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    J67 arrived! Fit doesn’t seem to match the measurements on the site—it’s right in line with the J69. Fits like a lightweight, weatherproof hoodie. I’m a big fan of the material. Apologies that the hair is obscuring the hood.
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    less talk more fits (especially j68-ws) For reference, I'm 5'5 and wearing XS in the p10a-ds j68-ws (XS) 2L infinium ws is amazing, really happy i decided to hold out for this iteration over the stotz. More similar to j46u's smooth/silent face fabric than j61-ws/j47a-ws. Only issue is the body is really short(copped the wrong size imo). Would appreciate if anybody of similar height could comment on how Small fits in comparison. j36 bicolor (S)
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    Lot 2000 No.1 10 years, falling apart...
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    20s Taobao engrish t shirt Chucks
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    Rite Stuff / Cane's / Chacos Too hot for a shirt, too hot for socks and shoes
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    gently does it no holes here... [impressions of a desk warrior cowboy cosplayer...]
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    Bob dong henley Edwin vest Tcb 20s Chucks
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    Pure blue Japan the flat head beckman
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    ^ so much for "this weekend" Anyway, here are some phone-quality detail shots. Cane's Riders, circa early '90s. Picked these up on Yahoo a month or two ago, still rigid. They've now been washed to shrink and worn for maybe four days. Sorry for the glare. The fabric's started off really blue—the color is closest to true in the front and rear photos of the top block, and in the close-up of the hip pocket. Some areas are already starting to fade to an electric blue, and some stray threads in the pocket confirm that the dye doesn't go all that deep.
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    Picked up a Rogue Territory jacket from Rivet and Hide sayonara sale, has a lot of character:
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    After 7 months of waiting I finally received my Ciano Farmer Denim Co. workshirt. This is 14oz Texas denim lot# 12 red selvage. I didn’t opt to have taped seams and I decided on the Corozo buttons. I really like the chain stitch run off and the gussets. Fit is perfect, except the length. I’m not a tall person. The fabric is really smooth to the touch and should break in very easily. This is a hefty shirt and I’ll be wearing in mainly as a jacket. Should work perfect for the mild winters here in Houston. Buttoning this shirt is a chore but should get easier with time. I’ve wanted a denim piece made with Texas denim and constructed in Texas for a while now. Can’t wait to post progress pic in a year or two.
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    Took some detail shots of the hardware, too, but none are great photos. All of the fly buttons are donuts with (very cleanly-hammered) double shanks, and the top one reads "Union Made" on top and "Cane's" on bottom. They look anodized to a blackish color, but I'm not sure what they're made of. The backs are stamped "S". The fronts of the rivets read "S-C" in Lee-style lettering, and the backs are blank. The hip pockets are half-lined with a mid-weight twill, with the Lazy S stitching holding the lining in place. There's no product code to be found, just the size tag. Posted some fit pics over in WAYWT. The rise on these is high, the hips are snug, and the legs are straight.
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    Iron Heart Wrangler 13MWZ Red Wing x Eat Dust Pecos
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    Outdoorsy stuff White T and evisu #1s
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    Absolutely purrfect Bartleby Xpost from waywt. Cinched to maximum
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    Just posted some photos of a new-to-me pair of Cane's over in the Leepro thread. Abridged version here. Anyone know what model these are?
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    4 in a row (of varying standards...) 1880s/1890s lvc tux, russells levis, tcb, rw dickies, evisu, russells lvc, tcb, rw variations in monotone/y
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    Not LVC, but ‘90s Levi’s Japan S702XX:
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    Received the J33-E yesterday. Initial try on it felt like I might have bought the wrong size, I'm an L in all my other acr jackets, so got an L in this one. It definitely fits larger than my others (for reference, J56-GT/J47-GT/E-J3/J29-S). After tightening the sleeves and speedlock a bit and the whole fit got better, and it's fantastic. I noticed that the speedlock is slightly tightened in all the product shots as well. It really stops the jacket from billowing out too much and makes the fit much more streamlined, but still oversized/baggy. The material is fantastic ... lightweight and nice against the skin, but sturdy enough and feels like it would hold a liner really nicely ... even the J58 for colder months. The pockets and details are also really really nice. More functional than my J56 in terms of hand access, understated but not invisible. Trying to get some pics soon.
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    Danish muisician Peter Sommer spotted wearing the CPO San Pablo from last fall at a festival close to me.