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    • Pics of the 78 pls!
    • To all the guys who reached out to me regarding the j89, I think I'd like to at least wear it out in the wild once to make my final judgement on whether I wanna pass it on. It's just that damn LA is still 95 degrees in late September! Crazy!  It ticks off a decent amount of my boxes, I wanted a knit style noragi to complement my visvim dotera, but the j89 definitely looks more like a svelte cardigan in the few times I've tried it on. Feels like it'll be nice to throw on and wear during the colder months while wfh though.  Others critiques are valid for the piece. I can feel the shirt sling pull at my back at times. Alpha direct is quite warm when not in motion but if I swing my arm I can definitely feel the air so to speak. It's definitely bound to snag though lol.  So it might become my wfh staple, but if not I'll reach out to the guys who messaged me wanting it. LA just needs to get down to 60s-70s lol.
    • I bought the P36-E and J78-PX in the recent releases and here's my short, quick impression. Here's why I think P36 is a nice pair of pants if not better than P37, they are different animal after all, difficut to compare totally different pants.
      - Lots of new design elements in this pants, always exciting to see new FUNCTIONAL  elements.
      - The P36 fits like a bit similar to P31 when it zipped on, and very similar to P33 when zipped off, pretty versatile in terms of styling, definitely helps to accommodate more shoes choices.
      - The spiral pleats at the quad section are actually functional as a vent, which is not simply the "form over function" like pleasts used to be, and boy, I need dat vent.
      - The new belt-fasting design solves two issues. 1) quick release, 2) designated bulge waist area that naturally conforms to the back spiral pleats. This has been a pain point for all my huge ass waist DS pants.
      - The ankle zip is tilted and position in a way that connects to the flow of lower knee articulation in order to form a sharp structured drape. 
      - The encapsulated nylon is less prone to snagging and has the same if not better abrainsion resistance as the Schoeller doublweave , more breathable, thinner, and it's the first time being used on a drapey pants like this.   J78-PX fits overall similar to J78-WS if not identical, I wear small in ACRONYM all around and I'd say it's a straight fit that can be layered not only under but also over something. The Raf green element is a nice touch and adds a bit more depth to a white jacket. To my eyes it looks more like pearl white/silver in daylight due to the semi-translucent property.  Very happy with the purchase since I always wanted a white PX jacket and J74-PX hood just doesn't work that well when it's layered under.
    • as someone who owns P10 variants across CH, DS, S and now E, the p10A-E has to be my favourite edit: also honourable mention, my P34-E have become my next go-to pant after the P10A-E. i live in the tropics, the breathability trumps DS, super lightweight yet water resistant after (quite a few) washes, colourfast and looks as new as the day i received them. as for the brother above who says he hates nylon... it's acronym! it's not just "nylon"...
    • In still debating whether I'm going to wash them once a month as I usually do or maybe wait 2 or 3 months before the first wash. I agree with @volvo240thebest that the color on the jeans is beautiful right now.
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