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    Healthy amount of symbolism in that video: NG3-PS Errolson represents old school, "tech" ACR Cowboy Errolson represents new wave, high fashion (high priced) ACR John Mayer is really Hiroki Nakamura in disguise JM/HN wants to sway E to follow visvim's path, the high-priced road, with his sweet melodies. Cowboy E is forced to face his former tech self and decide if he wants to kill him and move forward. We're at the cusp of ACR's new business model and audience. Will Cowboy E pull the trigger and go full Nakamura?
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    I have the 1105z, Hinoya 1001s, and the c/l 800s all in 34. I'm pretty sure the c/l 800s are cut a little more generously than the regular 800s. As for the quality of the denim I think it's some of the most interesting fabric on any jean that I've bought. I bought them one-wash and there was a serious break in period. The linen fibers are rough and scratchy , but it gives it a texture more like a lighter PBJ. I wear them though the very hot and very humid Louisiana summer and they are fairly comfortable. Here's my pair with about 150-200 wear days. I wash them pretty often as they've become my kayaking in the swamp jeans. If I could find a these in the 1001 cut I would definitely buy another pair. The 800 cut is just a little too slim in the thighs now
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    Also, I bought the wife a pair of TCB's Norma jeans. Here's the fit pics.
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    my pair is still stuck at customs in Milano Meanwhile some TCB fanboyerism 2.0
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    Glad to have our contest up and running again. Here are a few snaps from my first bona fide outing with the new batch of 20s. Entertaining family visitors with a day hike through an old rice plantation that's been turned into a nature preserve. Swamp, tidal marsh, former rice paddies, and cypress forest all converge here: Lots of alligators in the rice paddies, including a pair of babies riding atop their mother, presumably. And the 20s:
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    got it...back in the game! need to remove the patch before soaking/tumbling - still have the old patch somewhere...
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    Some updates on my Big Bro 2's. All in natural light, which is why they're varied.
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    Superfuture rules state that selling threads require prices. Post prices people. It’s not that hard.
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    I decided to channel my disappointment over the loss of custom pocket bag fabric into something a bit more positive and fun. After practicing on some fabric scraps, I made my first foray into embroidery. Other than a small section on the left where I made the stitches too tight,I feel pretty good about this. I was especially happy that I avoided sewing the pocket shut:
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    Knickerbocker X The Shop Vancouver Knickerbocker Dawson HUF
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    Last week in Austria (Zillertal). Basically what I've worn all week, Levi's sweatshirt, LVC '76 and Red Wing
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    Just received my first pair of "real" jeans. It's a raw TCB 50s. They are amazing, texture and hairiness of denim is fantastic. As I understand before hemming I need to get rid of shrinkage since jeans are raw, not one wash. Should I soak them two times in a very hot water, then throw them in washing machine to be 100% sure they do not shrink? Or it's too much?
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    Lot 2000 No.1 at ten months and four washes.
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    Really liking the length and leg opening of my pair. Have some fits with different shoes— 70s chucks, 997 new balances, Alden boots. As far as I can tell my jacket is actually more inconsistent/slubbier than the 20s jeans. Perhaps my jacket being washed over a dozen times has something to do with it. Or the way the loom is set up makes each pair unique. Also interesting is that the jeans have a slightly more beige tone to the weft while the jacket’s weft is much brighter and whiter. Also here’s a bad fit pic with my ranchman shirt, some sashimi and the view from the Marin Headland’s from a hike a couple days ago
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    Today was the day! Just got them in hand. Going to come back later and post a more details of my thoughts and a fit picture, but I figured Id dump in my initial photos and a quick first impression in the meantime! First and foremost, Id like to mention that Kelly and Scott have been the absolute most kind and courteous people that Ive ever tried to do business with me. They were so sweet and helpful during the ordering process, they messaged me twice during the waiting period just to check in on me, and they had a lovely chat with me today when I got in touch with them to let them know that they arrived. I would do business with them all day, everyday, and many times in the future. The packaging was beautiful. All of the "paperwork" looked very nice and well assembled. All of the cardboard inserts and information cards seemed to reflect their quality of work as it was all very sturdy and beautiful to look at. I was especially fond of the little tote bag that the jeans came in. Upon my first couple of examinations of the jeans themselves, they seem to be by FAR some of the best constructed pants that I have ever owned (although I have not handled Roy or Ooe). Everything is so nice and tidy. The workman ship is topnotch. Something about them seems "special" from the new pocket design to the hand signed and numbered tags. The denim is very very stiff so far, it is 14.5oz but it honestly feels much heavier than that right now. The fabric looks beautiful, although the color may be a little bit off in this round of photos I am so excited to get started!
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    SF01s... 5 years old this month... loads of life left in them...
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    so glad to see more pants receptions cats tats tuxes soakings bromancings! a celebratory fit pic in honour... [40 degree washes in a month or two will remove the extra length, lets see what havoc that plays with the fade locations, but enjoying extra bagginess and dark shading denim for now]
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    vintage jacket (branded King Kole?) deluxeware sweat tcb 30s jkt tcb 50s RW
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    This is a pair of the 20 oz GTB-style unsanforized denim that Momotaro put together about two years ago. I’ve been wearing them whenever the weather gets cold, so they only have about 6-8 months as part of a two pair rotation. Just gave them their last wash and put them away for the warmer months. Really love the natural tapered fit and the rich color of the denim, but they are a slooooow evolution. Still feeling relatively stiff at a point when most of my jeans have become super soft and draping. Still quite dark when most pairs had a lot of lighter blue peeking through (the photos appear more contrasted than real life). On the bright side though, I’m sure they’re going to keep surprising me for years after my other current pairs are retired.
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    ^ They're afraid of getting negged by wanting rape prices for their goods. EDIT: WTB - 3a-mk1 & 2 (open to any fabric).
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    Mission Workshop Undercover Inuyasha ACR
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    the amazing 1947 model fade from china forum user 麻吉小弟
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    Thanks! Yeah I'm also glad to own such a strong example of a Cone Mills denim (now that they're no longer a going concern). Here are two more pics that are a bit closer to what the color looks like in person:
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    Nine Lives sweatshirt, Oni Aizumi denim, parchment converse. Mike
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    closeups of my 737s that I sold this past weekend. Loved the fabric, construction and details of Stevensons but after gaining weight and wearing fuller jeans it is hard to go back to low/mid rises again. If they ever come out with a model with a higher rise(higher than 11 inches for 32ish waist) I'll definitely cop.
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    Cheers @STINGER93. The funny thing is I remember them being quite flat with a greyish tint when I first got them. I've worn them in rotation with various others over the years - so not that much wear overall really - and the last couple of years they have really developed much more blueness and quite subtle contrasts. Not sure if the pic below (from a few months ago) shows up the colour more accurately but I'll throw it out there anyway. And yeah the Buck-tites - I remember hesitating on the trigger and then they were sold out!! Would be interested to see how your black seed have developed over time whenever you get a chance.
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    Roman pro Cooperstown collection/ 1966 alpha industries ma-1/ camber insulated hoodie/ west ride/ new balance
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    Literately found these stashed away in some drawer, so as an apology I’m wearing them for as long as I can before I get the urge to wear another pair and another pair (even though I just got a pair of oni high rise!!!)..must stop buying and start enjoying...
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    Two days so far in these Memorial Jeans working in commercial construction doing plumbing I don’t think they’ll make the wait 6 month wash mark These will be getting washed this weekend after a full week of hard wear haha Maybe I should switch to Carhartt??
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    Fit pic of the warehousexlee 101z. Size 30. Short inseam because ryu has short legs.
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    Update on my 60s. Been wearing them since October. Washed 3 times or so. Probably will give them another wash in the near future. Also included is a pic of my son in a luchadore mask holding my jeans.
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    Gotz my new line up from Sagara... Cordmaster boots in natural vegtan..double midsole n norwegian stormwelted.
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    Just to clarify I bought them as work jeans. So I thought I’d see how these hold up. Not everyone’s cup of tea which is fine. Either way I like to see jeans being treated like jeans Here we are at 10 days of wear. 4 days working commercial construction
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    I had forgotten how soft and comfy the jeans were already after the initial wash. Very happy to get this started again and see how easy Karl will win it. Not too tight: Can't speak for the rest but I didn't have a tracking number. Edit: here are two pics from a night of indigo dyeing about a week ago. My friend Johan holds courses in dyeing and shibori. Check out moniker @dyeforindigo on Instagram if you want to see more fun stuff.
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    Mike was again nice enough to publish my little brand spotlight and review of the UES 400ST on his blog: https://indigoshrimp.wordpress.com/2018/03/22/ues-400st-jeans-review/
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    It's a beautiful day! I am in love with my pair of PBE-019 with beige tinted warp. Fit: With a dad bod, it's difficult to find something that gives enough room for years of alcohol abuse & overeating and yet slim down the leg and look modern. This fit hits it out of the park. Sure, there are a bit of knee bags but I need to lose weight and get of pairs of these in 34 instead. I legs aren't big enough for the size 36 I am wearing, but my waist is. The front rise after shrinkage is at 12 inches and the back rise is 15.5 inches so very comfy. The thighs and hips have. bit of flare standing up but they are super snug when sitting down. I keen feel honey combs behind the knees forming as I breathe in / breathe out. Overall, it feels very comfortable and yet snug enough to feel I will get all the fades in the right places. Fabric: It is 17.5oz fabric with beige tinted warp. Up close, you can tell it's beige but to the untrained eye; they're just another pair of indigo jeans. The fabric isn't hairy unlike the Flat head pair I have but it has these beige/white slub to it. Post soak measurements: I sat in a hot tub for 1 hour and then soaked them for another 30 minutes off body. The benefit is that the waist didn't shrink from 37 and is still 37. The inseam shrank 2 inches. The front rise shrank 1.5 inches. The tub looked lovely with the post soak indigo. Hardware: Minimalism seems to be their conscious effort. All rivets are unbranded just like Vintage Levi's from the war era that I read about. There are no arcs on the pockets. The leather patch is very simple and does not mention PBJ. The leaf on the rear pocket os the only branding. Some people may find the hardware not to their liking. I would certainly prefer a doughnut button and a PBJ leather patch. What next: Looks like I won't be taking these off for months so I may get a good amount of fades. Unfortunately, my FH is up for sale. Even if it doesn't sell, I doubt I would wear it. That's how much I love these 019s. However, at the rate I am losing weight; I may need a smaller size in a few months. I plan to buy the same 019 fit from PBJ in a different color maybe double indigo or something else. I would like to thank @Niro @Geeman @Paul T @Iron Horse @tigerstrom @beautiful_FrEaK for all the help and guidance in helping me transition from mass produced denim to selvedge. This forum and everybody here has been immensely patient with a very impatient person. With your help, I did get it right with my second pair. I will send tons of questions your way when I am ready for a pair of Warehouse, Sugarcane, TCB or OOA.
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    @Darkthrone I hot soaked my TCB 50's for one hour in hottest tap water, then hot washed them twice. I'm rocking the original hem length with a fat folded cuff.
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    @volvo240thebest this makes me think of jared lee when he was on the cover of the book "Men With Cats". I believe he's rocking the 50s contest jeans in the picture.
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    Managed to get a pair of the 1001XX in that limited run of Duck Digger denim that @bobo put up for a tour in 2015. hardly worn and for under $100 on yahoo.jp - a size bigger than I would’ve preferred, but wth.
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    Color: Sail/Dark Stucco-Cargo Khaki Style Code: AQ0996-102 Color: Black/Volt-Black Style Code: AQ0996-007
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    The TCB eagle have landed in Gothenburg. Drying now, getting ready for deskjob duty tomorrow.
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    @MJF9 As promised here are my Big Bro 2s - unfortunately it was already dark when I got home so apologies for the crappy interior lighting. I can take some better shots in natural light tomorrow since these really shine in the sun. Got these roughly 3 years ago, probably 1.5 or so years of actual wear (maybe less?) and roughly 10 or so washes. Most stunningly well-constructed jeans I've ever owned, and I love all the details ( weird, lined back pockets, fly buttons, and ridiculously tight stitching). Thankfully I didn't have to hem them and could preserve Roy's gorgeous chain stitch on the cuffs. I'll snap some shots in daylight tomorrow morning.
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    TCB 20s... with FHUTT, Merz B, Viberg...
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    Gave them a little wash and dry last night, and tried a different cuff option today