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  2. WTT or WTS : P23-S Raf size M Just received them from Bureau Belfast today, a little too huge for my tiny waist. I know this is almost impossible, but is there anyone willing to trade me a p23s in size S? PM if WTB
  3. My High Large Leathers Stillwater:
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  5. Explains why the images look familiar. I just thought it may have been a similarly shot campaign. I wondered why I couldn't find any more images when googling it
  6. TCB

    I guess the closer fit between the tcb models would be the preshrunk jeans, although it's still quite different.
  7. great fit @kevypf597! everytime i see someone wearing sda, i always get the urge to put on my champloos. sda cuts are always so nice, so flattering. then i try to put them on and the tiny fairy waist makes me scream bloody murder!
  9. You want us to tell you whether we prefer a 28 or 36 so you can then buy one based one what we prefer rather than what you prefer? They're both great jackets, i will tell you the 36 fits closer than the 28, which is cut quite loose. If you had a specific question about the jackets people might be more forthcoming in helping you.
  10. yeah i'm already diggin' it! Thanks. But I wanted a clear and updated information, regardless all the new stuff etc... but you're right. I'll make my own decision alone I guess....
  11. There's a wealth of information on those topics that have been discussed in detail for most, if not all of those jackets. Search bar is at the top (mobile), dig away my friend.
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  13. I had wedge sole red wings and then got White's with vibram 700 and stacked curved heel. TBH the White's are more comfortable, once the heel is worn in to make a smooth transition, and I walk a shit ton every day in them for work. The support the boots give makes up for the lack of cushion. It's like riding a BMX bike vs a mountain bike with suspension. If you land smooth with a good transition, you don't need a bunch of shock absorption.
  14. great piece of heritage!
  15. I believe that the lad is insinuating that your appearance in that photograph gives the impression that you partake in the hooligan activity known as 'skateboarding' and have sufficient skill such that you are able to perform the maneuver known as a 'slash grind' in which you ride your skateboard up the wall of an empty swimming pool and position the 'trucks' of your skateboard onto the lip of the pool and 'grind' your trucks against the lip of the pool. Anyway, here are some recent pics Himel jacket, Ooe Yofukuten shirt, Leroy jeans, John Lofgren boots RMC A2 and henley, Conner's Sewing Factory jeans, Clinch boots Conner's Sewing Factory jacket, Masterson's shirt, Hollows belt, Roy all ducks, Clinch boots
  16. @mlyngard the much weight of this fabric? I'm agree about the quality.
  17. How often does the Nomin Pack go on sale? I'm thinking of pulling the trigger but figured I'd wait if it ever goes on sale end season.
  18. What he said ^
  19. These arrived on Saturday. Gonna make a review about them soon.
  20. TCB

    I like the fit of the 701 which model of tcb denim or other brand do i need as a male so a little bit roomier in the top block and not so wide pipes
  21. IC updated: P9-E,size l,olive(bundle offer with p24 for 800 usd) J48-SS,size s,570 usd,shipping and pp fees not included GT-J19,size m,sr1 non sale J48-BR,size m CH-J31,black,size xl,1000 usd,shipping and pp fees not included GT-j34,olive,size m P24-s,raf,size m P10-Ch,size l,night SS-H1,size m P23-S raf,size m,full set,looking for acrnm retail+shipping+pp fees feel free to ask me details and pics anytime:) Also highly positive feedback for @mike lowrey @GUNDAM @rnstyip Trustworth,helpful to make the acr community better place even under such shabby ecological cycle.
  22. Landing in taipei Oct 12th, staying till Oct 15th.. Where should I stay? Last time was Ximending, but few of you are recommending Da'an? Any reason in particular? Suggestions for boutique hotels/airbnbs welcome.. Also anyone down to hang?
  23. much love for the suggestions, i'll note them down.
  24. Not to be a bummer, but it’s probably gone... lol some lucky dude got it with a p23 spec sheet. Or sold out. I just want some p23/p23a! Help!!
  25. I don't know what that means
  26. Was thinking the same, I feel like a total manlet in my pair by comparison
  27. Where can I see photos of your items? Thanks!
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