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    Today was my daughter's birthday so I had a wonderful time in the German forest in okayamaJapan
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    Have a good weekend! Brycelands Type 1 denim jacket Individualized Shirts oxford B.D. Nigel Cabourn British Army Pants Alden loafers
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    Freewheelers Dylan, Brakeman, Dylan and Garrison c/w Tender and RDT Vincent
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    Got my 800xx about a week ago. Really enjoying these jeans so far. Love the fit and the crunchy denim. These probably fit me better in the top block than any other pair I've worn, the rise is perfect.
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    low effort x-posting... m51 liner-filson-tcb-russells
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    The usual low effort fit pic Mccoys chore jacket Warehouse sweat Conners s409xxx ww2 Converse jackstar
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    Slow Saturday today so here’s one for ya: my oldest pair in active rotation. R00
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    It was a surprisingly mild day (still cold enough to kill most of your common or garden sassenach) so I dug out my old Mill Reef hi-tops ... Freewheelers Dylan, Dylan, ‘Giants of the Dead’ PowerWear, Dylan and Mill Reef
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    Not looking as cheery as usual Michel ... but still a lot more more approachable than me (fuck off #rugged) Freewheelers Cassady, Turndown Collar Sweater Coat, Conductor and Lot601XX 1951 c/w Tender and White’s
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    Out for a stroll :) Individual Shirts Simonnot Godard suede belt Resolute 710 10th anniversary jeans Alden suede chukka
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    2002 in the banner denim. It’s really making me consider picking up one of the Dead Stock Blue 2001s coming out soon.
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    Naadam hat / Moscot / Patagonia / Surplus scarf / Sugar Cane flannel / 60s OG-107 / Danner
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    & my real excitement is in the jacket liner: some details... labels on the back... stamp and trim... experimenting with ways of fastening a buttonless garment: ribbons, elastic bands, two buttons fastened together (have settled on a motley assortment of all...) & intriguing inside detail: armpit and inside elbow patches from same parachute material as the exterior shell... & some details from the lightning magazine military jacket book; some nice liners and vests there... for m65 'test parka sample'... a different style of m51 liner... experimental jacket and trouser liner... [got my hands on a similar, but more modern production m65 trouser liner...] & great looking vest...
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    GFE Rear Connections tshirt Trophy Wesco Romeos
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    While everyone is talking about difficult things, I will post with care. My knees will explode soon.
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    Columbia Knit / Denime 60/40 / Bronson double V / Orslow fatigue / Rancort
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    By a long long distance, my favourite canvas sneakers - the original MiJ stuff is long gone, so I’d asked Geeman about Warehouse equivalents (brilliant help), but by a quirk of fate it might - just might - be possible to get a couple of pairs of original low-tops. With these and the incoming Bootleggers denim I’m like a dug wi’ twa dicks ...
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    Unc, I am amazed at the amount of loving abuse you give your jeans. Thanksgiving fit check
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    Carhartt, gbg x denimba, stussy x timberland
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    Comfy outdoor garment Tcb ww2 tux Deluxeware sweatshirt Paraboot
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    good morning! of course... russell moccasins saddle oneida moccasin in burgundy cxl with crepe sole found here [all gone now it seems...] after spending lots of time looking at big boots, the actual hole in the shoe collection was the more casual end so saw these went yes... [always looking for slip on / lighter yuks that fit the right price: and these seemed lower cost and more severely built, also planning on more military style tops, needed something more slacker to pair with camo/olive to not look psycho / prepper / MAGA-style] the crepe sole is a lot heavier and rigid than expected tho; a lot heavier than anything crepe I have owned before... [makes them heavier than the rm chukkas, nearly as heavy as my steel toes...] gives great big profile; but the heel slip is real atm, which is a bit more of a problem for a slip on than an engineer... enjoying the irony of winter capable loafers / boating shoes that have a boots-liek feel... cramming in wooden socks or sports socks with inserts to keep them vaguely on my feet... for mooching around more than running, for sure. quik pix...
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    A small update. Really should wash them more often when i compared to @Thanks_M8!
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    I’ll not post this in the WAYWT thread - there might be more sensitive souls perusing. Anyway, the Duchess used to be an amateur boxer but now she’s deemed too old to fight, and then with the pandemic ‘rules’ closing gyms and whatnot she can’t even get to train ... until one of the coaches had the brilliant idea of setting up an outdoor ‘gym’ down in Victoria Park (in the area i highlighted) - perfect so we go down and get shown up by the kids. Here I am well fucked after those stairs And yes I even wear FW when I’m breathing out my arse ... FW Cotton Watch Cap, PowerWear Cut-off Hood Sweatshirt, PowerWear Heavyweight Tee, PowerWear Sweatpants, Ultima Thule Barlow Socks, Hoka One One Rincon