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    Just received the 20's repro made by Ono-san who works at YM Factory. Very pleased to fill the 20's gap left by the whole TCB competition saga. And I'm happy to say the stitching isn't as orange in real life as it was in the photos! Can anyone explain the history of the little crooked stitch on the corner of the back pockets? I know the TCB pair had this too, so it must be a 20's detail. Also the cinch is a vintage Solide buckle, they put a little protector on it for delivery.
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    I think the amount of irony that your new sufu account resembles the same as those you are describing on Grailed to be downright hilarious.
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    hello everyone I think it's time to close everything, Inoue is back at work and his team has time now to evaluate the jeans. therefore we have only the final submission by 1. Kamei Senpai 2. Volvo 3. Yabyoshi 4. Uncle Karl 5. Mariano Vittori 6. Jigsaw 7. Nayuta 8. Milehigh Evertonian 9. NycSurfer 10. PaulT 11. Bobbo 12. Srudy 13. FreeCharlesManson 14. Cucoo 15. bartlebyyphonics 16. Inimitable N! 17. AgingProject 18. Foxy I had another look at the final pages of this thread to make sure no one posted here but didn't post on the appropriate thread (what a mess!). Looks like only 18 people posted their final submissions.
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    Hi folks, I wonder if someone can help me identify the next Denime jacket and jeans , like year of production, are these rare, ehe quality , etc. , etc. Any info is welcome, i have searched on the internet and send messages to people who should know it, but no response yet So i hope someone in this forum can help me.
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    So how many pairs do you have now, eh Broark? Come on, we’re waiting...
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    Neat! Any details about the fabric etc?
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    Looking good! Seems like my Lone Wolf's have a slightly wider shaft. Can wear them with the jeans, but it looks a tad wonky.
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    I have two pairs of 800 in 34 -- an older pair that I've had and worn for a few years and a new, raw pair. The waist of the old pair measured 35.5" when new/raw, 34" after a wash, and 35" after some stretch. The new, raw pair is a little smaller, measuring 35.0" in the waist. As an aside, one thing I like about both pairs of 800 (size 34/32) is that the inseam is longer than on some other Warehouse jeans. The old pair measures 34" and the new, raw pair measures 35.5".
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    so i've been loving this pair of Imperials with black (greyish weft?) that i think were billed as "low viscosity sulfur dyed". warm soaked. worn for two weeks straight now. not noticing any fading at the hem or belt loops where my jacket/bag rub constantly. no ruboff on roughout leather boots or white sneakers. i've seen a few pics that suggest they fade eventually, but right now i'm not believing it
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    In my experience no, they won’t bleed like indigo denim will.
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    Feedback as well! Big thanks to @Yan90 for the very smooth transaction. Incredibly detail oriented and prompt with response! Everything came in as described. Already know he's vetted here very well but if you had any doubts at all just know he's as legit as they come. Thanks again!
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    another seller feedback~ Huge shoutout to the one and only @Wklcarl Had a really smooth transaction with him, was super helpfull and responsive throughout our deal. Jacket arrived today, ofc everything as described. Don't hesitate to do business with him !
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    since autum is around and the thread is asleep: young paul weller shows my favorite style for the colder days, a combination of a nice british tailored herringbone overcoat, probably made by aquascutum or burrberry along with some dark denim.
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    Blue Blue japan and porter just round the corner and 5 mins to Pizza Slice. I love that area.
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    That’s what other people say about our jeans!
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    ^ lol! and then ... @Paul T asked where the pair now goes: answer at this end: into the vault (a suitcase in the bottom of a cupboard...) ... lots of wear left, but now a nice step in the line of 'first jean' / 1890 / 1915 / 201 / 1920s... plus a comparison of 50s and 20s fades for jollies... (whatever visual similarity is lost when felt in hand: 50s very solid, 20s very supple...)
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    IDENTIFY PLEASE: Black jeans with red triangle stripes. Thanks