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    Was really happy to add the Warehouse Cowboy Pants to the collection. Although will probably save them for next year whilst I work on my TCB WW2’s.
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    Hat and Sweater made by my mum. MF Ranch Blouse Nigel Cabourn Reversible Rain Jacket TCB WW2’s John Lofgren Donkey Punchers
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    20s tux / FW 1927 / TCB 20s / Big Yank / Viberg / Dark sky
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    swift one on the way out: bronson wh rmc tcb novesta
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    It’s been freezing here lately, so yesterday I bought a warm overall and shoes for the doggo, put on wool underwear and my expedition down jacket, and went for a long walk in the woods. The trees are weighed down with heavy snow, bending and forming obstacles and portals. Just lovely! (The lack of jean action, or me, in the photos due to the dog’s limited skills.)
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    Lastly here's my vintage wrangler goodies: early 1960's Bluebell's Wrangler 22MJZ, two deadstock pairs of boys Wrangler 13mwz jeans (made in 1968 and 1969 respectfully) and an early-mid 1970's coverall/unionall which l bought recently in mint condition.
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    Levis 70505 from around 1968 which my son wore for a while. Lovely two tone stitch model which are getting very hard to find -
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    At work Gangsterville Glad Hand Buzz Wesco
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    here’s a fit pic. it’s a tad longer in the sleeve and body than i’m used to compared to my MF ranch blouse. I hot washed twice to ensure maximum shrinkage. i dig it!
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    Hat and Sweater made by my mum. MF Ranch Blouse Nigel Cabourn Reversible Rain Jacket TCB WW2’s John Lofgren Donkey Punchers
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    Also love the 327’s. Something about the weirdly shaped sole really does it for me.
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    I like this 327 cushion feel like air walking
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    Was light enough to snap some pics for this thread, so l dug out what l have to add my 2 cents. Photographs of these two pieces still in the Lee thread from 11 years ago but here's some fresh shots. Late 1960's Lee 100J 'Westerner' and early 60's Lee 101LJ 'Stormrider' -
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    Leica M6 w/ Summicron 50mm Omega Speedmaster Professional PBJ Type 2
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    Just got inoculated . . . 1st dose out of the way. •Samurai 710MOG •Freewheelers •BrooksBros •SpringleMove •Moderna Covid Shield
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    left field vintage pendleton uniqlo sugar cane red wing
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    Freewheelers / Merz / Hollows / Roy / Lofgren
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    Mixing vintage and reproduction: 1960's J.C. Penny's Payday brand jacket over vintage cardigan sweater and well worn Lee Archive Japan 1944's.
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    This one’s in my daughter’s room
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    The bright orange triple stitching on the cowboy pants...
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    Just arrived from S&S’ sale: block stripe navy x mustard tee (not loopwheeled) and triple stitch cowboy pants...
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    Not much change in the way of wear on my ww2 but I got a proper camera and I'm "trying" to figure out how to use it Ww2
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    Deadstock blue s1000xx arrived today