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    Here's mine fresh after washing. Color isn't consistent, #1 is truest I guess. I've noticed that the back pocket stitching is actually starting to break which is a first for me I've worn these a lot and exclusively for many months. 304 wear days, 18 washes (30° mostly), no drier. While I wish mine were a few cm longer, I liked the cut and fit from the beginning. They held up nicely, right pocket is starting to fray at the top but other than that no repears needed - just what a desk jockey lifestyle gets you, I guess. I've really enjoyed this contest, although my participation on Sufu has been zero for some time now...
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    Got my S&S x Lofgren Devil's Causeway boots in today, very pleased with them. It was a long wait but it was worth it, this leather is really unique and the size 12 fits perfectly. I was a little worried when I first got them as I really struggled to get the right boot on. But the plastic bag trick worked thankfully. Looking forward to some cooler temps so I can wear these daily, so far I'd say I'd buy another pair of Lofgren's no questions asked.
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    crosspost from GBG001 contest.... Ray Ban vintage Avirex Pike brothers Miners shirt GBG001 RW Iron Ranger
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    Still wear these even tho battered.
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    they might still be a bit darker than the rest of the "herd" but they're mine and I love them...
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    Just washed my jacket so grabbed some pics
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    been wearing this for 6months with 2x machine wash and 1x handwash.
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    Sunny day in East London PJB, QUBA, Orslow, Cons
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    My Flathead jacket 6 months in.
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    Leather things motor horsebutt engineers. Worn for 1 month? IMG_0288.HEIC
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    Thanks for a great ride everyone! A few more pics are up on my blog: http://indigoveins.com/tcb-20s-contest-jeans-update-3/
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    Do not recommend selling to this guy. Save yourselves the trouble.
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    Just been washed so grabbed pics. They've been stubborn forsure.
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    nothing special but enjoying extreme indigo transfer with semi-raw tender onto pecos...
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    Hello everybody, Doing a little cleaning and want to sell the following : J63A-FO - Large (9.5/10) : 1200€ ++ P15-CH night - Small (7/10) : 510€ ++ (No bag, no sheet) P24-S RAF (7/10) Fw16-17 : 850€ ++ (Sheet only) P23TS-S BLACK - Medium (8/10) : 700€ ++ (Sheet only) 3A-2 XPAC from 2019 (10/10) : 500€ ++ (SOLD) Price is sliglty negotiable. Will be happy to provide pics. Located in France. Add shipping and Paypal fees. Looking for : P30A-DS in size Medium NG4-PS P23A-S black in size Medium (10/10) FYI : I’ll be in London from 31/10 to 02/11 Thanks a lot
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    ^ agreeing: a great pair, still reckon mine have a year left in them, but for now trying to come to terms with 'normal fit' jeans (straight leg at the actual right waist size without huge hem or all the extra hardware...) ... and the loss of the pockets is a great pity, but Im real glad we got the chance for a second round... so thanks to everyone for their great company, thanks to the mighty @volvo240thebest for sorting all this out and to the inimitable @Bobbo for kicking off the world tour all this time ago! its been a journey
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