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    2 pairs of CSF jeans meeting each other outside of Japan
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    Schmidt Roy Tender (belt) Viberg
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    another wash another post [starting to get too hot to wear them in the muggy city...]
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    Warehouse Vintage Levi's Warehouse Warehouse
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    sweaty-uk-'mericun-casul tcb / russells
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    Craig Green hood E-J1A 3A-5TS Needles Cargos Kiko Kostadinov Asics
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    had no idea! all the historic prices i can find have it at $1100. if anyone wants it though, ill take $800 for it
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    1606 W Kn periodically since 2013, four washes are possible
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    Hello from Thailand. Orslow button down shirt - 2 year wash
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    real mccoys pherrows hollows ooe yofukuten lofgren
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    Hello from Thailand. Hardly worn my Boncoura 66 since April summer months. Been sticking to the looser Orslow Dad's Fit 101. Boncoura 66 Bought on 05/06/17 Bought at Steps Tokyo 5th washes and tumble dry at a local laudromat
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    Indigofera posted this on their Instagram today...
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    WTS J1A-GT Vers. 2.2 // L // BNWT // retail + fees
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    Finally fit pics of my 507XX.
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    You’re obviously entitled to ask for what you want but you’re making offers to people for selling at or below retail whereas this thing retailed at under 800US new ... none of my business really but seemed a bit odd, with respect
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    in case anyone was curious, medium p30a over a large p30a. only major difference i could see in terms of sizing. everything else is pretty much identical or a few millimeter difference.
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    I have a pair of women's 105s that I'm trying to sell. I bought them for my wife, but they are a bit too small. Maybe someone special in your life needs a pair! I'll give you a great deal. Size 1
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    Sassafras SF-10484 fit, detail pics remain to be taken…eventually
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    Here's a front/full length from 2.5 years.
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    Also the 32 like the 16/23a hold items better than standard cargo with the items higher up on the leg relative to the hip. Since the hip is the effective axis of movement shit farther away from your pockets is moving faster so the 16/23a/32 feel better fully laden than shit in the pockets of 1/3/5/7/10a/24/30/30a. Just an observation. The 32 also has a more forgiving waist so you don't have to wear it like CdG/Yohji trousers close to your belly button.
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    Seeing those on the Levi’s Japan Instagram now and they look pretty sweet. But not ¥71,820 sweet...
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