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    Two and a bit weeks late to the party. Cheers to @julian-wolf for sorting me out.
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    Saturday drinking - CHEERS people Before first sip... after first sip..
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    Similar pic to the one I posted on IG a couple of days back. Shirt is John Lofgren/Heritage Research from a few years back.
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    Feels like I just took photos of these a few months ago, but since the topic's come up… Black Seed might be my favorite denim
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    My first photo contribution to this thread. Came in raw and also had trouble with the waistband not being according to the charts. My previous STF experience told me, that stretching it out was possible, so i went with a hot soak and used my trusty coat hanger to stretch the waistband out while wet. The have since had 60 degrees to get most of the shrinkage out and i think that this more or less the final state. I'm pretty happy this the results! They have seen daily wear with a few exceptions, but they are already starting to fade bit.
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    wearing my s1001xx 1946 25th model.
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    My clowns outfit of today. my oldest piece of clothing, H bar C jacket going 25yrs lee sweater atlastco lot 161 vans
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    Two cats... and a duck, and a chicken, and a dog...
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    Another day another swing Freewheelers / 40s / Lofgren
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    The cat approves... took the plane to Edinburgh today... Arrived and hopped on the train to Glasgow... the denim is still very furry/hairy.
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    Always looks the same under this tree, but it's 30ºC today – jeans still manageable for now... I generally carry this Filson bag when out and about; it's included here to show the source of eventual fades Papa Nui PT109-er cap to tie things together nicely
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    at work in the s40s - "American Real Estate Photographer in the pandemic" LL bean hat Homemade Covid Mask Company issue polo style shirt TCB s40s White's Nomad shoe covers
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    Breakfast melon Sun Surf / Merz B. Schwanen / Hollows / Sugar Cane / Lofgren Cane's are starting to show some color
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    my parents came to visit us (due to covid international travel restrictions didn't see them for 9 month), so wen't to spend some time out of the city (raare sunny day)
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    My wife said my jeans still look brand new haha. I havent worn them to work because I don't want them to get filthy just yet. Soon itll be cold enough to wear overalls over them. I just want to set some creases before I give them their first hardcore wash.
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    Stevenson, WFG, Buzz Rickson, Viberg x Division Road
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    When it comes to stretch these are just extreme. I now wear a belt with them to not have them baggy to much. They have went from 37 (!) cm in wet state after a 50 c wash. I then manually stretched them before hanging them outside to dry. I'm sure they would have shrinked a little bit more if dried hot. Now they measure almost 44 cm, and if i stretch some more. In other words they stretched 14 cm (5,5") with not to much wear! I also made some amateur button hole repair when the thread suddenly came loose. Not anything fancy, but that will do for a while!
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    The Momotaro’s I’m retiring (left) and the very dark S40s. I’m m still fascinated by the rough texture of the denim and by how much it stretches.
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    Finally got a chance to take photos of flamepanda’s boot in natural light. The texture of the raw horsehide is insane. The leather has an almost velvety texture that you can see the knap when you run your finger across it. You can also see the imperfections on the horsehide, which is a plus point for me. Flamepanda did a superb job with the norvegese stitch. Very clean job on the mid soles, which I have also used some boot wax to polish up. Last photo is a comparison with my natural horsehide RDT Roots after on-off ~6 months of wear. The RDTs has darkened up quite a bit. Didn’t notice until the comparison shot