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    Okay, so I'm new here, I hope these photos post alright. These are the memorial jeans post-soak. Definitely a high rise like mpukas said and by far the highest rise of anything I have owned so far. I definitely have some shrink left in these but don't want to lose anymore space in the waist, so I think ill dip the legs in a hot soak in the next few days. These are a lovely pair of denim, I really like the relaxed fit more than I thought I would. Probably partly from lurking the tcb contest thread...
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    ^ looking good @mandel9000 re belt loops IIRC Inoue told me it's a lighter denim. I spent a beautiful morning with my girls in a nearby little city called Albenga, a place that I like very much. Brought the missus to do some shopping in one of her favourite clothes shops. Couple pics from the morning. peasant farmers market Morning ended gloriously with a lunch in oine of my favourite places spectacular farinata and a even more spectacular fresh and local fritto misto, with baby shrimps from Oneglia Happy Volvo jeans
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    hi, i'm new here, but i hope you don't mind if i crash the party knickerbocker beams+ warehouse converse
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    こんにちは!寒い日が続きます。2日前の朝は-4度だきました。 作業現場の近くの海。太平洋です。 私が働いているサイトです。 それは作業現場から見た日没です。 最近は、夜の夜に刺繍が施されました。それは着用後55日目です。 ポケットステッチがなくなってしまった。
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    Outstanding co. watch cap Outstanding co. 10 button peacoat Tcb ranchman shirt Remains BB vest Tcb 20s jeans White's Nomad
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    Lewis Leathers / TCB / Unbranded / RW
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    first proper wash using the machine using cold water
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    ^ fantastic jacket, man your collection of engineer boots and jackets is something else... navigare beanie tcb 30s jacket remains BB vest the rite stuff chambray bronson wide chinos white's semidress
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    Denim update- loving the texture of these!! lighting has “greyed” out the denim, much bluer in natural light but the texture comes across. Most accurate picture of color is the last photo of the patch.
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    this is art and this is a narcissist wanker (xpost from waywt)
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    TCB 50's jacket. Iron Heart baseball tee. CSF 1946 1st half. Red Wing 9874.
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    Marking a little personal milestone in the contest today as Ive just reached 2 straight weeks of wear (received the jeans on December 30th and have not taken them off since with the exception of for a few hours for a photoshoot one day and every night when the sweatpants go on). Today was also the first day that I chose to use the suspender buttons, and I actually really enjoyed it. It felt very comfortable, and doesnt look TOTALLY goofy, so I am going to try and get away with it for awhile. Other than that little bit of denim news, there was not a whole lot of excitement in my life today other than grabbing a coffee and a snack with some friends and a visit to The Shop Vancouver to talk about all things indigo (and touchy social issues) (and how jealous we are of some friends who are currently on a visit to Japan). 2 bonus photos from a drive with my dog to pick up my girlfriend from work
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    Freewheelers The Rite Stuff Ken Guaranteed Sugar Cane Red Wing
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    IH hoody/Stevenson/Red Wing/and most importantly, my 1 day old baby girl.
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    Here a few pics of my S5000GX-S Wind in size 33. 6 years old, 2 soaks and 6 washes.
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    50’s fades, just about a month and a half in maybe 3 washes:
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    New Himel jacket Freewheelers flannel MFSC trousers Wesco x Standard and Strange Knuckle Draggers
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    I need a macro lens! The fine details are too hard for my camera to pick up:
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    ahlem sunglasses velva sheen tender vans
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    Managed to find one of the chore coats from a few years back on Yahoo Auctions for a steal so I couldn't pass it up. Looks brand new in the photos. Plenty of photos once it arrives!
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    As promised some pictures... Denime 66XX (Shins) Denime 1951 XX-type
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    Knickerbocker Fullcount Fullcount BB No brand hoodie Fullcount converse
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    90s gap/ evisu paris/ cons
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    Berlins ace 50ies Rockabilly/RocknRoll musician Axel Praefcke in 1950ies TCB's.
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    He’s an iPhone photo showing the color in good lighting.
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    Nice cuffs and nosh, folks. Foxy, did you get a chance to check out the Three Chimneys? No real evo here. Just waiting on a lawsuit from my friends in SF.
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    some wall st. banker-style 20s today still fuzzy / still only initial hot soak + machine wash & dry back in early November
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    Scotch & Soda Peacoat & Vest / Denim & Supply / TCB / Red Wing
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    Trying to bypass the photo upload problem with a lil' instagram embed. The first three weeks I alternated with the Roy tour jeans and after Christmas I've been at quite a few formal events with work where baggy blue jeans should be avoided, so I'd put wear in the 1/2 to 2/3 of days since November 7th range. Three trips through washer and dryer, now contemplating if I'm going to give them a fourth before or after going to Eurosonic in The Netherlands next week.
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    looking great all bumping testing [patience] out borrowed camera, after blithe 'only need iphone' blarney... lost me patch number... & agreeing; sufu site not happy uploading better than phone-level-pix, going thru imgur for these [which now seem gigantic - so apologies] pix lighter than real life... trying to show soft cloud carpet feel of them nycsurfer: leave some indigo in for next year!
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    TCB 50's. 1 month wear. Fastest fading pair I've owned for sure.
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    in case anyone wanted to see what sz 29, 30" inseam sequent LT looks like on someone who's more like a sz 28, 28" inseam lol the pant itself is pretty wide-legged and roomy IMO. I think it's to help with airflow and range of motion since it has no stretch content. it is the most acronym looking veilance thing i have lol. i have it fully cinched here in these pics, but im going to try undoing the leg opening adjustor and cuffing it lol. it gives me some space age workwear vibes with the contrasting cuff i feel like these need some kind of ultralight moisture wicking base layer if youre gonna wear them in the summer cuz in my experience cknit gets gross when exposed to sweat. i wore them the other day in the rain with heattech leggings and it performed really well. swishy as all hell though
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    Sorry for spamming, but just wanted to share some updated fit pics. Jeans have stretched a good bit in the seat and they feel more comfortable now.
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    Kind of my go-to combo these days. I really like how versatile the FH3002 is. The neck proctection feature on the PBJ hoodie comes handy with this nasty cold wind in Montreal. Not the best lighting though. Nudie/PBJ/FH/RW
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    Got some new boots... Flat Head Medallion Boots, made of black Chromexcel leather with a quilted cowhide shaft, Vibram #700 sole, and custom FH cast steel buckles. They're super comfortable right out of the box, which is always a huge plus for me as I can't really handle breaking in stiff boots.
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    Just some more photos of my 50's jacket, really love it. Debating if I should wash it soon or wait until the end of the cold and wash it before storing it.
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    Freenote Freewheelers Stevenson Overall Role Club
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    @mlwdp requested a few black denim fits over in the Blunders thread. I don't wear my black denim enough and it seems i only wear them with my Lee jacket, black denim is so much fun for me i bought these jeans after a 4 yearish stint of only raw indigo denim. obligatory not today.
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    Type: D1657 (now 307) 18.5oz raw Worn for: 2.5+ years, probably 7-8 months of effective wear Washes: one around 7-8 months Previous post here. First wash on these. They start to look a bit like my 103s. Cheers!
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    TOP LEFT: 1880 Overalls Rigid. TOP RIGHT: 1915. BOTTOM LEFT: ROY Peanut. BOTTOM RIGHT: LVC 1976 Mirror Jeans. 1880 Overalls Rigid. 1915 ROY Peanut. LVC 1976 Mirror Jeans.
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    no shit? That's kinda crazy. I only paid 60 for them. I've been trying to find info on them since I bought them, but there's not much out there.
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    One of my most favourite denims: Denime 10th anniversary jeans 1952:
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    This was last week~ Stevenson Overalls deputy jacket The Rite Stuff harvester henley Oni Denim 122ZR-S jeans Monad x Momotaro Jeans button boots
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    My Memorial jeans, size 34, arrived today. Here are my own raw measurements (within a reasonable margin of Roy's measurements) Waist: 17.25" Front Rise: 13.25" Back rise: 17.0" Thigh at crotch: 14.25" Thigh 2" down: 13.325" Knee @ 14" down: 10.125" Hem: 9.125" Inseam: 38.5" I went TTS, and they're HUGE. Even if I get the same sort of shrinkage as the RT1002, I think they'll still be too big on me. But that's just how this cut is I suppose. I could have gone at least with a 33. I'm not sure If I'm gonna wash them or not... I'll wait to see what sort of shrink some other fellas are getting out of their pairs. This is by far the highest rise I've ever tried on. Not sure I'm down with it... There's quite a bit of weave irregularity; far more than my RT1002's, which have none. There's even a loop of weft popping through.
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    Got the midnight appaloosa on the 20% sale recently, loving everything about it.
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    Kapital Momotaro TCB 50s Tricker's
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    Photo of my 50's jacket taking in some sun the other day.
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    Another low effort post to keep it rollin' 66XX in the elevator