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    1003s after 2 years or so
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    Hey guys! Hope you are well. Haven’t really posted much here because I’ve been spending time working on this app with a really great team. The tech wear community has given me so much and I’ve been thinking long and hard about what to give back. Hopefully this app helps you connect with other great people online, like I’ve been given the opportunity. If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. Idk about you guys, but I’ve always wanted an easy to use database to find older pieces or find out more about the brand or see other outfit photos using the pieces. I’ve also had trouble on instagram (as I’m sure you all have as well) with people not knowing what pieces of clothing I’m wearing and get asked a million questions about my clothes even though the info is in the caption or whatever. So I present to you, IDENTIFY [ ID for short :P/ dont need to venmo me ] Currently you can - Share Outfits - Browse and add to a large database of items (acronym, veilance, outlier, etc) with more items being added daily - Join and create mini communities We’re finally opening the beta version up for people to test and I would love for you guys to try it out first. Here is the install link to the apple or play store: https://link.identify.fit/sufu-open-beta Please feel free to reach out to me with any feedback or suggestions you guys may have at [email protected] Thank you all!!!! Have fun, connect, learn, live, laugh, love or whatever. - Valdizbro ps. erlsn on the app is the real one
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    1702XX contest jeans 25-30 washes since April 2016
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    Guess I'll go first..
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    2 hot soaked and just hand washed with luckywarm water for 20 mn (first real wash). Getting there
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    My kid’s TCB jacket. Not too bad for an 11 yr old...
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    https://www.instagram.com/p/Bx4ieTCoPqq/ A little more than a year, washed every 14-20 wears approx.
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    Back in this comfy relic (1st contest pair) to mix thing up abit.
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    From a couple of days ago Warehouse cap Indigofera Norris flannel Göteborg Manufaktur x Indigo Veins x Denim Base GBG001 jeans Redwing Beckmans
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    Tcb jacket Bronson tee Bob Dong 47 jeans Excelsior bolt
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    ^superb pardon the cheesy phone faux bokeh tcb deluxeware bob dong yuxxx #dongarmy
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    Cheers everyone. Not today, but still recent Eternal / Kapital / Resolute / Tricker's
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    At Last At Last RMC IH (belt) Viberg
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    New pair of 1947s to break in. Sized up one in the waist for a bit of a comfy fit. Picked them up on my first visit to Japan. Was pretty incredible to see all the denim up close and personal after like 15 years of shopping them online.
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    Rainy today. Patagonia, Arket duck cap, SNS Herning wool knit, Denime chambray, Burgus plus x Warehouse and Chuck 70s.
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    Washed my Memorial Jeans on Memorial Day Weekend. They're not nearly as shredded as Edwin's pair, but I like how they're slowly coming along.
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    In the country of NC. Buzz SC1947 BH
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    1st of June has bought out the sunshine Joe McCoy Seiko SX007JP PBJ Jack Purcell Japan
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    WTS: SIZE M P10-DS 2018 version no ziplock,spec,Carabiner blablabla 9/10 condition least, no rips tears etc sold fuck trade war lol WTB: J55 size M J40-CH size M
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    Usual stuff... The Well Dressed Head CSF Sunspel FHUTT TCB Viberg