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    Levis // Stripe Tees // TCB 40s // Vans
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    mister freedom whitesville warehouse lofgrens happy weekend folks!
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    an aside, who’s out here still selling stuff to @owetoe540? seen more ACR stuff on his grailed page (in all sizes because of course) — i thought we agreed that dude is cancelled?
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    For Sale: Price drop on the J78-WS - $1080 Also added LA6B-DS - $840
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    Thanks for the link @Broark. I LIKE these guys! The write up for the OG-12 is amazing: "Based on the flagship model "OG-2", a car coat like a sharpened Japanese sword has been completed. A leather Ichihara that creates an "adult defect" that doesn't suit young people."
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    yeah, miss me with the fawning over this boring laptop. errolson's an apple guy anyways, but congrats to him on the newfound brinks truck.
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    Borsalino Levi's old IH tee Sugar Cane Birkenstock edit : ...and another pic...
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    Seriously miss the s-j14 time thinkpad vibe. Not these light pollution.
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    Another day another swing Freewheelers / 40s / Lofgren
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    The Momotaro’s I’m retiring (left) and the very dark S40s. I’m m still fascinated by the rough texture of the denim and by how much it stretches.
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    Hate quoting myself but this is the first image that came to mind when I saw these pics
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    Feels like I just took photos of these a few months ago, but since the topic's come up… Black Seed might be my favorite denim
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    Lot 64 LHT Cone...very slow & subtle fades, but such a cool fabric. Meanwhile, is the new Snipes chambray made with the same Buzz fabric as BR's own USN chambray? Nice details, but quite the premium price if it is the same fabric.
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    og mf cali. 12 oz cone iirc. they keep changing the graphics, material and position of the leather patch and size tag (sometimes no graphics at all), i still think this is the best combo.
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    Would people here enjoy a eyewear X indigo thread? Not less relevant than watches, hats, and belts after all...
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    Got mine! This one fits a size smaller than the ecru. I’m loving it, but can’t wear it right now because it’s too hot in Oakland.