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    Freewheelers Deck Worker jacket. Freewheelers Jenkins flannel. Freewheelers 601XXC 1937. Paraboot.
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    Took them a little longer than usual, but WH has posted their fall/winter catalog. Along with the John Gluckow stuff! https://ware-house.jp/shopinfo/catalog2022aw/
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    black sign -- samurai -- red wing
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    @vIGGiou riou My pair size 34 (also hemmed to ~30 in.) measure 8.25 in. as well. I agree that they are comfortable and fit well. @Broark What did you hem your 601xxc to? I got my usual length and they feel a bit long even after a hot wash.
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    59club Bbq night last Saturday
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    Bubo hat / McCoy's vest / Union Special shirt / Duke's belt / Vanishing West jeans / Renav boots
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    snow fades filson runabout fw 601b nicks
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    Same clothes every day for the past week Tilley hat / Ooe bag / Rocky Mountain x Warehouse vest / Bubo flannel / Stevenson wool thermal / 2x Bubo shirts / 2x Merz wool tees / old Sugar Cane jeans / Tender socks / Hoggs of Fife boots
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    Been wearing mine here in Belfast for the past few weeks and its perfectly warm with a sweat underneath
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    @LazyS the Deck Worker parka is great, especially for the climate here. It's not very insulated, meaning I can wear it more regularly since it doesn't get all that cold. But the jungle cloth is pretty wind-resistant, so it acts as a nice outer layer. The collar area design is a little clunky during the first few wears while the fabric is still stiff. Now that it's settled a little it doesn't stick out or lay down awkwardly if that makes sense.
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    @Broark I got them a little better with the second wash. I think with how wide they are I should be wearing them with boots or with a cuff ,but I'm usually too lazy. How are you liking the deck worker jacket? I think I might want one.
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    WTS - All brand new J94VT / Large / Black Multi / Full Set - £499 J97 / Large / Black / Jacket only - £239 S26 PR / Large / Black / Full set - £179
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    @LazyS Seiichiro hemmed my pair to ~34.4 in. with the intention of them shrinking to 31 in. and he was right on the money. You might be able to get a little more shrink with a subsequent wash if your pair was raw initially.
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    So I recently bought two pairs of 710s- one in 33x33 which is pretty true-to-size for me, and the other pair is 34x34 which is slightly upsized. I plan on wearing/washing both regularly, but putting the 34x34 pair in a normal tumble dry cycle, and air-drying the 33x33. I'm interested to see how they age side-by-side. I'll make sure to share the progress here.
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    Haven't been contributing anything lately. fit after a couple washes on my 01 in the XX2 denim. shrunk vertically quite a bit more after the last wash. flooding with a cuff makes the length 'work' a bit better otherwise I'd prefer them a touch longer Doing the denim a disservice by wearing them right now, the crotch could also use a minor repair. you can see the true color of the denim in this photo, though
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    This was Flat Head's 8005A jean, originally released in December of 2009. They were made of a 13.75oz rope dyed indigo denim that was originally developed for Real Japan Blues but the fabric came out lighter in shade than what they wanted RJB jeans to look like so they ended up using the denim to make these 8005A jeans. They made 300 pairs with 100 pairs of those going to Self Edge. They were sort of a combination of many different styles of jeans with the buckle-back, workwear style pocket, curved front pockets, etc..
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    Any word on P30A-DS releasing outside of the KR ones? I tried to buy from Coevo but my credit card kept getting rejected >:(
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    Good stuff. Is the 37 and 56 denim also quite neppy? How do you like it compared to the "older" FW denim? How do you like the shirt? The cloth looks nice and solid. And beautiful colour. On the pics it looks basically like a persimmon block check (similar to that by SDA), while on other pics the green also shows, which then reminds me a little bit of the recent camouflage colour block check shirt by Deluxeware (still quite different of course).
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    Interest check for the following. Trying to free up some space in my closet and pick up some other pieces I have my eye on. Prices in Euros and shipping from the EU with shipping cost added on top of what’s listed. PayPal ff preferred. DM if you’re serious for more pics or any questions. J1A-GT 2.2 | Large | Black | 9.5/10 | €1400 J47-GT | Large | Black | 9.5/10 | €900 Nemen Zephyr 3L | Large | Purple Dripping | 9.5/10 | €400 J78-PX | Large | White | 9/10 | €900 sold J48-BR | Large | Gray | 8/10 | €300 LA8-AK | Medium | Black | 5/10 | €400 P30A-DS 1.1 | Large | Black | 9/10 | €1000 P31A-DS | Large | RAF | 9.5/10 | €600 P10-E | Medium | Alpha Green | 9.5/10 | €600 P14-CH | Large | Night | 7/10 | €500 SP29-M | Medium | Gray | 9/10 | €325 €300 https://imgur.com/a/m6ngowy
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    Sugar cane type i Stevenson encinitas all time high hoodie birkenstocks
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    runabout goods tux jeans are a 1930s cut with full legs
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