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    Here's a comparison between my 1946's in size 33" and size 34" I wore the size 34 for work over a 2yr period and the 33 for play over a 3yr period. ...after the 1st wash size 33 Size 34 After 1yr (ish) size 33 on the bottom . Size 33 on top . . ...and after their last wash Size 34 . . . Size 33 . . Size 33 on the right, you can see the snug fit showing more contrast . . . bonus shot.. size 33 in action . ...and then they fell to pieces
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    Samurai S710xx. 365 days of wear. Worn since 2012. More pictures and a detailed review at my blog.
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    For those wondering how the DM003 denimio Collab ages, here are a couple pictures. They're slubbier than I expected. There's almost a PBJ feel to them. And I really like the cut. Cheers
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    Sugar Cane 66s after about a year
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    I should probably apologise for all the money ive cost you Ryan.. Here's a fit pic of the 47's
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    Anyone need a jacket? https://global.rakuten.com/en/store/donna1992/item/sc14451/
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    Great news. Me too . LOvely to see you guys. I'm a three-days a week denim dude now so no chance of even winning a hat but I can copy Volvo and use the dremel etc.
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    Nice evo, great texture, chambo2008. You single handedly keep the Momo thread current!
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    Just some more photos of my cinch back 01's, go-to pants right now. Enjoying these as they fit just baggy enough and very comfortable. Looking forward to the new Cossack jackets that are coming out.
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    ..both pairs started to disintegrate soon after that^^ last wash, i repaired the 33's extensively... coin pocket, knee patches, crotch and thigh patch, hem blow-outs, arse seam, both back pockets started to fall off and had to be re-attached, i re-inserted a red tab..ect which gave me a few more months wear (see previous pg) . I had to shelve the 34's at that 2yr stage because they too needed extensive repair but like a loon i cut the end of my index finger off (fuck!) so opperating a needle and thread became impossible, now i'm fully recovered i might start on the repair job.
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    j78 has been my go to since getting it. it was very easy to wear standalone or with a hoody under no problem. fit is spot on and cuffs/hem are great. only issue for me was that it was only slightly too puffy to fit under some of my shells which made me look somewhat bulky.
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    The Old West jeans (and shirt) were *just* released - I mean in the last few days. They were still on the pre-order section last time I checked the website. Maybe OD or Denimio will carry them...?
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    Long shot I know, but if anyone has a NG4-PS they're willing to sell, hit me up. I've accepted that I'm going to have to pay over retail, but I'm not gonna do the 3x retail I'm seeing on grailed.
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    new clinch boots iphone image taken in a mirror hence the reverse leg twist on some ooe's
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    Question for all: How do you wear your sleeves if they're too long? Mine goes past my thumbs. I tried tightening the cuffs but it just causes some uncomfortable bunching. I'm currently cuffing the sleeves once.
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    ^ they look absolutely great! And here the 710 (36x33) with a more rugged footwear
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    Hah, fancy seeing you here. I'm thinking Toronto in the not-too-distant future, so good context. Thank you!
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    Pics or it didn't happen A familiar face at Pitti Uomo, featured on the GQ homepage
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    Windbreaker/Man-made Fabrics/RPO/Water Resistant. Still impacted by the 15% tariff, but still less than the 27.7% for the generic/miscellaneous codes that I've seen applied by default in my experience (which itself would be subject to the additional 15% tariff).
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    We get it Ed, you don’t like John Lofgren. Leave that in 2019, it’s played out.
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    J58 1st Gen / P24S / Union Jordan J58 / P10S / Sacai Waffle