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    Feedback and thoughts of ss18 so far(avm not included, check pages back): 1 all 3rd arm: if you new to the brand, that would rational to buy these new other than high priced used, but yeah the too green xpac this time is something drawback for people 2 J47A-WS:there are many j47, obviously and this would be some top well finished in my opinion. The windstoppers would hold the goods just like the gt version do, improved tailoring as well compared with gt j47a. 3 J1A-GTPL: a good first acr item if you a new acr user. GTPL in acr is always my preference, and this time around it get the job done well. It feels slightly thinner than J29 in GTPL for example, the duotone is alright with not so much dramatic effect, fitting will just go normal j1 do, slightly roomier than j1a-gt. 4 J1A-GTV: to be reviewed, but thats bit heavier than i expected as first impression 5 P30-DS: this thing works as the cargo parts balance the adult diaper in a subtle way, also the tailoring is crazy improved with knee lining, also this version ds is thick i pretty much feel it same as p23a-ds and p25h used. The belt system improved as well as ppl mentioned above, belt just using heavier material so the weight would hold the dynamic move safe and sound, or another word, acronymjutsu. 6 P30-CH: not tried it yet. 7 J73-WS: BEST WS stuffs for me in ACR, model that acr shows off their controlling of factory and tailoring method etc. 3D cutting in a unbelievable way which reminds me of the experiment that S19-DS done before. It fits profile, would work well as a versatile jacket in least three seasons. 8 J59TS-CH: Thats a kimono-bomber softshell, thats a lot of self reference from acr, i would actually name it as another direction just like ch-j31, just as rough first impression. For sizing, go down one size unless you mean to all modulars loaded, even with that, you would actually be safe at airport as its low-key other than j64ts for sure. The ch version is basically the one used in P10A-CH, which makes its cool to stay warm in early winter too.
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    Everyone has a wonderful update. I will update it for the first time in a long while. Now, Japan is rainy season. It is a difficult period to spend, but even I want to have fun. Sound of rain, smell of rain, singing voice of frog ... A cute visitor Serenity of the River Rice field playing rain sound Our house in the mountain Levi's 506xx and tcb 20s
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    Here you go ed, with one action shot ...
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    Finally reached 8 months and its time to wash my sda! Studio D’Artisan DM-107 #SDADENIMIO2017. 8 months 1 wash & 1 soak Post wash: Side by side with my 36 months Samurai Jeans S710XX Follow my instagram account @mrizky_denimevo for more fades!
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    I took a walk in various places yesterday.It was raining in the morning.It feels strange although it is sunny. Ryoma airport in Nankoku that went for the first time in a long time. Kochi 's Great "Sakamoto Ryoma" (Although it is a doll ... Ha ha ha) Then move to Kochi City ... Sunday market Vegetables, fruits, country sushi, barbecue, Tosa cutlery, et cetera ... anyway the people were more enthusiastic than summer heat. Potato tempura and tcb 20s Last time we went to Kochi Castle. I am sorry for a long time ... Finally, I think that I will wear contest jeans at work two months earlier than the original schedule ...
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    I have been a little mia recently. I had been traveling to the east coast to Martha’s Vineyard and was there for a few weeks. Jeans are starting to look great- love their current status.
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    ready for another wash.. Twentieth century as seen by Inoue
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    Lady white co gym tee Roy peanuts Nike 82' courts
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    50s denim galore
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    Next, some potato-quality post-soak fit pics, from just after their maiden voyage through the local redwoods: Really happy with these so far. The fit is just about all I could hope for, and the fabric is really something else—very prickly and stiff, with a lot of variation in color but not too too much slub or other unevenness. The leg twist is probably the most of any of my jeans, which I think goes pretty well with the aesthetic overall. A disclaimer: expect a flurry of low-effort posts over the next few weeks as I discover (and become over-excited by) more little quirks and details.
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    good evening! About 2 months wearing at work tcb60's. I feel like fading is faster than 20's and 50's.
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    Giving my jeans another wash today! I'm not 100 % sure, but I think it's only the second after the initial pre-wear wash. At this point in I had worn the previous pair more for many reasons, most importantly that Norway has experienced a heatwave recently that has taken away a lot of wear-time. The last few weeks have been cold but now we're back at 30 degrees celcius and shorts again. The folds on the left thigh (to the right here) shifted a bit after the first real wash, when the jeans shrunk a bit more. The wear on the back is real and because I got myself a new fancy bike with a hard Brooks seat that I'm trying to break in. Here's the bike! I bought it with the intention of going on more long bike trips, on the road and off-road, perhaps camping, but so far I've only biked around the neighborhood and to the office (five minutes away) a couple of times. But soon! The heatwave as experienced by my cat: Last week I went out walking in the rain in the Wesco boots that I rarely wear. I really do love them, and I dig the look on others, but for some reason it feels a bit too much with these jeans, almost costume-y. I'll get past that and wear them more though.
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    British sunshine... Diefenthal ELMC IH Roy Pras fresh out the box
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    Great updates everyone! nyc in the lead so far...Here are my pair:
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    Went to Milwaukee, of all places, for the first time last week (for a wedding). The city's downtown has some wonderful gilded age architecture, a great art museum on the shore of Lake Michigan, and a variety of interesting eateries, bars, breweries, and things to looks at, but hardly any people. It's a bizarre little ghost town that seems devoid of the younger urbanites that have caused (helped?) other metro areas across the U.S. to boom at an almost unmerciful rate. Part of me want to buy a downtown condo as an investment and just wait... The Milwaukee Art Museum: Duane Hanson's "Janitor"...not as famous as his tourist sculptures, but the outfit is probably more our speed. me, tcb 20s, ranchman & life partner refracted by a Larry Bell glass installation Some great little brownie cameras (i.e., Kodak x Teague collab) 20s
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    Wearing my OOE Yofukuten OA2XX for the first few times. Visvim/Shuttlesnotes/OOE/RW/Filson Full Album
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    Hat is Bronson Mfg. Co. Shirt is Joe McCoy. Jeans are SC Edo Ai. Boots are Red Wing.
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    Update of my 1001s at 157 wears with 14 washes and many spins through the dryer.
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    And then… Part 2 Oversize summertime fit Some aged chores Roses leaving us Whilst serving an abstract expressionist floral expression
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    Work is finally a bit more manageable and I had time to prepare a little update this weekend. First a fit and status pic that I also posted on instagram. I'm at either three or four washes, approaching the state of the previous jean when it was returned. I think this one is a little tighter than the last (it's not me getting bigger because other jeans fit the same) which has a small effect on wear (whiskers and thighs). My monstera deliciosa (Swiss cheese plant) deserves a photo too. It's growing outta control! On Saturday morning I decided to bike to the beach and since I left home before it got too hot, I wore jeans. After passing through the city centre, which can be quite a hassle, it's smooth, flat sailing along the harbor. Here's the ferry to Kiel, Germany. The king's cows chilling outside the royal farm. Bygdøy is an excellent place to go running. Lots and lots of paths through the forest and the tree coverage provides shade from the sun. At my destination, the beach. This was early, before the masses arrived. Found a nice spot by the water. It's raining today - which I think everyone's happy about, especially farmers, but the heatwave continues tomorrow.
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    Just returned from a day trip to Prague to see the Stones (for the third time in four years ). Highlight of the trip was the bitchin' apartment / suite we stayed at. 3 mins walk from the train station, 3 mins walk from Václavské náměstí, and pretty affordable as a group of 8. It was literally one whole floor in an old town building, huge double doors and all. Every room had a little gimmick like the round bed in this one. Wearing Levi's aloha shirt, TCB 20s and 70s for the show. Weather hot as balls so I cuffed higher than I usually do The show itself was fine, the venue (old airfield just outside of Prague) was lacking though. Literally just a field and meh food and drink (they managed to make Pilsner Urquell taste like piss, no idea how). Organisation wasn't good, very long lines everywhere, not enough toilettes, stuff like that. But the Prague subway was doing their best to get 80.000 people back into the city proper once the concert was over, props to them. Not a good picture, but the Czech railway train cars ooze old Soviet style
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    RMC Indigofera MF lot 64 Wesco Axebreakers
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    Two from last week Lee Westerner, J Crew madras, TCB 20s, 70s vintage Levi's, TCB 20s, 70s
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    Long time no see. Im currently very much into this jacket so both fits look similar, but i figured the jeans do justify the post. Ih j 35, resolute 710 &warehouse 800, 70s chucks & wesco, mccoys tees
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    been a while since my last post, This F380 just got its First year on 20th Of june 2018. so heres some pic updates after first handwash. Follow my ig for monthly updates of this jeans ---- > @f380_gif
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    The jeans have landed! To my great surprise (and pleasure!), they came unwashed, with no puckering or roping and a whopping 36.5" inseam. Tag says SC40501, without any following letter to indicate year or wash; I'm not sure what to make of this. The only signs of 10+ years' ownership were light lines of fading down the sides of the legs, where they'd been folded for the last who-knows-how-long. Snapped some pre-soak fit pics yesterday morning: …and then it was into the tub with them for a quickish soak. Decided to go for a less rigorous shrinking routine than I usually would, as the cut seems like it'll lend itself well to a little starchiness. Quite a bit of dye was lost to the water, anyhow: With the help of a sunny, windy afternoon, they were dry in just a few hours: The leg twist, here, is actually only slightly exaggerated.
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    Hi, gents. Spent some time strolling around Old Town Pasadena yesterday with the woman- Old Focals custom Vintage army surplus American Apparel T Sugar Cane Oki's CT70's
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    very nice @nycsurfer530 ! not much denim evo to show since last update. here's some general life update.. I'm in Germany again for a couple gigs in the Bayreuth area, I had a little time for one of my favourite hobbies, mullethunting, here's a rather rare and fine example of curly vokuhila That was a nice beer, though the usage of that specific Gothic font brings back sinister memories, at least to a foreigner like me... I'm always fascinated by how communicative can be the choice of a font.. friends my mates new bags. Can't use the old bag I had made out of tcb denim to travel as it doesn't fit a laptop, so I have bought this really nice backpack on taobao. Looks like an old army backpack but has an internal sleeve for the laptop, plus 5 pockets, very happy with it.
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    Popped into one of my fav Melbourne stores today and the owner wanted a few detail shots of my buco j-24l. It’s coming along nicely.
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    1937s, cinch removed so I can wear them with a belt.
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    not today but ... better than nothing Daisy hair accessories Buzz Rickson chambray Conners S409xxx M-46 Converse Jackstar and back to my usual uninspiring fit pics Conners S406xxx Real McCoys t shirt Conners S409xxx Converse Jackstar
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    ^ It's just how shirt and jeans drape in that pic but you kinda look like two stacked kids disguising as an adult I cheated on my contest 20s today, felt like this shirt would look better with more faded jeans. Lee 101 / Levi's / TFH / 70s Textures
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    Lovely updates folks. Just a couple of images from recent ramblings. Peveril of the Peak is a lovely pub near the train station in Manchester. Then there are a couple of Oxford - the Radcliffe Camera and surroundings, then the elegant block of buildings is Pembroke College. St Pancras station was a mess for years, despite which it was used for the exteriors of the Harry Potter films. It was restored a few years back and is now one of the most beautiful rail stations in europe, with its victorian steel span launched from a byzantine gothic cathedral (that's really a hotel).This is the view around 7am before we took a train up north. Finally, I think my jeans are getting near the wear of the last pair, which feels quicker to me although I have no idea how long has elapsed.
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    Shirt I dyed yesterday/ r by 45 rpm/ dr martens Back
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    Another wash, this time in the machine. About 6 months of wear so far. I love these jeans, been my every day jeans since I got them in January. Been surprised as how well they are holding up, very few broken threads. I think I'm going to order a pair of 1947s very soon.
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    Five Brother MiUSA shirt, Sugar Cane jeans, Red Wing boots. I love these pants. Disclaimer: actually Wednesday.
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    I grabbed the J69 and think it works way better in person than it does in their model shots—specifically, the downturned collar is actually a really great feature that makes the jacket wearable with an entirely different genre of clothing. The longer sleeves let you wear them straight like a biker jacket or tighten with a bit of bunch like a bomber. Collar turned down.
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    makes me wear my champloo again tho i can't even close the top two buttons. yasss love the sda "standard" denim. in my experience tender's standard 16oz denim comes pretty close to it – its tendency to "marble" is similar – but heavier. has same blue selvedge id too. sda: tender:
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    TCB 50's dog bed. Can't keep this little guy off of it.
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    vintage Wrangler shirt WH Ranch 1946 MF Trooper boots
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    tcb 60s
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    Finally the fit pics of my new SD-108.
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    Cross post from WAYFT thread. Bit of a proud moment today that my 4year old managed to climb up (almost) 10,000 feet above sea level today to Tiger Nest, Bhutan. I got married here 7 years ago and I thought what better way to break in a pair of SugarCane 2014 jeans. It was raining, there was some horse riding, lot of slush and lot of walking. I guess you could break in any pair if you did this trek.
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    I'd had a few amicable mail exchanges with them about my cancelled order and I thought it was done with to be honest, if they're gone they're gone and no amount of complaining or being a dick is going to change that. Then they just dropped me a line today out of the blue and apologised again for the mistake on their side in cancelling my order. told me how much they appreciated that I'd been a loyal customer for so long and made me an extremely generous offer to make up for it. I always say that it's not what you have to deal with, it's how you deal with it. In all honesty, I think this could be one of the best examples of turning around a customer disappointment that I've ever experienced. Hats off to them.
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    My Pessimon Dyed Worn about 10 - 15 times. No washes. Planning on wearing it a lot this summer.