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    Hard to follow @j0el2 but here’s my 101s on an overcast winter’s day after on/off wear for 8 years. The crotch has been repaired and the knees are almost worn out - when they develop holes there (which will be very soon), I’ll retire them. The close-ups are truer in colour.
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    tender tender 129 cheaney cairngorm
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    4th year of machine washing and drying. May get them repaired soon.
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    Cheap old hat Harman Optical The Rite Stuff Vasco Freewheelers Lofgren
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    ^ they look absolutely great! And here the 710 (36x33) with a more rugged footwear
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    For those wondering how the DM003 denimio Collab ages, here are a couple pictures. They're slubbier than I expected. There's almost a PBJ feel to them. And I really like the cut. Cheers
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    this issue is usually sorted by buying the correct size in the first place
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    Nothing wrong with climbing in TCB 20s.
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    SDA hat, Andersen-Andersen scarf, RMC, SDA Earth...
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    It’s been over a year and half of machine washing and drying. These have been my main and best fitting pair.
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    Hell yeah get those action shots flowin’ SDA D1548
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    SDA 101 I believe? Forgot the model number. 4 years of wear and machine washing/drying.
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    Been wearing this rope dyed Samurai beanie off and on for about 3.5 years. Started off quite dark and I think I’ve tossed it in the wash and dry 4 times. Im absolute Dog doo at taking pictures but this thing glimmers indigo under direct light.
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    This was from earlier today when I free solo’d up a 5,000 meter granite face (and flew back down in my wingsuit) before my morning Breve.
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    Since slim jeans aren't cool 'round here, slims shirts prolly aren't cool either. Guess I'll have to stop wearing TFH F-DS101 and 3202. Same clothes and venue as last time, different event. I'm so original.
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    Just received my FCL custom 2mm Leon. I went to Rivet & Hide as always since @Danny @ Rivet & Hide and co. provides amazing service. I always think Perfectos look worst when new, so hoping to break this in quickly!
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    new clinch boots iphone image taken in a mirror hence the reverse leg twist on some ooe's
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    WTS: J46-FO, full pack, medium. 9/10 condition -- no scuffs, etc. $1.4k net. Ships from NYC. IMO, amazing price for a great jacket.
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    WTS: P20-S Raf, small full pack. 7/10 due to fading, pretty standard wear in for stotz. No rips/tears/stains. $800 shipped in US. Extra international. Full pack. Bought used, washed it, and wore once before deciding raf with a slim cut doesn’t work on me. Will consider trade offers but really only interested in LA6B-DS, J68-WS, and S19-DS in medium.
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    My current list as usual since I never rotate: - My own Swissjeansfreak 15.5 oz greencast high rised straight cut Candiani Denim blue jeans wear day 130 If I would be able to finally do the inventory of my little Jeansmuseum I could add the list of the 9'000 jeans and 7'000 denim jackets here ha ha
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    Orlsow105 2 year wash. It is all about train track fades. No crazy fades just constant blue hues.
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    For it's weight and properties, the WS will hold up very well. I treat/wear them the same as I would GT Pro. The only WS item (of 9) I had issues with was the 46WS, which was a couple small holes due to the metal zipper. A GT patch fixed the issue. My J25WS which I have used heavily for five years has held up great, minus the inside layer is beginning to deteriorate around the neck. The other benefit of GT is the network of authorized repairers that will fix anything you wouldn't want to DIY.
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