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    • I get the Warehouse arc thing - an easy cheat I suppose - but other than that I’ve never really understood the arc thing. I totally agree Neal, jeans are made for what they are and any peculiarities they have define them.  Maybe in time rare Japanese denim will become more valuable than what inspired them ... from a quality point of view they’re a great option
    • So here’s a thing ... I’ve been trying to catalogue my FW gear pictorially, for here and my own purposes. It’s been more of a struggle than I thought because I’m no expert in photography and I hadn’t realised, that my camera was also failing (it was nearly 8 years old and is well past its expected shutter count being all around the world with my work, and the sensor was also having issues) so shots were becoming more erratic - not good for what I’d hoped to achieve. Anyway yesterday the Duchess came in after work and randomly handed me a parcel and card. It was random because the thing is I’m not good at receiving presents - I much rather be giving - so usually for birthdays, Christmases, father’s days and the like I’ll get a card and perhaps a small gift. I open the card and read the message from Ellie and mum and then I’m encouraged to open the parcel. It was this ...
        The Duchess know the square root of f-ck all about cameras and so she’d spent the last few weeks reading every review on the internet ... (literally) brought a tear to my eye What a woman 
    • Ive been thinking about repro arcs recently.. as vintage Levi's move ever further away from my price bracket into the realms of nouveau riche bragging tokens and in the meantime LVC become increasingly shite what am i actually trying to emulate by picking arcs?.. i appreciate that some WH arcs are primed for the picking and look terrible in their own right but to pick something like Deer Hunters, Ground Alls, ect ect i would now consider sacrelegious, they're as lovely in their own right as a collectable pair of rare Japanese denim as what you're/they're trying to imitate.
    • And Bootleggers 47s and 51s - ¥60000 and up for deadstock
    • Noted. it'll be tweed and maybe linen/flax only for a couple of years, though.
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