cheating on these a bit since the fit is slimmer than I prefer. But the denim is something special.
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    Another month, another wash! The fabric on these jeans are crazy and I think it will evolve nice with monthly washes.
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    Freshly washed in the morning sun. Getting there, they even have slight honeycombs despite the often washing.
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    My turn Jamesfabled (shop in Osaka) 1001XX around 2005 Love the "Praide in Kojima"