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    • bump, also looking for P24A-DS in Medium
    • ^ If you don't get bites here, you might try over on reddit. Folks there go apeshit over these collabs.
    • I'm realizing the 2nd hand denim market has gone soft. I haven't been in this game as long as some folks here, but it wasn't that long ago that I was able to move several different brand's pairs for a decent price. I have IH, TFH, TSG and Tanuki - all quality pairs, brand-new or like-new - that I'm trying move with little interest I'm only willing to go so low before it's not worth it to me to sell them. I now know I won't get close to what I paid for them, but I'd rather keep them in my meager collection than sell them super cheap. I'm not trying to get rid of them just to get rid of them. 
    • The guy has a very superficial interest in boots. Sure, he has quite a few pairs which are fun to look it and see in detail without having to actually buy them or visit a shop. His knowledge of boot/shoe construction goes as far as GYW = the best. I wonder if he even knows what gemming is? (I didn't until a few years ago after spending time here and learning from folks that know more than I; that not a knock for not being informed, but for posing as an expert when he's not). He doesn't seem to have any grasp of the minor & major subtleties/differences that separate decent boots from really good boots. All of his vid reviews are from his own closet, and there's really only so much much you say about a pair of boots and so many ways you can compare and contrast them. Yet like most YT'ers he keep pumping out vids with a slightly different angle just to put out vids to get views & likes. He's just a fashionista that likes to talk. A lot. About nothing.  For example, in the couple of vids I've tried to watch, he's stated that Thursday boots are his favorite. And he usually rags on Grant Stone for being made in China and therefore over priced. That's as far as it goes. He fails to mention Thursday are made in Mexico, which last time I checked, is outside of the US and - like China - has cheaper labor rates than the US, hence cheaper end product for US consumers. He doesn't seem to know that China and Mexico both have highly skilled craftsmen with a long history of making high quality leather goods and footwear, rivalling the best from US, Canada, and Europe. He's made no effort to look into how each boot in made in their respective factories. While I've never handled a pair of Thursday's, I do own a pair of Grant Stone's, and I can say affirmatively the GS are some of the best boots you'll find anywhere, at any price, from any maker. You'd have to go to the highest-end boot makers to get better, and you'd pay 2-4 times the price. Just by looking at Thursday's in his vids, on-line, IG, etc. it's immediately apparent that GS are far better quality in design and construction. GS are nearly twice the price of Thursday, so they should be better overall.  I haven't watched any of his vids about Viberg. But if he said they are over priced, I have to agree, to a point. Viberg are spendy, and they sell quickly. They can get the prices they ask. If their product didn't sell, I'm sure they'd drop the price to where they did sell. Are they worth the price? The value is whatever someone is willing to pay. Can you get something comparable for less? Sure, but exactly like anything they make. If that's what you want, that's what you'll pay. Personally, I might someday pay $700 for a pair of Viberg's, but I'd never pay $200 for a pair of Thursday's. 
    • Man these teasers are killing me, the horsehide looks crazy.   
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