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    Nice progress gents! Just hit the [refresh] button on mine ... 2nd machine cold wash & hot dry. Just before chucking them in the washer, I marveled at the deep sheen developing around the seams, pocket edges, & lap ... got lured to the illusion of patina starting to build up. Of course, that’s just from the infrequent washing ... layers peeled right off in the wash However, I do like how the denim is right now. There’s comparatively minimum indigo loss in less traffic [less friction] areas & its got that certain crisp & heft to it, as the yarn/weave tightened up right after a wash. The denim may have reached its plateau ... as in, when the denim has given up its loose indigo pigments from initial wash & wear ... & what’s left are dug in the fabric. This is when the real grunt work begins. Now, I have to work harder for the fadez. Damn ‘combs are like elderly Asian women drivers, just won’t stay in their lanes. So, had to take ‘em out of the dryer, still slightly damp, to re-align the creases a bit as they fully dry. Taken under grey skies ... will snap another set when I get a chance on better lighting.
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    First time I've actually been "out" in a while Engineered garments jacket McCoys after hood Warehouse 25th 50's Converse jackstar
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    I was lucky enough to buy a pair of roy foreman pants from a friend who couldn’t fit them anymore. I’m not allowed to buy any more duck canvas pants. ebbets hat merz 215 tshirt roy foreman visvim Skagway
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    At 204 days of wear, after second wash. Also one soak. Parts are still damp here, so the darks look darker and they appear more constrasty than in real life. Photo from a hike/trail work day last week with my best buddy!
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    Ended up getting the shirt after all after getting a chance to try it on—fits way better through the neck & shoulders than TFH of old The Flat Head / Tightly Stitched / Cane’s / MOTO
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    Gave these another monthly wash: and a fit pic, I’ll admit I prefer the snugness when it’s freshly washed:
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    I think I'm posting too often. Thrifted H&M Tee Vintage Lee Riders (pics cross posted in Evo thread) VANS
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    Those Moto derbies are beautiful @julian-wolf! My brother has the exact same model and color and he loves his. They are looking really nice after a couple of years of wear. These are my new Flame Panda moc toe boots in Horween color 4 shell cordovan. This is my first pair of shell cordovan boots and I really like the color. The quality is quite good as I was expecting. These are quite chunky as you can see... so much so that they pushed me to finally get some wider cut jeans. Here they are with my At Last Co. Lot. 147 before I hemmed them:
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    Carhartt, 3x lee, whites sd
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    Got a pair of US Rubber Company trainers , not bad but I definitely wouldn't pay full price for them ( got them on sale ) . The rubber is a lot softer than what you would be used to with the likes of converse and the soles remind be of the old black plimsolls we wore in PE . There made in Slovakia so i think they may be made in the same factory that makes the Czech military shoes, hopefully they last a stretch because I do like the military style of them
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    Photo update on the 700’s I’ve had since 2010 - wearing occasionally over the last 3 months or so between the contest TCB WW2’s. They’re providing the faded blues that the TCBs stubbornly arent yielding yet They’re a bit tight but just about fit.....
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    nice walk yesterday on the Malvern Hills
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    Formal request, help me date these 501s... my grandma wants me to get an expert (that’s you guys, not me) to date my granddads jeans I also don’t think i’ve shared any good photos so here you are, thanks
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    As luck (or a very generous partner) would have it I was able to get out with a friend for about 36 hours over the weekend to get in a few short hikes and make some work off the Blue Ridge Parkway. The goal was to check out a few "balds" - treeless mountaintops, usually because of clearcutting decades ago. I'm more or less a stay at home dad right at the moment but my art practice isn't going away, it's just mostly dormant for a bit. Anyways, while the view at these places is amazing most of the work I do has to do with places that have some kind of history of blatant mediation in the landscape. While I make landscape pictures - these images below aren't my work - just some iphone pics to catalog the trip a bit. We started off at Max Patch, which used to be a cattle and sheep pasture and even had a landing strip for airplanes ~100 yrs ago. It's right off the AT (Appalachian Trail) so you cross paths with some serious hikers from time to time who stop to enjoy the view. I'm also not sure how much they love us denim clad car hikers. small car park after about 10 miles on gravel roads - if it's full you're SOL and need to drive the 30-40 min back out. Not quite peak season yet thankfully. A quick view from up top. Then crashing at the Pisgah Inn right off the parkway. It's usually tough to get a room there, but travel is still down because of Covid, and also early season. I'd never been able to get a spot at the Inn during my 5 years living in NC - so I was happy to get it finally. Dusk from my dinner spot. Doing this trip in one of my preferred tuxes - Companion Natural Indigo jacket / MF midnight 64's. Hat is Cottle. Woke up to that Thomas Cole / Hudson River Valley painters kinda light the next morning. The city I live in is just forested and hilly enough that I really don't get to see much sunrise/sunset so this was a treat. Hit a couple of more spots the after this before jetting back down the hills but will leave it here. Probably the last time I get up there before our family moves back to the Midwest so while a short trip I'll take it. @julian-wolf any part of Big Sur will do if it's open. I have no idea how it is these days, it's been almost a decade since I got out there but some of my favorite camping I've ever done - there was a spot off highway one first come first serve no reservation - overlooking the sea. Just bananas.
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    Took the pooch for a walk around Hampstead Heath today. Here’s the London skyline from Parliament Hill. Bonus photo of pooch resting at home after walk.
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    Cheap shades 70's Demolition Derby Tee Vintage tea core belt 5EP X StyleForum lot 001 2007 ( most beautiful denim ever! I just posted a ton of shots in the Evo thread) Vans Off the Wall
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    More posts the better for me as long as they're not the same outfit. Good to have a faster moving thread. Noah cap Sunray tee Le Laboureur jacket - I love this jacket but every time I take a pic I'm really disappointed. IRL it is actually quite loose and has a nice 70s open prison vibe to it but in pics it seems to be the least flattering thing I own I think it might be exactly the wrong length Dubbleware carpenters Red Wings
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    Lady Whites tee Tender Novesta
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    Promo code "MID30D1" gets you a 30% discount on alpha J90 on slamjam.com. Only M and L left. Sadly works only for the bomber.
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    At Last & Co x 3 FW Hollows Lofgren
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    Out last weekend with he kids at Thorndon Country Park, tracking down the Gruffalo. Correctly kitted out with Tender, Momotaro, Warehouse This weekend, we were at Weald Country Park looking for the elusive Stick Man agin with Tender but also PJB, Cushman and NB
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    Lot 303 sized up 1 so I can cuff the sleeves and have a much more ... steezier fit
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    Last Christmas my momz bought us a brazier for the garden, she probably felt a bit sorry for us using the old hobo biscuit tin.. y'know the mystic-biscuit tin with the Questlove apparition? ...when the package arrived she thought waitaminute!! 'this is a bit small and light for a brazier' opened it up and not being au fait with the interwebz she'd ordered a fire blanket by mistake.. Anywhoo... she said 'here i'll give you the dosh, you order it' but i didn't really want some cheap, rust through in 12months Amazon special so i held out for a re-stock of the German made 6mm thick cast iron braziers and i put the rest of the dosh towards... It arrived t'other day but we sit on a decked area and it would burn a black ring so i went to B&Q to get a base but they only had some wank 20mm thick faux-stepping stone so i went to Swifty's (our local architectural salvage yard) but i didn't want to pay £60 for a 6" thick millstone so i though fuck'it i'll make my own base for nowt... I made a quick plywood mould out of some old set-outs, with a recess in the middle which would stop the brazier being knocked off it's pedestal and collect the ash-saturated rain water which runs through the drainage hole in the middle. I coated the mould with Vaseline to aid with release.... Called in at Kelham Concrete for some advice re- the best mix, they gave me a bag of glass fibre strands and said 'chuck those in too, they'll help reinforce it without adding weight' Put it in my homemade (welded some RSJ's together, sat on a ply base with gasket glue and draught seal around the top with an acrylic lid, connected to a compressor) vacuum chamber to force the air out Topped it up and trowled it off 24hrs later..... Cut the tape and peel off the outer Leonard the cat inspecting my handiwork It's not quite dry, it'll be very pale grey in a week or two.. There you have it ...and a bonus shot of a slightly swankier GRP mould ive been working on this week