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    You guys are gonna be happy in a few months then... #nospoliers
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    Well I didn’t leave Tokyo with any big E’s for myself ... but Jack struck lucky in Marvin’s Got himself another pair of 503zxx but an earlier pair this time ( 54/56 ? ) . Got some time to take a few pics while we’re having a rest from the chaos of Hong Kong Disney land
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    Yabuyoshi from IG is up there with PaulT I think, different kind of fades but equally fierce!
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    WTT P10a-e black (full pack) size xs for: P30-ds size S (preferred) P23a-ds size S
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    I would love for the P1TS to return in a new material
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    At Last Co ROY Memorial New Balance
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    Pulling out some indigo socks for their first real wear this evening—the artificial lighting doesn't do justice to the depth of color on these! After a year or so of wearing mostly Tender socks, I don't see myself going with anything else any time soon.
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    effector aw warehouse duck digger belly full of bbq tofu belt not needed ooe yofukuten OA01XX-1217 paraboot chambord
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    So how's the waiting coming along? I can report that Inoue-san has started cutting the fabric earlier this week. Here's a few pictures from when Shingo visited him last summer: http://denimbridge.jp/2018/07/08/9136 Btw, looks like we'll be a little more than 50 people in the contest, 20 from Japan.
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    Hello, is ues do the collabs with denime? I got ues x denime in 66 models Here's the pictures!
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    My pair of CH is so worn in that it’s hard to make a comparison at this point. But I will say with some degree of surety that the new E is lighter than the 2018 DS, and fit a little snugger imo. Could just be the lack of stretch to a degree, but I also find they have a little less fabric in places, both the waist, calves, and length. Out of all the iterations of P10’s I’ve worn, these fit me the best IMO. I’m def gonna cop a pair in black if possible, and any other iterations in this fabric. (Well, not TS if they make that mistake again. Shit looks cool without the pouches but otherwise- meh)
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    I really like orSlow's stuff. @Broark the fabric they use for the shirt is the same as the one they use for the Fatigue Pants? With the warmer weather I see myself wearing the Cargo pants more often
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    Got a reply from Kuniyoshi-san that he will be able to sign the pocketbags.
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    Denime was the first reproduction brand that I noticed years ago when I started getting into denim. Happy to say that I Recently acquired some Denime 66s from the Shins era. Quite a lovely denim and the fit is wonderful.
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    Just was graced with a pair of 127's from Standard & Strange's mystery sale. I have to admit I never heard of or seen this brand before. So I was pleasantly surprised to find all these unique details in them. However I am unsure if these are rinsed, washed, or raw? I'm thinking these are straight raw but could you guys help me out?
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    Happy '13th' anniversary for my Red Moon Silverman wallet and keybag! (I have had both swivel hooks replaced, and had the wallet repaired : replaced the snap button & the zip, then re-stitched twice over the 13 years)
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    Been looking for a pair of leather pants for years and i just Scored these Schott Leather 5 pocket pants, unworn with tags on eBay for less than $200. Solid fit and they’re made of a nice kinda heavy steerhide. I guess Levi’s arc copyright only extends to denim?
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