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    I really just miss a big white hat. Jacket : The Real Mccoy's T-shirt : Stevenson Overall Co. Belt : Visvim Jeans : OrSlow Boots : Visvim
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    Ooe / At Last / IH belt / Viberg / RMC chambray & Outstanding Co watch cap (non vis)
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    First WAWT post here. Flathead, TCB, Lofgren, Munqa brooch
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    I for one love the idea of a contest shirt. So much so that, in an effort to strum up interest (and with deepest apologies to the original artist), I threw together this little mockup. This would be an epic shirt IMO. Disclaimer: My Photoshop skills are mediocre, so ignore the inconsistent colors, etc.
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    toys mccoy/caturday starts now
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    I picked up the new 3sixteen 5x5 fatigue pants. The fabric is pretty cool. Like a heavy textured chambray. Enjoying the new tweaked fit too SF giants Todd Snyder cone denim hat stevenson Ventile jacket human made tshirt 3sixteen fatigue birkenstocks
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    Mostly military inspired kit today RMc A3 Mechanic Cap Full Count US Army Pullover shirt Buzz Rickson Early HBT USMC pants John Lofgren Donkey Punchers
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    A ray of my fuckin’ sunshine .... 3rd row: Unworn. Making headway w/the affliction, tho’ further purging is necessary to accommodate future binges.
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    RMC - Denimbridge GBG001 - Doek Oxford
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    usn gear today papa nui canoe club cap buzz rickson usn chambray whitesville tee tcb seaman’s trousers and vans because i ain’t going anywhere!
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    Probably the final shots of my Warrens, bought back in 2009 and already cut down to jorts as both knees blew out. The crotch has been repaired but is wearing through, the whiskers are starting to rip and the yoke is now coming apart. Pocket bags are wearing through but have held out surprisingly well. Overall though, too much maintenance required for much more continued wear. I’ve tried to capture a few detail shots. Imminent farewell to my old friends but fortunately I have a minty fresh back-up pair waiting in the wings!
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    Kapital bandana, LVC, SOC, Hollows, CSF, MiUSA Chucks
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    1950s Filson jacket runabout good covid tee MF organic cone
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    just over a month owning my new favorite shit kickers. john lofgren m-43!! i’ve never owned anything cxl before and i’ve gotta say these have blown my red wings and wescos out of the water. i think the break in took less than 10 days of wear.
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    Haha don’t feel bad. I think that’s what most of everybody thinks. That is true to certain parts, mostly around the southern districts, but I live fairly close to the northern border and it’s very different. anyway took a morning stroll around the block and took some pictures. I live in what we call a “kibbutz” which used to mean a socialist settlement, but now a days they are all privatized and actually mean a small town where you say good morning to every single person that pass you by. I wear a Jamestown Revival T shirt with some Ciano farmers denim and sandals, since it’s a denim forum but it’s also 29 degrees outside at 8:30 in the morning. This is the street where we live
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    Went for a small vacation trip to a place that directly translates to Islandland. Rented a cottage with my family. The view from the house The doggo enjoying the sea Scarecrow + church I passed by running an evening A shed behind the house New orslow indigo tee in contrast to contest pants
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    Disagree respectfully Buzzo T Roy PF Flyers
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    ありがとうカールさん I like to think of various imaginations and stories. Drawing a picture is one of them. Thanks to everyone for giving us a good job opportunity.
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    Those are the sort of imperfections that crept in during WW2. By '47 all propellers had the same number of blades, and cats very rarely piloted planes
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    Thank you so much! Yes, Spring/Summer 2020 has been a long road with lockdowns affecting everything, including the UK's first local lockdown in Leicester, where my sewing factory is, and which has been especially badly affected. Luckily everyone I work with remains safe and well, and stockists and customers are being incredibly patient, which I really appreciate! Very glad you like the lookbook- it was a fun one to shoot, and a lovely location. Here are some images: the shoot was very broadly based around mirror images, both in the water and as front/back side/side. The first few pieces are on the Stores now (and arriving with stockists), more to come over the next few weeks. I'll put up some info as garments are available.