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    Same old ... same old Conners s409xxx ww2 White t shirt Conners s409xxx Vans
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    mf, sugar cane, labrador I'm hoping the jacket turns the same colour as the dog
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    Small update. No 77 jeans still pretty pristeen I haven’t ever really worn my jeans down that quickly... still really liking the shape - and everyone else’s updates - including when people are wondering about how much they’re into the jeans at different stages too.
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    Wash number God knows Bonus: pocket cat fadez
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    Quick trip to the local Japanese market, Mitsuwa for the some Clutch, a Real McCoy catalog and some candy Vintage wool and mohair moth eaten Kurt sweater Faux pearls Vintage short sleeved sweatshirt Vintage Seiko 5 Thrashed made in USA 501s Vintage Nettleton longwings with steel safety toe. Moths love Mohair Blown out crotch and worn down Red Tab.
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    lazy mirror selfie for yinz precious old buzz rickson chambray tcb wwii jeans john lofgren m43s (cuffs brought to you by sheer audacity)
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    I have not been on a plane in a couple of years at least, but it is a good thing I have been recently vaccinated as holy [email protected]$! there were a lot of people in the airport and the plane was completely full. But here is a picture of the jeans. Funny how the light makes both legs look different. Flying Alaska as I almost always do. Here are some bonus desert pictures at my destination
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    Vintage knit cap LVC crewneck sweat Old Red Tab 517 (w/ that weird cotton/poly denim for that permacrease and soft dusty 70's fade) Polo socks (the best) Vans Off The Wall
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    Feeling refreshed & revived after a weekend outside // trying out the squat Tender / Tezo / Cane’s / Tender / Tricker’s
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    Freewheelers Kerouac ‘Paradise’, Lot 506XX, Crew Neck, Lot 601XX 1939 and RDT Coupen Brogue (since brogues are now de riguer) Basically my 30s tux
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    Good mail day. The Signal & Brass Shoe Co repro of the 1880s / Nevada / Knappave overalls arrived. Slightly concerned they are a great post-soak fit before they’ve seen water, so might be cold washes only for these until I shift my lockdown gut. Won’t be worn in the LL Cool J style, just lazy cuffing to try on Nice wide hem/opening stitch on back pocket (if that makes sense) Period incorrect, but very handy, belt loops Single stitch throughout. Sewn on buttons. Rivets aren’t hammered. Back of copper rivets are super smooth and feel super high quality. No branding on rivets Z stitching on cinch strap and as expected, the leather patch is real nice Pocket bags use same denim (period correct) I think the bottom of the watch pocket should sit above the front pocket to be correct, but I won’t lose any sleep over this. I did a quick and dirty comparison with a pair of 1886 LVC (bottom pair). The biggest difference I spotted was the yoke stitching, which is upside down. Also the Signal pair is unfinished whereas the LVC are overlocked. No idea which is period correct. The Signal jeans also don’t have the selvedge line. The denim is 9.5oz unsanforised and is neppy. These will be a great loose, summer jean. Quick question: has anyone got any good tips for flattening the rivets, other than just twatting them? Is there something I need to be placing the rivet on to avoid nodgering it?
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    A little project on my Interceptor 650. I looped it on some ice a couple weeks back. The damage to the motorcycle was minimal and thankfully no damage to the rider. The jeans made it through unscathed as well. My brake paddle however was badly bent. We manhandled it back into useable position, but I opted to replace it along with the foot pegs for a more refined look and some adjustability in the peg position. Before and after shots here. All executed in all TCB: cap, jacket and jeans. Haha.
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    Picked up a pair of Dead stock Blue S1000XX yesterday at https://goteborgmanufaktur.se/ The denim sure looks promising! And a very neat cut. A little fun that there are a few specks of paint left from the arcs on the pockets. Like Warehouse forgot at first that it’s a European store. Edit with some quick pics:
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    These are the first Japanese denim jeans I bought a while back when.... not authentic repros but had a more rough and ready vibe - slim not vintage but more modern with still the sense of older jeans.. The colour of the blue is hard to capture - its sort of right in all of them! They're `skull 5010's
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    Triffer / Moscot / Orslow type3 / Bronson / Levis STF / Rancourt
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    I picked up the sugar cane black 1947s. This is the black jean I’ve been waiting for. papa Nui hat pbj tshirt 3sixteen chore coat sugar cane black 1947 visvim skagway
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    More photos in from my hiking partner, now incl. wildflowers, turkeys, mossy trees, major swaths of burn damage from recent wildfires, & jeans
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    Buzz Rickson Real McCoy’s Toys McCoy’s Fullcount
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    Deep colored tux today Tender / Companion (natural indigo overdye) / Mister Freedom midnights Need to work on the selfies and avoid that surly look - really I'm just squinting
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    Quiet Life / Tender / Crappy T / Mister Freedom / Cons / Infant wondering what's going on (not pictured)
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    I've gone for slightly confused as if I've just taken a blow to the head... M&S (finally getting a haircut tomorrow ) Le Laboureur Sunray Sportswear tee Dubbleware herringbone selvedge carpenter (thought these were sanforised but gave them a hot wash and they seem to have shrunk enough that I can tone down the excessive cuffage) Iron Rangers
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    Hey guys! ugh hope all has been well with you all!! Figured I’d try to bring some life to the thread by showcasing my SWD-L01 shirt. To be honest I’ve kind of lost count of how long I’ve been wearing the shirt or how many washes but I absolutely love this shirt! Here’s some shots. (Excuse the photo quality I’m at work bored ) Take care guys!!
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    Went for a quick hike in the hills east of Santa Cruz, this weekend: classic coastal / low-elevation Northern CA: green grass, live oaks, & wildflowers Likely more photos coming in the next few days