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    My 3109's. Couldn't tell you how many washes or how much wear, just many & much. Bought them in 2014/15 but only wore them sporadically, but they've seen much more action in the last 12mths.
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    Took a couple of quick phone pics of my DD-1001XX (1947) jeans. I've had them since May 2018, but didn't wear them all the time. Washed only a few times because I didn't do any strenuous work in them. I went for a size bigger (32 instead of 31) and have been wearing them with a belt as you might be able to tell from the waistband folds. It's made them a really easy pair of jeans to wear, especially in the summer time! Would liked to have nabbed the 1946 jeans in the newer denim, but opted for a pair of IH jeans for the winter time.
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    Buttons on my Sugar Cane ‘slack’ denim (SC40601). (Selvedge) Pocket bags are pretty cool too.
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    another wash another wrinkly set of the crinkly usual...
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    Exploring Fort Casey today for Father’s Day Filson shirt ROY Memorial Jeans
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    RRL Shirt RRL pants Nigel Carbourn Suspender Viberg x Iron Heart Engineer Boots
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    Quickly shitty fitty
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    Star of the show: 1907 mocs, fresh from their first resoling Also feat. Deluxeware, Cane's
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    My youngest is taking me for Sunday dinner as its fathers day so today's outfit with a bonus pic of me with the kids from a few weeks back Engineered Garments Beams Plus Orslow Clarks x 6876 And... EG Workday Warehouse Fullcount Redwing My sons probably head to toe Stone Island Shadow Project and Nanmica
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    So after all my bluster about the damn ACR specs they grew on me and I thought about getting them fitted for prescriptions. Looks like my shit is too heavy for the frames so I’m looking to let these go. F1-T-A model, worn a few times. Has all the stuff and things. Looking to get $600 shipped f/f, invoiced is extra. If you’re outside the continental US we’ll have to talk.
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    Coming along nicely. Just over a year of on and off wear.
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    Cookie monster Momotaro natural indigo
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    Business meeting attire 9 usd taobao jacket Bii free ocbd Bob dong n31 jeans Sanders tassel loafers
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    More peasant repairs. Zorro style I am back wearing these as much as i can for the final stretch. I hope the mediterranean heat and frequent washes will make the difference in the home stretch.... BTW I am really digging the 20s look without a belt and cinched to the max. Something i never thought about in the last months. Im also delighted to have discovered that yours truly is aknowledged as a "style icon" on a chinese denim forum. I would have preferred to be described as a "style genius" but I can live with that too...
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    Picked up the indigo linen shirt from SE, glad I did because now all the 46's are sold out. Super lightweight, perfect for the everlasting summer here. Funny because the tag says 100% cotton. I can see myself wearing this a lot.
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    It’s good to branch out...
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    WTB:J66-GTV size m, J40-CH m, J55-MP m WTS: all prices net, there will be better prices if bundle buy 3A-MP2TS single, no spec and ziplock, no holes(lol), old issue with the white sealed 125 usd 3A-MP1:limonta version,no spec and ziplock, no holes again(bottom corners with obvious signs of abrasion,there also fading and the blemish of the drag tab logo,not affect the funtion, see detail pics later) 250 usd 3A-MSOL;full set,solar panel and the battery brick basiclly died, but the carry case is super useful as being a molle pouch(bigger than mz3) 200 usd 3A-MK1(need double check):limonta version, no spec and ziplock. no holes, normal signs of wearing and the interior acrnm logo is fresh. 250 usd
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    F1-T-A - $600 shipped in US. Worn a couple times while waiting to see optometrist. Was told my prescription is too strong for the size of the frames, so unfortunately selling. Pics upon request (basically new though). SP9-E / Black / Small - $300 shipped in US. Used, the cotton has the typical Epic sheen to it. Light fading in high wear areas. Pics upon request. No bag or spec sheet (purchased without). J41-GT / FW1415 / Medium - $1100 shipped in US. Worn, but good condition. Minor pilling on collar. See Grailed for pictures. PM for shipping outside of US. Generally will be +$30-50.
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    Longines cal. 12.68z and TCBs today
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    i recently purchased a used pair of Ooe 1202xx made approximately 8 years ago. trying to learn more about this pair, i’ve been looking through these pages at all of the great Ooe photos, and it’s been great! so nice to see the evolution of Ryo and Hiro’s work, as well as people’s enthusiasm for it. so thanks to all who have contributed here, i really enjoyed going through all your posts and pictures. anyway, i wore a bunch of Ooe today, and i thought i would post a photo of it to share with all the other Ooe fanboys and girls, present and future. wearing the OA01 from 2018, featuring the short-lived but gorgeous XX2 denim, as well as the moleskin cossack windbreaker.
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    Denime was the first reproduction brand that I noticed years ago when I started getting into denim. Happy to say that I Recently acquired some Denime 66s from the Shins era. Quite a lovely denim and the fit is wonderful.