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    Took some quick photos of my Roy stuff this weekend. KS1002 RT1002 KS1002 vs RT1002/Cone Project vs Black Seed denim Cone Project Denim Evolution on KS1002s Black Seed Denim Evolution on test lot 2, R01, test lot 1, and RT1002 Heavy Denim Shirt Baja/BBQ Chambrays All duck The whole family
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    Around eight or nine months in on the Lofgren M43, really liking them so far
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    Some post wash photos. Edit, added some better fit pics.
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    another tender, this is the molleton denim after about two years. the belt is also tender. 20190322_070633 20190322_070807
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    Couple shots of the J77. Runs on the looser side but wouldn’t rec sizing down. (sz med 5’ 10” 175 lbs)
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    For those not into Tender, I'll just leave this here. Obviously, I'd be into a Tender contest.
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    Got my Okinawa Ranch Blouse yesterday, will try to get some fit pics up when it's dry. Going to have to embrace the shorter jacket fit, I think this is definitely the shortest jacket I own.
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    We don’t need this shit shit on a denim forum do we? I come here to get away from politics. And anyone who is a Holocaust denier can fuck right off. I’ve been to Auschwitz and there’s no denying what happened happened. Sorry.
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    i would like to echo this sentiment, the merino is special. cozy and has natural stretch. i have fallen asleep in it more than once. really love it when acr works with organic textiles. this is such a lovely intersection of proven materials and forward thinking pattern engineering. god i love this thing. Didn't wanna repost pic i posted a couple weeks ago. included one more recent pic and one bonus - apple store employee asked to sketch me on an ipad. he liked the garms but apparently didn't like my face.
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    Isn't it the whole point of Goodyear welter boots to be able to resole them and not needing to buy a new pair every time the sole is worn out?
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    WTT/WTS: ACR T-Shirts - Stash, etc. ***edit*** also have a Coevo x ACR Mask I could be persuaded to let go of. Some quick pics just to get the ball rolling. I can forward better photos this evening if need be. If the shirt is shown twice, it means I have large and xlarge in that model. I'm interested in J48-BR in Medium, L/XL pants, Cashmere/Cashllama stuff and other ACR t-shirts.
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    Wanted to share this Denimhunters article on photographing jeans here since it's probably the best thing I've seen on the subject, though I'm curious what you guys do. My technique is pretty simple, I take photos around 8-9 in the morning, on the driveway, out of direct sunlight. I have access to an iPhone XR that takes great photos, though my wife has a DSLR I really ought to learn how to use. I developed my strategy from trying to take photos that looked like Sidneylo's documentation of his infamous Flat Head 3001s, and though I'm not a pro photographer I feel like this gets me reasonably close. Whose photos stand out to you guys as being particularly good? I always like itsbenhere's photos of his jeans (he seems to do a similar technique to me, but with a better camera) and Double 0 Soul's pictures are also quite good and consistent so you can really see the differences between models of jeans.
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    another possibility still with a tender flavour could be a "whooper contest". whooper is a tender sub-brand: https://www.tenderstores.com/brand/whooper/ four different weave (rht, lht, plain, broken twill) and four different cuts, including a bootcut. the vibe is more resolute-ish. made in japan mall jeans. i've never tried one and there are practically no worn examples in the wild except for bill's. everyone can pick one of the four alternatives, we'll end up with a good understanding of the whooper range's potentials.
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    @Spiraltoy here's the back @MJF9 I've had them for about 3 years now but this was taken right around the 1.5 year mark. To bring this back on track, these types of fades would be happening around the end of a Tender contest...
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    seams apc isnt that populair anymore, here is my apc ns
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    WTB: Old pre-2014 ACR pieces - M-L , the more worn, the better like p13, p15, ds-j5, ss-j4, j11, e-j4ts, p17, j22, j30, j31, e-j1a, grey melange ss-j16 Old Shorts in M-L, the more worn, the better like sp1-ts, sp3-e, sp12, sp3x thinking of you, @xumatrix both lovers of old style ACR and @daniel if you know of any folks who need clear some extra space in their closet, you know who to hit up
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    This pair of 220 Carmel jeans is really stunning. I'm not usually a fast fader but these are coming in brilliantly. I almost want to buy a few more pairs so I'll have a lifetime supply.
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    had a chat with him and tina at a private event for the brand owners and crew before the denim carnival..
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    Excellent brand in all aspects. Rare slim fit day today wearing my 400t.
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    New watch day: this is the Halios Seaforth, in Al bronze with a dark blue sunburst face...
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    Lavenham Tcb 60s jacket Tcb 50s Warehouse sweatshirt (not vis) Paraboots