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    happy new year peacocks! outstanding co watch cap bronson n1 deluxeware sweat tcb 20s excelsior pumps
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    Okay, so I'm new here, I hope these photos post alright. These are the memorial jeans post-soak. Definitely a high rise like mpukas said and by far the highest rise of anything I have owned so far. I definitely have some shrink left in these but don't want to lose anymore space in the waist, so I think ill dip the legs in a hot soak in the next few days. These are a lovely pair of denim, I really like the relaxed fit more than I thought I would. Probably partly from lurking the tcb contest thread...
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    ive never been much of a boot man , always go with a comfortable pair of trainers so i thought it would be cool to have a thread to show what trainers / sneakers were wearing . i realise that this could turn into a thread full of the same vans and converse over and over but hopefully we see a bit more of variety first up is my most recent purchase . Converse Star Bars , they are a japan exclusive release and i payed a bit more than i should for a pair of converse but ive always wanted a pair definitely going to get a few more pairs some Converse one stars next up is some vintage Converse from the 1960's , had originally thought they were from the 70's but after a bit of research i was proved wrong and my wardrobe staple , dont think ive been without a pair of these since i was 13
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    IH hoody/Stevenson/Red Wing/and most importantly, my 1 day old baby girl.
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    Hi !! I'm " kameisenpai " call me " senpai " joined TCB20's contest from Japan
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    Vintage b&l ray ban/ vintage brooks/ vintage lyle and scott/ Turnbull and asser/ lvc 1933 501/ docs
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    Barbour scarf Kapital TCB 50s Tricker's
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    ^ looking good @mandel9000 re belt loops IIRC Inoue told me it's a lighter denim. I spent a beautiful morning with my girls in a nearby little city called Albenga, a place that I like very much. Brought the missus to do some shopping in one of her favourite clothes shops. Couple pics from the morning. peasant farmers market Morning ended gloriously with a lunch in oine of my favourite places spectacular farinata and a even more spectacular fresh and local fritto misto, with baby shrimps from Oneglia Happy Volvo jeans
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    hi, i'm new here, but i hope you don't mind if i crash the party knickerbocker beams+ warehouse converse
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    The first day of the year turned out brilliant - off to a good start, everybody! all the best & a great 2018 to all from Mrs. & Mr. Foxy!
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    First day in my jeans! Woke up early this morning and gave them a 20 minute hot soak in the bathtub on as hot as it would go. Then I through them in the washer for another wash, followed by a run through the dryer. I am thinking that they probably have all of the shrinkage out of them now. I am really loving the denim, it is so soft, and comfortable. I was thinking that with the lighter feeling denim it might look a little bland to the eye, but that it not the case. I am a little unsure about what to do with the buckle back, I just ran it open all day today, and that was fine for now. My only little problem with them is that they seem to have ended up quite a bit longer than I had planned. When I ordered them, I ordered them with the same length as the LVC jeans that I always wear, but these seem to be quite a bit longer. I had to put 4 rolls in them in these photos and honestly still find them a little long. Not the end of the world, as I have access to chain stitching at The Shop Vancouver, but I'll hate to lose the masterful TCB hem All in all.. VERY pleased!
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    Here are my Warehouse x Hinoya 1001HX that came out at the beginning of this year. They have about 200 wears and have been machine washed and dried 7 times. Here's an imgur album with a few more photos.
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    Just got these SD-101 back from having the left knee repaired
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    身に着けてから34日目です。Zippoはコインポケットに入れられています。私は来年6月まで洗濯せずに着ます。 私は古いタイプの洗濯機を使用します。
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    It is a tool that I love. Chisels, planes, hammers, deposits, saws, electric saws, electric drivers ... I take care of them very much.
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    こんにちは!寒い日が続きます。2日前の朝は-4度だきました。 作業現場の近くの海。太平洋です。 私が働いているサイトです。 それは作業現場から見た日没です。 最近は、夜の夜に刺繍が施されました。それは着用後55日目です。 ポケットステッチがなくなってしまった。
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    Denim update- loving the texture of these!! lighting has “greyed” out the denim, much bluer in natural light but the texture comes across. Most accurate picture of color is the last photo of the patch.
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    outstanding co watch cap N1 tcb ranchman Remains BB vest tcb 50s white's nomad
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    Had a great day today! How about everybody else? Tonight I had to go meet with a vintage picker friend of mine because I needed to borrow a few pieces for a photoshoot that I am modelling for tomorrow, but while I was there we hung out and he showed me some of his current “crazy” pieces. He has been finding some real great stuff lately and I always love having a chat with the vintage loving folk to get their take on this whole denim thing. Managed to grab a photo of a few pieces that I particularly liked (and even snuck in 1 photo of the contest jeans with a new (vintage) pair of boots that I had to buy from him tonight for my personal wardrobe. The vest pictured is a real deal 1930s ish Browns Beach that he found somewhere on a road trip through Alberta last month The jeans are a 1955 or so Levi’s
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    I was doing very well at updating almost daily for my first few days, but then real life and a mighty cold killed that dream. Me and my girlfriend are currently expecting our first child, and have decided that we would like to have the baby back in our hometown where we grew up, close to both of our families so we have been very busy preparing things for the move. We are moving from Vancouver, British Columbia all the way to the complete opposite coast of Canada to Sydney, Nova Scotia. On top of that, I some how came down with a cold so I really havent been getting out much. But! I did however get to the beach on my 5th day of wear, and today on my 6th day of wear I went out with 2 friends for some coffee and lunch and ended up checking out a few local thrift stores (note the Evisu that I came across), and stopping in at a local game and collectable (nerd stuff) store for to play some board games. Still loving the jeans. My favourite that Ive had recently. Finally getting a tiny bit of room back in the waist I think
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    Finally some pictures of my jeans, great updates everyone!
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    Hi ! senpai here ! we are "blue three stars of TCB" L→R (IGname) yabuyoshi , kameisenpai , 1188sft at TCB jeans kojima japan!
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    LVC pullover, TCB shirt, Denime 66 & RW. Image quality on iPhone is shart.
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    ^ mmh this thread really needed another hipster craft beer fanatic...haha! Actually @mariano_vittori makes hipster craft beer, double penalty points... happy new year tcb 20s contest peasants! The sun is shining in Italy, 18° C!
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    Bliadhna Mhath Ùr Spend the night at a rather nice hotel. Had a drink... ...at a well stocked gin bar. Breakfast was good, too. Went to Culloden & the cathedral of Elgin. spending New Year on the Skye.
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    Outstanding co. watch cap Outstanding co. 10 button peacoat Tcb ranchman shirt Remains BB vest Tcb 20s jeans White's Nomad
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    Lewis Leathers / TCB / Unbranded / RW
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    first proper wash using the machine using cold water
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    after a long wait here is my raw tcb20s
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    Fit update! Holding out a little while longer before the first wash, they still feel pretty fresh.
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    Home for Chrismas, braving the elements. A bit nicer today, as seen from my mother's apartment. This is about as light as it gets these two months without sun. Well, that's not completely true, because even though the sun doesn't rise above the horizon between November and January 21st, we still see a bit of sunlight...for an hour, maybe, during the middle of the day. I checked the 7 day forecast before I left Oslo and it said it was going to rain the whole time so I didn't bother with ski equipment. Now I deeply regret it, perfect conditions. Can I sue?
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    Lazy backyard phone pictures! Love the fit—just what I was hoping for.
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    Day 38, 1 soak 1 wash, post wash pics
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    TCB 20's making things glamorous. We did a family photo shoot a couple weekends ago and despite what you see, both myself and my daughter were not having it. Weather was shit, we were cold and tired...basically any excuse an over privileged American could think up could apply.... Edited images so Im not sure color accuracy applies here. Also, this is a screenshot because Im lazy and didnt download the images. getting to this location you walk past a sign saying this is mountain lion habitat. All I was thinking at the time was it would be very inconvenient if we had to deal with a huge cat...
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    ^ fantastic jacket, man your collection of engineer boots and jackets is something else... navigare beanie tcb 30s jacket remains BB vest the rite stuff chambray bronson wide chinos white's semidress
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    Samurai S710XXCON GDB Contest Edition at 14th months.
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    Alright guys, received my Memorial Jeans and wanted to show some comparison shots of my three pairs of black seed denim. Admittedly I'm most likely going to hold onto these jeans for awhile before soaking or wearing them, but I am very tempted to start wearing them now. I find it interesting how much different his denim looks raw vs. washed and worn for awhile. The worn pairs are the RT1002 and the Test Lot jeans. I've probably put 7 to 8 months into the Test Lot jeans and 6 months on the RT1002's. Unfortunately I can't post full photos of the Test Lots, but I can post the front of the jeans. If anyone is interested in seeing them I can send them a picture directly. In the stacked photos the Memorial Jeans are on the bottom, the RT1002's are in the middle and the Test Lot jeans are on top.
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    Little weekend update. Saturday evening after work I went over and helped set up a surprise party for @longshanks, where we actually ended up wearing the same Roy shirt. Taking the dog out the next morning, wearing my IH type III and Viberg engineers. Sunday afternoon I went and checked out a home for my parents who are thinking of moving to Austin. It's been a weird situation but ever since they moved back from Singapore, they can't decide where they want to live, but this home is a real possibility I think. Topped off Sunday night with an Epic Brewing Big Bad Baptista.
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    Burgus Plus Type II Size 40 Worn 3.5 years Two bicycle accidents, one resulting in loss of left chest pocket button
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    Another wash for me... pushing 5 washes in total including initial washes.
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    Did another wash, only a couple of weeks after the last one, but after wearing the 20s everyday during my quite active vacation and falling in the woods a couple of times, it was due. I haven't measured yet but I do believe they shrunk a little more, plus the patch said thank you and good night (it looked more or less brand new up until this wash). I think this is a) because one of the machines in the laundry goes harder than the others, and/or b) I was distracted when I did the settings and accidentally chose 60 degrees. Indoor flash photography is a bit hit or miss for me, mostly the latter, but I think this came out pretty true to colour. Wear is really starting to show at this point and I'm exciiiiited.
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    A little blurry, but this - the middle section of my upper thigh - is where the suitcase rubbed.
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    And a few for Volvo. I forgot to photograph our Chrismas goose, but here's the baccala, cotechino and pizza we had over the New Year weekend. Plus the current denim combo. Like everyone I'm struck by how quickly this fabric crocks. In comparison, I've been wearing the 3-pleat for over a year now. Apart from chore coats or the Navy Jumper I've rarely worn double denim before. Obviously I'm enjoying slumming it now.
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    Greenwich itself has been very beautiful over this season. Although one of the most beautiful sights is definitely the Giuletta Sprint Speciale owned by a neighbour. The only car that's most attractive than a P1800 I reckon . The doorway is of a house in Spitalfields where I headed in search of Christmas presents.... this is a properly restored house!
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    Random shot, still Loving it!
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    This year’s lutefisk update: Also, it’s ten celcius below zero today and some nice ice crystal action on the window To quote our neighbor’s sign: Merry Christmas, everyone! Congrats on the second home, @Foxy2! Lovely photos.