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    Interest Check WTS: P30A-DS size small, $1000 (retail) + shipping (from previous drop, not the recent one)
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    P24a-ds size large ss18 $1200 +fees
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    extremely khaki kinda day Bronson + Tender + Tezo + Hollows + Cane's + Red Wing
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    Mister Freedom Stevenson Overalls Pure Blue Japan x Okayamadenim Truman boots
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    tender, sc hawaii, blunnies
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    was going through my closet and found some old denim. thought the fades looked cool and that maybe some folks on here would appreciate them. here are a pair of SDA-103s that i picked up in 2007. probably the 2nd pair of japanese denim that i ever bought. i loved how these were fading, but honestly probably sized down too small, so i only wore them for a couple of years. semi-interesting note on these: i bought them right around when Levi's was threatening to sue all these japanese denim makers for copyright infrigement, so right after i paid for these, the guy that rung me up proceeded to rip the pocket stitching out with a seam ripper and cut out the little red flag. i was kinda bummed, but was at least glad i got to keep the piggies on the leather patch.
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    So many pants to wear, but my competitive nature is not allowing me to take these off.
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    So here’s my hometown Lidköping , a town of 23 000 ppl. Situated on the south shore of Sweden’s biggest lake Vänern. It was founded in 1446 so has quite a rich history. Used to be the city where one of Sweden’s largest porcelain factories Rörstrand was so that brought in a lot of creatives. Following are a few pics of my side of town.
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    It’s pretty floppy for that imo - I would get the NG5-AK if you want a gaiter and something that’s still out. It’s the same material and would fit better than an NG4 worn in a gaiter style. Neither will have the rigid powerstretch quality that you want but it’s still a nice material if you ask me.
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    Left Field muleskinner from the first batch, 14oz Nihon Menpu denim, 12oz blanket lining. Owned for 5 years now, worn pretty frequently, few times a week during cooler weather. Lost count of the washes but I would guess maybe 6-7 times. Got a hole in one of the pockets and the cuffs are starting to fray a bit but it still going strong and I have no plan on retiring it, still one of my favorites. Last pic is from the day I got it for comparison.
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    Here's a comparison between my 1946's in size 33" and size 34" I wore the size 34 for work over a 2yr period and the 33 for play over a 3yr period. ...after the 1st wash size 33 Size 34 After 1yr (ish) size 33 on the bottom . Size 33 on top . . ...and after their last wash Size 34 . . . Size 33 . . Size 33 on the right, you can see the snug fit showing more contrast . . . bonus shot.. size 33 in action . ...and then they fell to pieces