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      supermarket 2003 is now closed for posting but will remain open for discussion.
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      for global shopping experts. hot brands, new labels, fancy designers, nifty products, supersales, general gossip and crucial intelligence. WAYWT, what are you wearing today, recent purchases, yes or no, this or that. yep. decisions decisions.

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      denim addicts. denim experts. denim culture. 

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      waywt 2024

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      progressive and assorted creative culture. art, design, architecture, music, photography, cinema, television, video, graphics, graffiti, advanced typography, textiles, knitting, crochet, macrame, pottery, jewelry, tattoos, literature, and a detailed inventory of what you are carrying in your pocket.

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      traveling? exotic vacation? need the lowdown from local sufu residents? best hotels, worst airports, good shopping zones, spectacular shops, sharp galleries, restaurants, bars, clubs, events. travel tips and horror stories from tokyo to tashkent. 

      superjetset was the first discussion board on supertalk back in 2003, relating to the travel editorial sections of superfuture. superjetset is a public forum and content is not necessarily the opinion nor advice of superfuture. for our city guides maps and concierge services, please visit the main superfuture site.

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      supernerds of the superfuture. chips and ram. bots and drones. ai and genetically modified cornflakes.  

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      let every other global shopping expert on the planet know about your upcoming event, party, art exhibition, hip hop performance, catwalk appearance, x-factor audition, karaoke night, orgy, job vacancy or garage sale. superpublic listings from bogota to vladivostok.

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      relay to the world your top 10 list of anything. top cities, top shops, top designers, top airline meals, top door handles, toilets, toasters, porn stars, vacuum cleaners.

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      junk threads and rants of the superbored. next level shit, awesome gifs and sickeningly cute things. philosophy. the universe. black holes. enter and post at your own risk. be aware that any threads or posts with malicious content in the form of homophobic, racist, religious or sexist comments will not be tolerated.

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      announcements, suggestions, complaints, rules, riots, random questions, wish lists, whinging and whining.

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    • Looking good UkeNo...
    • Thanks @FeloniousMonk - really helpful. If you get a chance to compare actual measurements of the Caribous compares to the SEXSG24, that'd be incredible.    I'm a 32 in my Caribous and have 32 in the FC1101...the Caribous are perfect in the thigh, whereas I find the FC a bit too generous all around.    I've had the SG1109 in 33 before but the rise was a bit low, but really the thighs were just too narrow. Kiya thinks I'll be happy with these in a 34. 
    • Loop & Weft LRC1031 Vintage Inspired Tee (Oatmeal) I would consider the color more of a light Heather Gray than an Oatmeal. The body is a recycled cotton yarn with several irregular traits. It's deliberately knitted slightly off-grain and it's very neppy in the sense that it's unfiltered, loads of cotton seed and plant are stuck in the fibers, way more so than any other t-shirt fabric I've come across. This makes it slightly itchy at times, but the neps will come out with washes.

      Sleeve ribbing in a very similar style to the latest Stevenson Natural cotton tee.

      I ordered a size 40 mainly due to the fact that the shoulder size on the 38 was listed as really small (42cm). The actual garment is a bit oversized to what I would consider my ideal fit range, but only slightly. I could hot soak it a few times to try and shrink it down a bit, there's enough extra length (71-72cm) to do that.
    • I would like it!!!!! Pls!!!
    • Merino: Best if its not hot and you're willing to drop the cash (and understand they wear out).  I usually like Wooly and sometimes Icebreaker but they really fuck around with the cut and fabric sometimes.
      Blended stuff:  I only know of Wool and Princes nylon / merino blends.  A lot more durable and still pretty odor resistant but sort of thick and heavy imo. I'd rather either wear go all wool or all synthetic honestly.
      Ex-Officio:  As far as I know, they are the only ones making nylon underwear.  Its slightly (imperceptibly, I'd argue) hotter than polyester and more expensive, but nylon is also considerably more resistant to funk. As with every brand, they fuck around with the cut and material every season so comfort its sort crapshoot but each iteration is fairly similar.  In general, EO has a nice "pouch" thing going on but this season has an extra layer of material over the fly that is annoying.
      Uniqlo Airism: Definitely lighter weight, cheaper, and and the best performing - until the silver treatment wears out and then they smell evil.  You can soak them in diluted white vinegar every once and a while but the stink will come back.  Not putting them in the dryer also seems to help. ...I've thought way too much about this.
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