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    Another day another swing Freewheelers / 40s / Lofgren
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    The Momotaro’s I’m retiring (left) and the very dark S40s. I’m m still fascinated by the rough texture of the denim and by how much it stretches.
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    The cat approves... took the plane to Edinburgh today... Arrived and hopped on the train to Glasgow... the denim is still very furry/hairy.
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    My first photo contribution to this thread. Came in raw and also had trouble with the waistband not being according to the charts. My previous STF experience told me, that stretching it out was possible, so i went with a hot soak and used my trusty coat hanger to stretch the waistband out while wet. The have since had 60 degrees to get most of the shrinkage out and i think that this more or less the final state. I'm pretty happy this the results! They have seen daily wear with a few exceptions, but they are already starting to fade bit.
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    My clowns outfit of today. my oldest piece of clothing, H bar C jacket going 25yrs lee sweater atlastco lot 161 vans
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    Classic crotchshot feat. Gbg with loose, threads, milk records merch, asics, stussy x manhattan portage
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    Finally got a chance to take photos of flamepanda’s boot in natural light. The texture of the raw horsehide is insane. The leather has an almost velvety texture that you can see the knap when you run your finger across it. You can also see the imperfections on the horsehide, which is a plus point for me. Flamepanda did a superb job with the norvegese stitch. Very clean job on the mid soles, which I have also used some boot wax to polish up. Last photo is a comparison with my natural horsehide RDT Roots after on-off ~6 months of wear. The RDTs has darkened up quite a bit. Didn’t notice until the comparison shot
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    just dont get this one its got my name on it https://masuya1997.com/item/djangoatour-classic-frenchwork-linen-shirt-anotherline-3/ seconding @unders and @Duke Mantee that hiroyoshi is the man, super service. one thing to note django atour stuff is not as workwearish heavy duty as some other brands here, tho that might actually suit yr need (just dont order the shirt above :D). i have this baker's tweed jacket that i thought could be warm enough for when i was travelling in the uk, not even in winter, and i was still freezing my bollocks off. but the jacket is very pretty. cool collar/button placement, apparently inspired by russian work jacket?
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    FS: Gen 1.1 J58-WS size M 8.5/10 $825 + fees (or gift) + ship J61-GTV size M 9.5/10 $1900 + fees (or gift) + ship P10-DS size M 9/10 800 + fees (or gift) + ship
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    When it comes to stretch these are just extreme. I now wear a belt with them to not have them baggy to much. They have went from 37 (!) cm in wet state after a 50 c wash. I then manually stretched them before hanging them outside to dry. I'm sure they would have shrinked a little bit more if dried hot. Now they measure almost 44 cm, and if i stretch some more. In other words they stretched 14 cm (5,5") with not to much wear! I also made some amateur button hole repair when the thread suddenly came loose. Not anything fancy, but that will do for a while!
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    Similar pic to the one I posted on IG a couple of days back. Shirt is John Lofgren/Heritage Research from a few years back.
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    Agreed, really envious of that linen square-tailed shirt—would be perfect for hiking in, and it's aged beautifully Here are some photos of the Type 430 Butterfly shirt in red-ochre-dyed airbag cambric, size 4 The fabric's really nice and stretchy, but this size is too slim for me in the shoulders (works great everywhere else) Also feat. Cane's and Birks
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    haven't finished yet lol 129 jeans in molleton denim. the denim is quite similar in colour and heftiness (heftier) to sda's standard denim (same blue selvedge id, 17 vs. 15 oz?), but tender's feels softer, velour-esqe, perhaps bcoz of the molleton process (explained previously on this thread). love the long pocketbag (same denim, selvedge) fade: i get samurai 710xx circa 2009 combs without even trying pretty great roping from the factory lockstitch peekaboo! in the eternal search to replicate early levi's irregularities i reckon tender stuffs are actually leading the race. made in a factory to specs with irregularities that come naturally from industrial but small-scale operations? (if you look closely you can see some of the home repairs i've done. the tender aesthetics allows for mods and repairs like these to blend in perfectly.)
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    more monster posts butterfly shirt, the one @julian-wolf has for sale, in ecru calico. the button is metal wrapped in fabric. nice subtle selvedge line square tail shirt in woad linen, very cool (temp-wise) fabric, probably my most worn i love the utilitarian pocket on this shirt. i believe it was inspired by a diy mod by a tender fan on this forum? wallaby shirt in green khaki dyed cotton sateen i love the british racing green buttons on this one verdigris-dyed tesseract shirt in ecru cotton lawn with indigo stripes the verdigris dye is basically gone from the ecru fabric, but some are left on the buttons! tender stuffs suit my aesthetic the most out of all the usual brands on this forum.
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    Looks like there will be a Type 900 jacket restock soon, could be my first Tender clothing purchase.
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    Note: No actual cat was harmed in the snapping of this photo...
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    wts: j79ts-gt full pack size small worn once, $1500 + fees and shipping
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    still dreaming here: WTB: P24A anything XS
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    And a couple of fit pics of the new Cone chore coat, really happy with the fit.
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    Macro of my XX-18oz-019 in double indigo from a few months ago. This fabric is something else.