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    Visvim / Resolute 711 / Paraboobs Michael
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    My first pair of engineer boots. Visvim/Resolute/Visvim
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    I thought I'd post a 2 year update on my TCB 60s. They've been demoted to infrequent wear due to some weight gain and a less-than-ideal fit, but they've really come a long way. I've washed these about once a week or 2 if I wear them all week. Honestly, TCB is really one of the best values in the denim game right now. I personally feel like this pair's denim is a close match with Ooe in terms of character, but it's like half of the price. Apologies for the slight color differences between pictures and fuzz, my S8s camera is showing its age as well... The last one is the most accurate.
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    Eternal / Undercover / Resolute 710 / Tricker's x The Bureau
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    vsvm kapala kilgore/ vsvm elk flannel / vsvm 04R social sclupture / vsvm gabo
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    Roy Big Bro 2's just dried.
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    Got an initial response from Warehouse that is positive. Still some stuff that needs to be worked out to get a definite answer. Working on it!
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    gbg manufaktur tcb fleur de bagne resolute paraboot
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    Eviso Petero 18 (EGD2000TH001) Size 35 Measurements in inches Pre-wash: Waist - 34.6 Front Rise - 11.4 Upper Thigh - 12.8 Inseam - 32.7 Hem - 7.1 Rear Rise - ? Post-wash: Waist - 34 Front Rise - 11.2 Upper Thigh - 12 Inseam - 31.5 Hem - 6.9 Rear Rise - 14.8 I hot washed these at a laundromat, but it looks like they could absolutely shrink more. A little puzzling. I did also walk in them about 5 miles while they were still slightly damp, so I'm sure that contributes somewhat. Anyway, the laundromat has front loading machines, but my washer (currently out of service) is a top loading machine. I theorize that they weren't in contact with hot water for long enough to yield a ton of shrinkage. No problem! The texture is incredible, and it’s interesting to feel the ridges that travel vertically along the fabric I think I'm gonna throw some oil on that patch This is my first pair of Evisu, and I'm looking forward to a nice adventure with them best
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    I made this belt about two years ago, and this is how it looked new. The customer wore it every day all this time and sent me some photos recently. Amazing beautiful patina, and the leather is still very strong and not stretched at all, the belt will last for many years. That's what I love oak bark stirrup leather for!
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    We've just been to pick up the replacement Norco, it must be the last one in the country
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    Received my OA Boy's Pack the other day, it is a very nice backpack. Good size for everyday use but also has the ability to expand and fit enough for a long weekend trip. Lots of nice details on this, selvedge can be seen in various spots. The front pocket looks like two separate pockets but is actually one piece of canvas pleated. I'm considering also getting the utility bag and/or mountain pack in addition, the green version of this same fabric looks nice. Selvedge on the top of the outer flap: More selvedge: Pleated front pocket: Reenforced where the straps are connected:
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    Vintage Harley hat HWZN BROSSxCANVAS sweatshirt trophy 1605bk BH
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    Trailblazer shirt / jacket in rust
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    fit dump from the last few weeks. i wear the same pant most days
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    Art Fawcett hat, OP MiJ, Freewheelers, Stevenson, CSF, White Kloud
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    No denim today, sorry. Art Fawcett hat, OP MiJ, Freewheelers, Orgueil, PTC, Viapiana, White Kloud
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    I'm a big fan of Vollebak, i think i've mentioned it before on this thread. I've had some great experiences with their Customer Support team and their returns systems is fantastic. I've got a few pieces by them, most recently, the indestructible puffer jacket. It's a fantastic piece, the material is insane, has a beautiful shimmer to it and it's so cozy for the winter. The material is actually self healing as I discovered when a friend asked me to prove that it was actually indestructible... i stabbed it with a razor sharp steak knife, which made a tiny hole and when i rubbed the material together, the hole completely disappeared! Crazy. The only negative is that the snap fasteners are a bit hard to click into place but other than that it's a great piece.. Here's a pic of it anyway.
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    Did a little backpocket study on my Warehouse jeans the other day. Bit shitty pics but whatever: 1001's 1001XX Inazuma special 800 CL 1003XX 15th anniversary DD-1003SXX 1105 15th anniversary 700C Bonus patch pic
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    since i am a a big fan of the ´76 and the price came up reasonble i had to get another pair. cone denim to the left, japanese to the right. i like both denim so far
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    Freezing my butt off in Las Vegas moscot vintage woolrich jacket generic gray shirt pigeon tree crafting belt Mister Freedom Lot. 54 BB Role Club Underdogs
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    Yes, how dare they sell their products at full retail price! Why doesn’t everything cost 5p?
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    Yeah i know, upscaling seems to be hard for the brand, but you have to support your customer base, and basically denying service on products with the current pricing is just unacceptable. Especially if you praise sustainability as E is doing it right now with the so called "rep-iteration". RE J58 Cinch: this is something a tailor can fix if it bothers you, of course you have to get rid of the original hem and replace it though. Tried it, works wonders. I see most people won't do it because it can affect resell-value.