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    • @Josh'N'Roll Thank you for the info! I actually edited my post because a few minutes ago because I figured it out . I for some reason got the notion the tag length size was one wash (which is usually never the case), but thank you for sharing! Felt pretty dumb after I realized it haha. Do you happen to have a thigh measurement? I am pretty set on a 38 but curious to see what yours is. Comparing BiG to zabou/sapporo there's a decent difference. Could be down to measuring differently so I'm curious. 
    • Hey @d-rew12. My waist and inseam measurements for a one wash pair of 710 size 36x36 were smaller/shorter than tag size. The waist measured 34.5" and the inseam was 33", so they shrink from tag size. The waist stretched back to 36" easily with wear, but the inseam measurement, as expected, hasn't budged. There is a section on inseam length at the bottom of the page you posted above. The length cited is in line with the measurements of my one wash size 36x36. Here is how google translated the text: ※ Length size can be selected from the following.
      Length size 28: Inseam about 66 cm (Length 28 inches is the development of only waist size 26 to 34. Please note.)
      Length size 29: Inseam about 68 cm (Length 29 inches is the development of only waist size 26 to 34. Please note.)
      Length size 30: about 70 cm inseam
      Length size 31: about 72 cm inseam
      Length size 32: about 75.5 cm inseam
      Length size 33: about 78 cm inseam
      Length size 34: about inseam 81 cm
      Length size 36: about 84 cm inseam
    • Five years ago we took our passion-project online business and rebuilt it—out of brick and mortar—in Central London. In tandem, we built a community whose obsession with the very best of luxury menswear has established us as one of the most unique independent clothing stores in the capital with a reputation for quality and service that we are truly proud of.

      This Saturday 23rd March we will open the doors to our second store—in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. This has been a dream of ours for some time and on a wet autumnal afternoon last year we found the perfect location at 59 Thomas Street. We are excited to be able to bring the best in denim, leather, jewellery, and shirting that the world has to offer to this great Northern city rich with its own heritage and strong cultural identity. We look forward to putting faces to well-known names as well building a new community of equally passionate customers.

      In a few weeks’ time we will hold a proper opening party at the store and will send out details in due course. But the shop doors open 10 am this Saturday. We look forward to meeting old friends and making new ones.
    • Zabou Tokyo has a 38x32 in stock. I'm not sure if they ship but they have an english portion of their site so maybe? https://shop.zabou.org/?pid=44054084   I was planning on going and grabbing a pair from them while I'm visiting in May. I'm also going to Sapporo so sapporo-base sounds intriguing since they have more options for inseam, and would be cool to check out a shop while in Sapporo! 
    • The beginnings of my knee blowout. 
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