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    • Strange indeed. I had a 1101 in W33 when I was bigger (like 7-10 kg or so) and they worked. Maybe this aboves just shows how much jeans can shrink over their lifetime.
    • it compresses. j91 and j58 both fit their respective size and fit (-W for j91)
    • hello. i have heard people say the threads on Full Count jeans are weak and will loose in a short time. Do you know if the new ones (no-arc, tab) improve on that? i want to buy a pair of new 1101 one wash. and i have a pair of TCB 50s regular, dunno how they compare to new Full Count, since they all use similar fabric.  thanks a lot
    • WTS: J-68 PL Multi (XL).  It's in excellent condition.  Worn about three times and yet to be washed.  $1295 J1B-GT Black FW21 (XL).  Worn and washed and dried using Nikwax.  In very good condition.  $1195 Both will ship with original packaging.  Can send photos and receipt in direct message.
  • Jacquemus
    Blue 'Le Carré' Wallet
    $US 107


  • Benzak Denim Developers
    European denim and lifestyle brand from Amsterdam

    Companion Denim
    Handcrafted denim from Barcelona

    Dawson Denim
    British made selvedge workwear from Hove

    Legendary Japanese denim brand

    Native American-owned denim line

    Japanese denim and streetwear from Tokyo

    Iron Heart
    Heavy duty denim

    Japanese denim

    Lone Flag
    Modern denim and menswear born in southern CA

  • Knickerbocker 
    Atlas Cedar Soy Wax Candle
    $US 78

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