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    • 1. It's interesting to me that it's taken a "rebrand" (and a very mild one at that) to make apparent to people that Veilance has been cutting back on the weirdness and getting more into simple, clean, blank forms. Compare the current version of the Node Down to the Anneal: the Node is loaded up with pockets, it's highly structured, and it's surprisingly full of detail; the Anneal, by comparison, is a very simple, soft, unstructured jacket with a blank face. I could point to other examples, like the old vs. new Graph Cardigan... there's a trend towards blankness and simplicity—true "minimalism" rather than geometry. I've seen what's coming, and it's largely more of that (eg. the Euler IS Jacket and Coat). 2. I'm not sure in what sense Veilance could be considered a trailblazer currently... but it's a bit hard to say when the last time was that you could have described the brand that way. Maybe very early on... But from a technical perspective, Arc reserves its most "cutting edge" stuff for mainline (especially, for some reason, Ascent and Whiteline); much of Veilance still uses old three-layer Gore-Tex ("trico" backer) for its shells—one does wonder why an additional thousand dollars doesn't buy you a Gore Pro shell. The really extreme weirdness probably peaked under Conroy—remember the Scend Jacket? Some of those experiments were terrible flops, however much one might admire the willingness to go there. 3. However tempting it may be to read into a sans serif typeface, it's ultimately just a rebrand, and at most a symptom of something deeper that's going on. It's hardly an indication that Veilance is more fashion-pwned than before—how do you even conclude that, from a logo change? Furthermore, I can point to plenty of times when Veilance drew from contemporary fashion trends—the rapid adoption and abandonment of various shawl collars when those were at their peak half a decade ago comes to mind. 4. Finally, I thought one of the major selling points for Veilance was the lack of branding. I really don't care what the brand's logo is (and, by the way, this season's products still use the old logo, typeface, etc.). I appreciate that most people won't know what I'm wearing. If it were up to me, the website would look like the Ulm School magazine.
    • Got some baby-fades coming through on these overdyed 634-Ns
      Also, the pocket backs are starting to go after about one month of wear. I knew I'd be burning through them quite fast, but didn't expect it to happen that fast.
    • Hello guys, xpost from WAYWT, S710VX
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