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    After a gentle machine wash
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    Ooe / Stevenson / Hollows / TCB / White’s
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    Well it’s been great ‘drying weather’ so I think the shoulders turned out alright although the jacket is all over the place because the wind was so strong - it was the only shot when both plackets were nearly in position instead of blown open Bootleggers Wavy, Freewheelers S506XX, Rainbird Tee, S601XX c/w with White’s SD + Tender
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    have a nice day! railcar / rgt / arcteryx x2 / kapital / viberg
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    Visvim achse // basic tees // TCB 40s // Viberg x Iron Heart
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    #16 coming back into the game... Got mine near the end of October, after a size swap, so no special pocket bags or competition patch for me. Have been wearing them pretty consistently since, with a week off here and there. Took a while to get used to the incredibly high rise, but get used to them I did, and now I love the fit. First pic is April, after one wash. The rest are a couple of days ago, after another wash, and a crotch and hem repair.
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    Looking for crabs Not much luck unfortunately
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    in welcome to duke's ww2 tux to the parade... ww2tcbx2xattractions
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    Denim - i120 17 oz (18 after wash) unsanforized right hand twill; Ben prewashed collar deerskin over duck straight adjuster strap on back; Riveted; copper buckle rivets, copper buttons, copper w/silver center deerskin patch waistband and cuffs backlined with deerskin rounded cuff edge hidden inside chest pocket hanging strap
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    Tough work, following Duke—but someone’s got to do it Ooe / Merz / Hollows / Cane’s / Tricker’s
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    I’ve posted a slew of photos from longer hikes elsewhere around the state & country, but a big part of why I live where I do is how much access there is to nature just outside town Went for a nice walk this morning before the fog burned off, just around an ~8 minute drive / ~30 minute walk up the hill from my house in one of the regional parks Blackberries & thimbleberries will be coming into season any week now
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    Purse thing aging really nicely—been my main stuff-carrier for the past however long, works great & looks good too
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    Here’s something I’m working on. It’s not finished because I want to show a comparison of all the 601XX cuts. These are actual measurements of my own jeans, which have all been: a) Hemmed to varying lengths for cuffing purposes, so the hem is based on a 770mm inseam b) Washed and worn, some more than others, so the waist is less certain and stretch and shrink will have a small impact Anyway it might be useful as long as you don’t get too hung up on every millimetre …
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    Quickly done iphone but hope this is ok - fabric is still starchy but another wash and some wear will get it nice and soft
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    Ankara red line cone denim. Good leg twist action on these
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    Somehow this happened... SC41201 Awa Ai, 13oz neppy denim with tonal stitching. Indigo dyed leather patch Love the fabric of the pockets Size 33x32 (Raw) Waist: 35.5" Front Rise: 12.5" Back Rise: 16" Thighs: 13" Knee: 9.25" Leg opening: 7.9" Inseam: 33.75"
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    an almost x-post from waywt thread... this one has more direct sunlight, so is trying to pass as faded... plus another for jollies in the booze aisle for silhouette from above...
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    Different jeans, same repair
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    I dunno, call me crazy but $1k for three jackets somehow feels like a better deal than $1k for one jacket
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    Warehouse 800XX NW pair in size 34 (10 plus washes in 2 years) Warehouse 3076 workshirt (size 40)(10 plus washes in 1.5 years) Tanner Goods Classic Natural Leather Belt with stainless steel buckle (size 34)(age 1.5 years) Timberland 6" City Premium Boots featuring side zip
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    WTS J36-s black sz L 9/10 (comes back as the buyer vanished, hkd 14550 dhl shipped) WTB: S-CP2 RAF SZ M 9/10 or above S-J1A SZ S preferred (at least 9), sz M will be considered if condition is great) J28-E sz S preferred (at least 9), sz M will be considered if condition is great) WTS/WTT: J83-WS SZ M LIKE NEW FOR YOUR SIZE S OR SELL AT euro 1545 net so that I could cash it and to purchase from mother site