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I’ve recently machine washed my @ooe_yofukuten OA02 jeans. Worn since the beginning of this year on and off. I would say 4 months of real wear. Got soaked twice before wearing and hand washed with lukewarm water a couple of months ago. They are getting along nicely. The fabric is rather plain but irregularities show up more and more. The hardware and buttons are a work of art as is Hiro sewing skills. A few threads are gone but I’ve repaired it my my hands. I always get broken stitch on the back pockets, I must move a lot when sitting down ! The chainstitch hemming done at @dc4_berlin is got better too! In some pictures I compare my faded pair to a brand new one I’ve just received. @ooe_yofukuten #rawdenim #ooeyofukuten #ooeyoufukuten #oa02xx #selvedge #selvedgeforum #selvedgesunday

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