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    Was able to check out several of the pieces in person today; a few of my brief impressions: J47TS (Black): This actually looked better in person than in the photos, IMO. I already have the J47R so I couldn't really justify it, but trying it on I was certainly sorely tempted. The pockets generally are thoughtfully laid out; I think the left chest pocket is superior to the one on the R version. The one thing I didn't like so much was the collar -- it seems noticeably taller on the TS than the R, and looks slightly awkward to me, at least on my frame. Definitely one of the pieces I liked best, though. J47TS (White): This did not look as good in person as in the photos. The material seemed like it would dull / discolor / stain easily; just taking it out of the plastic bag it attracted some bits of dust and fibers floating around and they were highly evident against the white background. All-white is admittedly not my style, but even so, I had been attracted to this piece by the photos before I saw it in person. I'm guessing this is one that others might really enjoy, just wasn't for me. P23A: In the photos, I liked the look of the RAF better; in person I liked the black better (and actually bought a pair). These are definitely cartoony / cosplay-ish, but fun, and more utilitarian than something like the P26 (also a fun pant) given the extra pockets. The seat is kind of ridiculously wide, presumably because Stotz has no give and they're designed to allow you to move freely, but if you have less of a slim frame than I do they'd probably look more "normal". J63A: The FO fabric looked better in person than I imagined from the photos (more kind of future-synthetic, less pleather), and the hand-feel was slightly different than I expected, but I still can't quite dig it. Design-wise I actually really like the cut of this one, but it's also incredibly similar to an old Vexed Generation leather jacket I have with a full-face zip so I wasn't overly tempted. Definitely the nicer of the FO jackets in my mind, though. J46: I have the J46U-WS, and it's probably one of the Acronym jackets I wear most often, but I didn't really like this one too much. The lining made it feel kind of "overstuffed" somehow, which is the same impression I feel like the product photos give; combined with the FO fabric I just wasn't feeling it. J72-AK: This was a standout piece to me, and the other one along with the P23A that I ended up actually purchasing. The fabric is interesting and quite good-looking IMO, and I love the simplicity -- even though it has jacketsling loops attached, and I'm sure the marginal cost of a jacketsling is next to nothing, I kind of liked that they didn't include one with the jacket; the stripped-down cleanness of it (no pockets on an Acronym jacket!) I found strongly appealing. J74: I only saw this in the white, which looked amazing -- this is the one piece I actually regret missing out on this season. The fabric is essentially translucent, which I didn't quite realize from the product photos, and the way it behaves in the light in the real world is really appealing. The cut is also quite nice, and I like the black contrast details on the white jacket.
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    I climb mountains and climb indoors in my acronym gear all the time. SP3-X shorts are my favourite bottoms to climb in, with tights if it's cold. I'll have my J25-WS in my pack for summer rain and use my SS-J7C for cold weather climbs as a mid layer because it has underarm zips and mesh pockets so you just open them all up to avoid getting too warm. I've absolutely hammered them all for years and they're still in fantastic condition. Here's a quick pic from a scramble up Tryfan in Snowdonia, Wales. I also use the Vollebak base layers which are awesome for indoor and outdoor climbing.
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    For those of you who are curious about the new liner jacket. Having owned all the previous Aux Zip liner jackets, IMHO the J74 is the best one yet. The jacket is very comfortable and easy to wear thanks to its lightness and silkiness. Think WS without the bulk but work just as good as one, if not better. The silky look of the jacket also works well with your rigid GT jackets, giving it a more sophisticated look.
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    For SELL or TRADE... interesting trades preferred, will sell outright if not traded in a week or so. J1ts-S duo medium 9/10: worn outside 5 times. No signs of wear, PM for additional pics, includes paper and plastic, or I’ll knock off $5 and recycle them. Upstanding community members: pending trade resellers: $12,000
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    刺繍は楽しいです。 tcbranchmanshirt
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    well hello superdenim Muji.Postoveralls.Mccoy S613a.Sagara
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    As promised: I found a pair of Roy Big Bro CB1 jeans! They are slightly worn but I've always wanted a pair of Roy cinch back jeans so I couldn't pass these up. I love the way the cinch seamlessly blends into the back yoke of the jeans. Made with a nice lightweight 2x1 denim and featuring duck canvas pocket bags and fly lining. Looking at the measurements I was worried these would come up skinny but in fact they fit quite nicely. I'll try to get some fit pics this weekend. v
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    Outstanding co watch cap Tcb 30s jacket Tcb 50s Winson boots
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    So I want a second to talk about this particular piece that Errolson has been teasing. I had the pleasure to spend some time to talk to E while at hypefest and had a chance to feel this fabric and it's not what everyone thought it was. The j1a Errolson has been wearing is NOT PB nor FO. It is a new experimental fabric that has a micro grid backer and a similar outer to the inner paclite membrane. Feels almost like windstopper active (and Errolson lost the hood which is why he is wearing the volt hood lol)
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    Moustache by Guinness Sweatshirt by RMC
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    Hillside Schmidt Dry Bones x Self Edge (feeling all snug & fitted, on a rest day from voluminous fits) Viberg + textures + nicely faded Schmidt keyfob
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    One farewell wash for these, plus crotch repair.
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    The, I miss LA winter kit (it's already hitting the 20's in Denver ) Carhartt TCB 50'S Mountain Hardware Full count 1101 Wolverine
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    Not everyday god borrows a few pics from you!
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    TCB Full Count 1108 Chucks 70s
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    ^ keep the faith! (breathe through the crap: christmas has to come at some time!) tales from the washing line (again) also: the two patches (old competition and new normal) both suffering non-intelligibility... non-drastic puckering, gentle fading and a suspended double chore fit...
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    Howdy, it's been a while...ye olde corporate university seems to be extracting an undue share of surplus value from me these days...hardly even time for the fun of a medicinal bath...and my fpl team is about as middling this season as the toffees. My 20s haven't really turned the corner yet, but they have become increasingly sweatpant-like in their softness, which gets awkward given the way the suspender buttons poke me in the hips when I'm lounging about: Though I'm a fairly practiced home bread baker, I've always been inconsistent with my pizza dough. So, I've been making a concerted effort in that arena. Meanwhile, an uncle shared some of the bounty from his habanero crop, which I dutifully turned into hot sauce. Cheers!
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    been posted before but this is the standard denim after about 4 years, always machine washed but not too often, maybe once a month
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    Tcb shirt vest jacket and jeans Winson boots
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    My 1001, and the 8th wash. No idea how long anymore as they're worn infrequently due to work Before: After:
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    New denime XX
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    Jeans look damn fine Paolo! They bear the same signature whiskers as your 50s. This photo was taken today in Bamberg, I had the break my beer Ramadan because the beer was apparently too good. I add it for no reason!
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    TCB 50s Jacket H&M sweater SdA D1755 Vans
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    I have the 47R, 47A-WS, and seen the others in person. I think each are great jackets in their own right and personally I like the 47A-WS the most. All the -GT variants are within the realm of possibility; that is, given GT Pro's rigid structure the depth of pockets, concealment, and features are all "understandable". And if we think on what ACR has done in the past with -WS (J25, J61 come to mind), those too seem feasible creations as they are relatively simple designs that WS has an affinity towards. But now the features of the 47A built on WS seems totally unreasonable and like a major development to me. I think of it like the -GT variants are ducks...like ok ducks are cool and I can wrap my head around ducks. The A-WS is like a platypus...wth is this thing and how does this creature exist? It feels almost mystical, fake, maybe even a joke? WS should not be able to sustain, by sheer weight and thinness, all that the 47A is, but there we have it. To me the 47A-WS seems almost like an embodiment of Errolson's pride and arrogance: let me take one of my most complicated garments and construct it on something that makes it even harder. Like taking the Taj Mahal, which is already a feat with marble, and rebuilding it with toothpicks. Then! it's not even finished. It has features the original 47A didn't have: cinch cord, CF snaps, and packability. And not just any packability like the J25 and J61 had, but it fits perfectly on a 3A. By perfectly I mean that the straps aren't so short that the jacket sits directly behind the 3A when stowed, which would result in a bulge and discomfort. Instead they are calculated so that it sits right under the 3A when mounted, which means there's no interference between your 3A and you so it can still sit flush: Finally, this all clocks in at just 363 grams. That probably doesn't mean a lot to a lot of people, but coming from the UL backpacking world this is utterly insane. You should see the other jackets around this weight in the backpacking world: they're bland, simple shells with a hood and two pockets, and maybe pit zips. As for the others, I think the R is the most luxe and goes really well with a suit. The 47-GT is unassuming with a load of features hiding in plain sight. The A/TS-GT are over-the-top, yes, but afford a lot of function. The A-WS though is just "watch what I can do."
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    For ppl wondering how white stuffs ages years later. i got three models and material for your ref. one is ss-j4 wb-400 with nanosphere. It’s like 10 years usage with daily biking, causal wear. Oh of course food dirt like oil also split before, but it would be cleaned well, least in my opinion. Another is stotz white sp1ts-s,age would like around 5 years. And this dyskin, this is def not same as recent ds one cause that’s a high cotton blend.This should be around 10 years. gonna get details updated later.
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    KS1002s were made using his first full custom run, before black seed. It was 100% Cotton 14.5oz Unsanforized Cone Mill White Oak Denim. It is a bit heavier and does not have the pink line selvedge. He made some for SelfEdge and then a final run on his own with some modified details that used up the very last of that fabric. KS1002 on the left and RT1002, which used black seed, on the right.
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    Sorry for not dropping in recently. RUn out of disk space on my Macbook, and I've forgotten my SuFU password for the desktop. yes I'm an incredibly efficient person. We had a lovely summer break in Rome... where I wore my 44 cutoffs (and dreadful cheap sandals, yet another year of not finding decent ones). A few interesting places here and there which I'll try and load later. But just in case Volvo was worried my jeans are looking terrifically worn I thought I'd show them that they're not. It's probably a good time to wash them again but I'm a bit reluctant as I like them darker and crispier. Still working here and there trying to get some interesting projects going; apart from re-learning German via Duolingo, I've also rebooted my pizza technique. On a mission to get them, too, a bit crispier and more Romana, experimenting with various Tipo 0 and 00.
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    Quick shot of my son, myself, and my 60s at the Aquarium
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    The ng4 and ng9 both hold their shape much better than my old ng3. The addition of aux zip also makes them a lot more practical.
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    Hello everybody, hotel floor inspired me to take some pics.
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    Probably due for an update. Over the past couple weeks my brother visited San Francisco and we went for a bunch of breweries. Then this past weekend was fleet week here in SF. Breweries we visited were, cellarmaker, fieldwork, and the rare barrel with bread and pastries from tartine
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    710s after a year. Crotch blowout is currently forcing a hiatus.
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    fav trouser so far, been using this since 2/3 years ago..wish they had a better button construction.. Kapital.Left Field.Keen
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    Good morning. It has been about a month since I started wearing it. This jeans are washing without detergent this time. I am looking forward to see how it will be!
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    Considering the emphasis lately from E regarding paying higher wage/experienced workers, as well as the mast head of detail orientation, cross over use, and tiering- this is a pretty big gaffe. And one that could have easily been spotted both pre and post production. For a piece running this kind of money it’s inexcusable IMO. They should provide free repairs across the board, no ship fees no bullshit.
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    Sorry to Volvo specially for being a bit rubbish and not loading photos from, eg, Roma. I'm out of disk space on my laptop, so I tend to download travel pix on to our desktop, and of course I've forgotten my Sufu password so I can't access the thread from there. Yes, just a roundabout way of admitting I'm useless. Anyways, yesterday we took off for the coast, Whitstable, which I've probably posted here before. One pic is of the oyster beds - which are a key reason for visiting this little town. On the way home we took a slightly different route, looking for a legendary apple orchard (!) which was unfortunately closed. But on the way I saw this cool church made of corrugated iron. I'm sure I've read about these before, sometimes they were flat-pack churches for communities that had built up suddenly; in a couple of other locations they were assembled hurriedly to replace buildings that had burnt out. Then this morning was the usual dog walk up in Greenwich Park. Tourists are out early; it's nice seeing them here in the autumn, as it must be such a brilliant time to visit. (Even though you can see the haze of pollution, I guess, which we have most days, just like back in China). The classical building is The Queens House, built for Anne of Denmark (did she inspire John Grant?), builts circa 1605, obviously influenced by Palladio, and a very influential building in Georgian architecture.
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    This sounds about right, especially when you look at the honeycomb shadows on the fabric in the product shots (not the fabric close-up, but the rest). I realize we're well past the point where it even means anything to say something like this, but it's insane that anyone is charging that much for a Polartec Alpha jacket. Alpha is (last I checked) notorious for its poor durability—which is one of the reasons we're seeing Arc'teryx switch to Octa on all the jackets that used to use Alpha. Errolson is always tweeting about how we need a "total change in mentality" regarding the way we consume clothing, that we should reject "fast fashion," and so on... but my dude, you're selling a jacket that will not last very long. It seems we're far from the days of "Lightest, Fastest, Deafest, Baddest..." I shudder to think how heavy the J47TS-GT is going to be.
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    A quick pic of my pair that doesn't fit anymore
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    From a couple days ago. columbia knit cap / CDP 507xx / Bii Free hickory stripe shirt / TCB 60s / Vans Authentic
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    I'm sorry I've been so behind with updates. I have no real good excuses besides just working and hanging out. These are from the beginning of June, Im about to take some update photos and give em a good wash.
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    My TCB 50's have now become my outdoor climbing pants. Probably going to tear them apart but I'm cool with that.
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    6TS loadout for this weekend's trip to Amsterdam.
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    tcb jkt bob dong sweater tcb 20s winson
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    Got my 1108s yesterday, and wore them all day today. I really like the fit, it's slim but not tight anywhere, and the rise sits at the top of my hips, where I prefer. As long as my legs don't get huge from working out (which seems unlikely), these ought to be my go-to slim fit for a long time to come. I haven't owned a pair of jeans with such a vintage-style denim, but I really like this fabric. It's got a rougher, more textured feel than I expected it would, and I can see it becoming both very comfy and nicely faded with some wear. The details are all really nice, and the construction is top notch. These are a winner. Judging from how shrunken/fried the leather patch is, this pair was clearly one-washed with a dryer in the mix, so I don't think there will be any more shrinkage.
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    Autumnal Sunday afternoon so off to the pub. Feeling like a cross between Steve McQueen (cardigan and Bretton) and the big lebowski (beard) Joe Mcoys shawl neck Armorlux UES Clarks
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    Very nice Ale. Cheap watch cap Bob Dong sweater and monkey pants Tcb jacket Red Wing