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    Finally reached 8 months and its time to wash my sda! Studio D’Artisan DM-107 #SDADENIMIO2017. 8 months 1 wash & 1 soak Post wash: Side by side with my 36 months Samurai Jeans S710XX Follow my instagram account @mrizky_denimevo for more fades!
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    Update of my 1001s at 157 wears with 14 washes and many spins through the dryer.
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    1937s, cinch removed so I can wear them with a belt.
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    Well I did it. I just bought a $1239 pair of fucking pants. Never thought I’d be saying that. Although I bought an $875 chef knife 3 months back and I never thought I’d be saying that either. Shit creeps up fast...
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    Bpcall fisherman hat / Bronson N-3 Pants / PF Flyer All American Lo / Seiko 5
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    And then… Part 2 Oversize summertime fit Some aged chores Roses leaving us Whilst serving an abstract expressionist floral expression
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    looks and feels solid - need to get the sizing right as my fingers are itching to get them soaked. a couple of pics in various camera setting...
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    I want the denim stay in this state forever
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    SD-101, lots of wear and washes but unfortunately neglected for a few years. I’ll bring them out if retirement this winter.
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    Quick Grocery shoooing trip jackson's of Austin West Ride Trophy 1605bk BH oxford Ironheart wallet Chain (I've been wearing my other chain lately)
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    S&S x Ooe OA01XXS size 35/40 measurements BiG method raw / hour long hot soak / warm machine wash Waist - 34" / 32" / 31" Front Rise - 12.25" / 11.75" / 11.25" Back Rise - 16.25" / 15.25" / 15" Thigh @ Crotch - 13.25" / 13.15" / 12.8" Thigh 4" Down - 11.5" / 11.25" / 11" (Where Ooe does their second thigh measurement) Knee 14" Down - 9.5" / 9.25" / 9" Knee 16.8" Down - 9.5" / 9.25" / 9" (Where Ooe does their knee measurement) Hem - (39" / 9") / (35.75" / 8.75") / (34.85" / 8.5") And a freshly dried fit pic with not so great lighting.
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    tcb 60's. Jeans as if working in a coal mine. Ha ha ha!!
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    Nothing special RMC Fullcount 70s
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    Welp, managed to snag some 64 BB Okinawas, tux is complete! Little man decided to make a prison break whilst the photo was being taken, so had to be scooped up before he reached the main road. He is not happy about the defeat.
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    Managed to snag a pair of BB Okinawas, the tuxedo is complete. Little man decided to make a prison break whilst the photo was being taken, so had to be scooped up before he reached the main road. He is not happy about the defeat.
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    Persol/ gant rugger that I dyed/ west ride/ mie docs
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    Hey all. Here are my SExSG24. Probably 18 or so months of office wear. Maybe a half dozen washes.
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    Good day to all... maiden voyage of new MF Sportsman hbt chinos... Stetson MF ELMC Tender MF Viberg
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    Jackson on Jackson Jackson's Choppers of Austin Jacksun's (motorcycle shop in Niigata) Trophy 1605bk BH oxford No relation between the two Jacks
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    ^ It's just how shirt and jeans drape in that pic but you kinda look like two stacked kids disguising as an adult I cheated on my contest 20s today, felt like this shirt would look better with more faded jeans. Lee 101 / Levi's / TFH / 70s Textures
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    Some measurements, and a very bad fit pick. No one is home and i have to get ready for work tomorrow, no regrets lol. They need a hem, aren't missing much from the knee down fit wise. I can't seem to find a good way to photograph my backside (is that a good or bad thing?) Anyways... Pre-Soak, Size 34 Waist - 34 Thigh (At Crotch) - 12.6 Front Rise - 11 ish Back Rise - 15.7 ish Knee (13 inches down) - 10 Hem - 9.5 Inseam - 36 Post Soak (Wash) Waist - 16 Front Rise - 10.5 Back Rise - 14.5 Thigh (At Crotch) - 12.25 Knee (13 inches down) - 9.5 Hem - 8.75 Inseam - 33 They are very comfortable. Tons of hip room, I'm tempted to wear and wash these like normal mall jeans.
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    G014-MB: 5mos effective wear :: washed once :: 5soaks
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    Vintage ray ban/ hand dyed indigo/ 1999 dockers k1, Valencia factory/ visvim
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    just gave them another wash. just pres...
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    PBJ Type 2 DI New PBJ xx-019 bb Crappy adidas running shoes (they're just old, i love the shoes) Sized up because I want to be comfortable for once. Its like im wearing pajamas.
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    Jelado 2018 Spring and Summer
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    Hey guys. I want to warn you in short story about a scammer from grailed.com with a high positive rating.He bought my pants Acronym p23ts-ch on the grailed 4 months ago. The next day I sent them to him with track number. The parcel was tracked as expected, but after transfer of the parcel by Russia post to the partner organization (Canada post) for further delivery, the tracing ceased. It turned out that the type of parcel as "small package" is not tracked on the territory of Canada, unfortunately I did not know it. There is a reason to suspect the buyer knew about this peculiarity of Canada post and took advantage of the moment. He opened a claim on PayPal before the delivery of the parcel was expected (less than 1 month). At that time I really thought that the parcel could get lost, and as a respectable seller I refunded the entire amount at my will. Afterwards I begun reading forums devoted to the parcel delivery to Canada, and figured out that the parcels reach Canada`s receiver simply without traceability. A week later he wrote that the parcel was at his post office for all this time, but he did not pick it up. And when postman arrived with the package, buyer without any ground refused the delivery. He said that if the parcel might return to me, it will happen not earlier than three months. He added, that there is a possibility that parcel might not return because he sent it back without track number and return address. So, as you might noticed, we made a deal, I duely fullfilled all my obligations, but byer unilaterally refused to meet his commitments, and deliberately cheated me acted in the way to get both money and pants. It has passed more than two months since the dispute was opened, but I still do not have neither package, nor money. I am confident that he has received and uses these pants, or has already sold them. And also received full pants amount. I want you to be careful and not take into accounht the seller's rating as a main warranty of his integrity. Even with a high one, he can be a fraud. His profile is https://www.grailed.com/NathanG Full correspondence with him on the site https://www.dropbox.com/s/5ojtjlpesljer0l/nathanG.jpg (a small part of the correspondence was conducted on the site paypal) Read the bottom up. Track number RA651166385. Tracking ceased in France Information about the fraudster: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100013554062864 nathanguergis(at)yahoo.ca Nathan Guergis 56 Brian Avenue Angus Ontario L0M 1B3 Canada
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    Pretty happy with how these 737’s turned out, only thing that bugs me is the back rise which will probably stretch out a little. And I kind of wish the back pockets were just a touch higher up, but it’s something I’ll get used Also don’t mind the big tee, in the process of buying smaller tees.
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    SR7 Buffalo - 4 years.
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    Got my W.H. Ranch Western in on Tuesday evening from the sale at The Shop Vancouver. Giving it its first real wear, today. Great shirt.
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    Mornings are getting fresh. Means I Carn enjoy my ne purchase from Ironheart outlet: Drizzler jacket plus WH 1001 and a Standard T.
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    My belt, worn for about three years and exactly the same new bespoke belt. And one more photo of my belts – a wonderful demonstration of how beautiful the patina of the oak bark bridle leather looks.
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    not today but ... better than nothing Daisy hair accessories Buzz Rickson chambray Conners S409xxx M-46 Converse Jackstar and back to my usual uninspiring fit pics Conners S406xxx Real McCoys t shirt Conners S409xxx Converse Jackstar
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    Lovely updates folks. Just a couple of images from recent ramblings. Peveril of the Peak is a lovely pub near the train station in Manchester. Then there are a couple of Oxford - the Radcliffe Camera and surroundings, then the elegant block of buildings is Pembroke College. St Pancras station was a mess for years, despite which it was used for the exteriors of the Harry Potter films. It was restored a few years back and is now one of the most beautiful rail stations in europe, with its victorian steel span launched from a byzantine gothic cathedral (that's really a hotel).This is the view around 7am before we took a train up north. Finally, I think my jeans are getting near the wear of the last pair, which feels quicker to me although I have no idea how long has elapsed.
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    Sure, all of our experience is different. I don't think there's many people here who recommend actually downsizing from their true waist on the 66 though, I'd be interested to see others' experience. I think it's reasonable that, if someone's intending to do downsize, there should be a health warning. Please do post your fit pics after a couple of washes, will be interesting to see how it turns out. OP: do check on actual waist size of the pair you're buying, though, there seems to be variation over the last couple years. This pair here is 2016 I think. My 2016 32 tag ' 66 have stretched and are still at around the original waist size, around 32 1/2. The real issue for the OP is the thighs, here's a measurement to give an idea.
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    Sold my brand new one on here for about $600/$700 when they were first released. Saint or Sinner?
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    Today France won World Cup 2018 I have a great day with Somet 003
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    Variables and choices... Lighter tan boots (which will darken over time) 3 leather belts of different colour leather, texture, buckle metal and buckle style (Tender, Honest Thomas, IH); 1 basic canvas belt Applied to Jeans, chinos, army pants Let's not go there with wallet chains or types of denim or rough out belts With jeans - all work but I personally prefer lighter tan With chinos - Tender by virtue of the buckle, though a less thick belt would be a worthy consideration With army green - the canvas beater And they thought that splitting the atom was complicated!!! And I bet I have missed a good few criteria in my analysis!!!
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    All the MF chatter got me looking around again (I don't need much persuasion - see all the above) and I ended up with a pair of Sportsman khaki hbt chinos :). I was a happy chap when they glided through customs with no charge. Result. Gave them a wash at 30 then 40 to get the shrinkage out and then hemmed them as they come unfinished. It felt a bit weird being out in the wild cuff-less today but very happy with them and the usual quirky little MF features - the hbt is really nice and especially like the cinch on these...
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    I'm half tempted to throw these in the washer.
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    Indigo wabash R1900 Western came in Tuesday evening from The Shop Vancouver. First W. H. Ranch item, but hopefully not my last. I don't need to tell you all how clean the construction is from top to bottom; in stead, I'll just say that this fabric is really something else—beyond being seriously beautiful, it's super soft and breathes well from day one. Should be easy to wear with just about anything. Also shown: SC lot 200, Wolverine boots. X-post from WAYWT.
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    a bit hard to fully capture the color but i got my mortar frames in hand obsessed with the color and plan to get much more this season
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    xpost from evo thread S710VX x IDC
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    an update that forgot to happen back weeks afew a library visit near st pancras an infinite hat shite lift mirror selfie and following the earlier literary recommendations and following the wide sargasso seas’ post-colonial narrativity coincidences: two shows on at the library; one on arrivals (with echoing the burning of a generation’s rights by our government’s ‘hostile environment’) with some great books and a wondrous shirt another on earlier voyages added bonus; cook’s end location also represented in their public philatelic exhibition
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    Some evolution pics of my 76s shot on iphone. The denim seems slow to fade. This is around five months worth of wear and two washes, one soak.
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    Finally the fit pics of my new SD-108.