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    Good stuff guys! Our local barrel orgon was out and about again. did a small streetdance in my cathartt, dehen , Edwin, ace western, atlast, vans.
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    Starting to thaw out here in Texas. What a crazy week. Buzz Rickson watch cap. RMC M-65 and ballpark sweat. Ooe Yofukuten Boss Overalls. Lofgren combat boots.
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    J28-WS First Impression Got the J28-WS a few days ago and I want to share my thoughts about it. Hope it will help people figure out whether is it worth the $3K resell price. First I would like to start from the difference between the older GT version and the WS version. Convertible collar In my opinion, the older GT version collar design, along with J28Ks and J28-E are aesthetically better than the new convertible collar on J28-WS. The 3D collar in previous ACR jackets, especially the one J28 used can provide better structural stiffness, which gives better support to magnet velcro. Storm Hat The newly designed removable storm hat replaced the original storm hoom which can be stored in the outer side of the 3D collar. This new hat/hood hybrid design is believed to be the one from J1E-GT experimental jacket. I personally like this new design despite I wasn't a big fan of bucket hats. With the characteristic of PA windstopper material, this hat is ultralight yet durable. The hat is taped so we can expect better water resistancy. It also can be worn as a normal bucket hat if you pack the hood parts inside. RainDrop [aka thigh shield / walking accelerator/ Dik cover] I believe this is the first length adjustable design in an acronym jacket. As you can see in the look book, these two pieces of single layer WS fabric are folded and stored in the inner side of lower hand pockets. Functionally, it’s a good design and should be used on more jackets in the future. However I’m not a fan of how it looks especially when you are wearing wide pants with large detached pockets like P30, P10A and P31A. Next I would like to share some of my short term experiences of this jacket. Ultra lightweight, an ideal everyday outer shell with balanced water resistancy and comfort. Beautifully designed and well functional triple front pockets can be accessed easily with single hand on driving. No need to open trapped WR zipper pockets under your seatbelts (if you have tried that on recent J1As you know what i’m talking about, pure pain) Storm hat introduces more variability in head protection under different weathers. Can be easily packed & stored in a front pocket. It’s also taped, I’m expecting to use it with other GT jackets. The short zipper added as part of the convertible collar is very likely to interfere with the main zipper, basically they block each other. It happens almost every time I wear this jacket. I have to pay extra attention to this problem all the time, which should be found and fixed in the testing progress. Pics attached below explain the problem. RainDrop curtains are hard to fold back to the inner pocket without a flat surface. Your ass is completely out of protection so better run fast in rainy day. An evenly wet pants brings no problem, but if only a wet butt… Attention: EXTRA FAT sleeves. I have only seen something similar on J79TS before. Still lack of expansion zip for the bottom hem. Would be great to have snap bottom near the wrist/chest part to wear in warmer area. Short summary, I only wore this jacket for a few days and did not regret the purchase. 8.5/10 satisfaction for this jacket so far. It’s a J28, one of the most popular models, and it’s made by WS. That makes it a must have for me, but it still comes with some issues like the zippes, and controversial looks with raindrop deployed. Some pics for reference: Fit with P30A, hat removed Storm hat- individual Raindrop-outer side Raindrop-inner side Raindrop-stored in inner pocket Zipper system-Interference issue
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    At Last x 2 / Bronson / Viberg / IH belt
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    day off swag TCB catboy jacket, TSPTR tee, DD-1003SXX 1943 jeans
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    Tender, Orslow, Cushman and Gustin Tender coming along nicely
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    Trophy Polo Custom belt ( made for me about 40 years ago...) TCB Whites
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    I'm not the most skilled man as well...just keep practicing. The W38 '47 aka 'honeymoon' jeans
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    Buzz Rickson watch cap All Saints A2 RRL selvedge shirt 1854 LVC Red Wings
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    WW2 I am delighted with my current WH rotation, being these, 46, and 47. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but finally finding a S501XX repro that fits me well is nice
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    A few years back my wife snaffled one of my denim books (pretty sure it was Paul T’s) and got this image printed on acrylic and framed. It was an excellent gift.
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    Doing some maintenance
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    FW x 3: indigo chambray CPO, red-brown aviators’ trousers, ground crew jacket
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    Got my P34-DS in XL in and instantly love them. They fall perfectly for my height and body type - big dudes in the house.
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    In contrast, the LA8-DS feels boxier/roomier, which makes sense when you compare its measurements to the LA6A/B. I'm 178 cm, 70 kg, wearing Size M.
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    Traveler's Company ballpoint pen - simple, functional, compact design Fits securely in the pocket; can be attached to a key ring or lanyard; lightweight, apparently 16 grams The grip area is wood; the barrel end metal The long cap is brass and is developing a nice patina
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    LA8-DS came in today after a bit of weather delays. Overall really like it, definitely a boxier cut like you guys have talked about already. I was kinda expecting that since I’m fairly tall and skinny and got an M. Only sizing gripe is the sleeves tend to stack a lot at my elbow when the buttons are done up, but this may be because it’s brand new or they’re too long for my arms; this is my first DS shirt so I don’t know personally. I’m around 6’ / 182cm so I dunno if it was a sizing error on my part or it’s just how it is. I honestly liked the fit of leaving the buttons undone and the center open more than I thought I would, I was worried it would look way too big on me doing that but, it gives a more of a causal light jacket vibe that I enjoy. The catch pocket is practical and easy to use, really roomy hand pockets, the articulation is great and gives you a huge range of motion. Other than that there’s not much else, kinda wish I could’ve got both the LA6 and this but got just the LA8 since I already have some black stand collar button up shirts and it’s a bit more visually distinctive/has different ways to wear it. (also since I’m new-ish to buying acrnm I didn’t know the shirt sling is just attached by a knot so that was surprising to see lol)
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    Do you know where you are?
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    This denim is slow fading, but very pretty. I dropped my pair off at a local tailor to fix the yoke and rear pocket, because I don’t own a sewing machine and I’m clumsy with my hands. I’ll do a proper update in a couple of months probably.