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    Hi everyone! It's been long time since I last renewed. The balcony of my house has begun to rot as it ages. I installed a roof on the balcony. The daughters are also happy. I also light the lantern and enjoy the atmosphere. And no33 came back from a long repair trip. The daughters are sleeping happily.
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    Went to Tenby, South Wales Played a lot of frisbee with the boys (plus bonus Evisu reference) Eat good pizza Saw a cool VW And lots more fun beachy stuff too. Car broke down on the way (leaking slave cylinder). Clutch went completely- not fun on a dual carriageway with the family. The roadside recovery firm dropped it at a garage for repairs that was an absolute bugger to get to. As a result here’s a soggy fit pic of me, setting out from our caravan on the perilous journey to retrieve the old banger
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    Bootleggers Wavy, Freewheelers Hammersmith and S601XX, Tender and White’s @MJF9 hello sailor!
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    Iron Heart | FW | FW 601xx 1951s | RDT
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    Bump... Wheel-thrown stoneware mug from a local pottery place I do like a good cup of coffee and these add to the enjoyment
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    Found some ~~loud~~ mocs on sale Tender / Sauce Zhan / Hollows / Cane’s / Yuks
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    given the selfie technique chat on the other thread... channelling >hipster geriatric wearing plastic bag prepares for ... < [& very undenim faktura of soft and sheer] tcb-post overalls-n.cabourn-r.mocs
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    Brown(-ish) t-shirt Warehouse Carmina
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    White T, 90s canes, white socks n timbs, water bottle
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    visiting Cannon Beach & Seaside Oregon. Such a beautiful place
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    Well worn Dawson apron (not mine) from local coffee shop
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    hello all probably should be in a different thread, but couldn't resist... a grand-daddy of a boot from Walmer Castle, UK... the the Duke's own Wellington... [note its tiny sole and what looks like a two panel construction...] plus what looks to an olde caricature of the fellow...
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    runabout starborn runabout denim chinos nb 990v4
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    Bit of blue starting to show on the Nippers Production of almost finished so all goes well the site should be up in a few weeks , can't wait to get started
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    Now how to properly pull off the army pullover...
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    Sugar cane 47’ vans Kitty
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    Now for something a bit different. These are some of the only vintage WAYWT posts I saved from the 2006 -2008 SUFU era. And a bonus momento from @tg76 that I still wear. These are technically all reposts even though the old content is long gone. I hope you enjoy! Carrying my son's 3RD grade building project home on my vintage SIMS ( it's Chicago's Tribune Tower) wearing mostly thrift and some SK8 Hi canvas. 2007ish Standing in front of my old art gallery (RIP Culturepop) Vintage leather Levi's T Julian Red Nikki Sixx denim 2006 Messing with exposure and lighting. Knit skull sweater Julian Red Hoboken Vintage cap toes. 2008 And an old gift from New Zealand (Thanks TG!)
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    Tender / SC / Kontex room shoes.
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    Jeans are back from repairs. Recently took a trip to San Miguel de Allende. A beautiful little historic mountain town in the middle of Mexico. It was originally developed as a silver mining town, then the economy was primarily driven by a vertically integrated textile mill where they processed cotton from raw bales to woven muslin. The mill was shuttered in 1991. The city moves heavily on tourism and service industries these days. Lovely people, beautiful architecture and tasty food. A delightful trip. Jeans are better than ever. Finally draping and falling like a well-worn pair should.
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    Avirex Henley // MF Trouser (SC47163) // VIberg x Iron Heart
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    WTS: P31-DS small, just tried on, full pack $800 P27H-DS small, 8.5/10, full pack $800 S24-DS-A black, small, brand new, full pack $400 J68-WS XS, 8.5/10, full pack $1000
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    My collab gbg001 jeans that I made with Göteborg Manufaktur and Denimbridge. This was the final sample pair so I think I’ve had them for a little over two years now.
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    Current boot lineup: Rolling Dub Trio / Chippewa / White's 5 years old / 3 years / 7 years [The White's got a lot of wear for about 4 or 5 years, but they really are too big for me and I've sort of stopped wearing them very often. RDT got good wear before the Covid, but less since. The Chippewas get lots of wear, including as motorcycle boots.]
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    In Wyoming for a few days, one state over from JDelage. First photo is the cabin from the movie Shane (1953), a favorite of mine.